Goju Kai Karate

Find and Other Brisbane Self-Defence Classes at AGKK Goju Ryu or Goju Kai karate is a traditional form of karate in Japan and one that uses both hard and soft techniques “Hard” techniques in karate include closed-hand movements and straight, continuous attacks while “soft” techniques... ... read more.

Australian Goju Karate

Can Provide Participants with New Perspectives When it comes to developing self-confidence, improving fitness, and learning a new skill, Australian goju karate easily ticks all the boxes — and then some At AGKK, you'll find an incredible opportunity to learn a storied martial art with a long... ... read more.

Karate Brisbane

Looking to Learn Karate in Brisbane Choose Australian Goju Kai Karate Have you been looking for a class to learn karate in Brisbane No matter your age, learning martial arts can deliver numerous benefits ranging from the physical to the mental At Australian Goju Kai Karate, we have the experience... ... read more.

Martial Arts Lessons in Brisbane

Finding for Yourself or Your Kids At Australian Goju Kai Karate, we are proud to offer martial arts lessons in Brisbane for all ages Perhaps you are looking for a way to add consistent and demanding exercise back into your schedule, between your workday and other busy obligations Alternatively,... ... read more.

Karate in North Brisbane

Experience the Benefits of for Your Child Training in karate in North Brisbane can do wonders for your children It not only provides a physical outlet for active children but also teaches respect, consideration, restraint, and responsibility Karate can be an excellent skill for children to learn... ... read more.

Martial Arts North Brisbane

Enrol for Lessons in Australian Goju Kai Karate and Martial Arts in North Brisbane Training in martial arts in North Brisbane offers a form of self-defence which keeps you physically fit, while also promoting and nurturing good character Professionals train students in an environment which values... ... read more.

Female Self Defence Classes in Brisbane

Confidence and Empowerment with Many women can benefit from female self defence classes in Brisbane because, unfortunately, there are a large number of women living in fear of being helpless in a dangerous situation At Australian Goju Kai Karate, we teach women how to feel confident and... ... read more.

Karate for Children in Brisbane

Discover the Positive Benefits of Have you ever considered the benefits of karate for children in Brisbane The truth is there are many, and at Australian Goju Kai Karate, or AGKK, you'll find an excellent resource for your child From building confidence and improving self-esteem to equipping your... ... read more.

Meditation Classes Brisbane

Exploring Meditation Classes in Brisbane If you're feeling lost, anxious or confused in your daily life, try one of our meditation classes in Brisbane We at Australian Goju Kai Karate offer guided meditations designed to help manage stress, focus the mind and clear the heart No matter your... ... read more.

Corporate Self Defence Classes

Sign up for Corporate Self-Defence Classes Today at AGKK Did you know that corporate self-defence classes should be part of your overall wellness program Forward-thinking companies do whatever they can to help their employees remain physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy These organisations... ... read more.

Self-Defence Classes for Seniors

Why You Should Take Self Defence Classes for Seniors It is never too late to take up a new lifestyle practice, that’s why Australian Goju Kai Karate offers self-defence classes for seniors Our courses allow people to feel safe and in control of their own body, which is vital later in life This... ... read more.

Corporate Self-Defence

Improve Fitness and Confidence With a Class Attending a corporate self-defence class can help boost self-confidence and instil strong values in an individual Furthermore, it builds camaraderie between co-workers and acts as a team-building exercise Problems That Classes Address Risk... ... read more.

Self Defence For Employees

Protect Your Business Through Self Defence for Your Employees We teach self-defence for employees to make your office safer, and to teach them necessary cooperation and teambuilding skills Our workshops and programs make your employees know precisely how to defend themselves and gain discipline It... ... read more.

Women’s Defence Classes

Secure Your Safety with Women’s defence classes make you fitter, stronger, and safer Join our classes and learn how to make your environment and life healthier Don’t be a victim, book in advance today and learn to protect yourself What To Expect From Ladies’ Self Defence Classes Our... ... read more.

Self-Defence Training

Build Your Confidence and Fitness with Attending a self-defence training class is beneficial for your mental and physical health Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Self-Defence Private Classes These are some of the mistakes people make when attending these classesFailing to research... ... read more.