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Enrol for Lessons in Australian Goju Kai Karate and Martial Arts in North Brisbane

Training in martial arts in North Brisbane offers a form of self-defence which keeps you physically fit, while also promoting and nurturing good character. Professionals train students in an environment which values truth, honesty, sincerity, peace and harmony.

Why Australian Goju Kai Karate is Cost Effective

Nowadays, it is essential for individuals to be savvy in self-defence, participate in physical activities and spend time with the family. However, meeting all these goals can become expensive. We combine them all and offer a one-stop solution.

  • Family Classes: With our family classes, parents have the opportunity to participate in their children’s activities, as opposed to watching from the sidelines. Although the lessons are structured and disciplined, they are fun, ensuring that everyone in your family unit can excel on their level. As time progresses, many families have found this to be quality time spent together.
  • Self-defence classes: When choosing karate as your form of fitness training, you are free to slot into a defence class as well–no need to travel to a different venue–all available in one place, saving you fuel and parking fees.
  • Fitness: The flexible programs ensure individuals train at their level of competence and fitness. Our dedication to providing positive social interaction and combining this with high levels of personal development encourages students to work toward being the best they can be.

Why Trust Australian Goju Kai Karate Regarding Martial Arts in Brisbane Northside

We have been teaching martial arts across Brisbane in areas such as North Lakes and Scarborough for over a decade.

  • Interaction: We aim to create various opportunities for our students to interact with one another on a social and competitive level. This interaction prepares them physically and emotionally to compete at inter-club, national or international events. Our instructors promote physical fitness and positive social interactions in a fun and respectful environment.
  • Training: Each person responds to a specific training method. We cater to everyone by offering private or public lessons to children, adults and businesses. AGKK is a Black Belt leadership school where the positive attitude of our students reflects on a positive and proactive approach to leadership.
  • Personal Development: Lessons are beneficial to improving fitness, gaining self-discipline, relieving stress, increasing concentration and getting in shape. Instilling a sense of discipline and a code of ethics is of paramount importance, as this inspires our students to lead exemplary lives and become leaders in their communities.

About Australian Goju Kai Karate

We are an authentic traditional Japanese karate club, where our cultural and technical heritage stems from two renowned Japanese masters of Goju, namely, Shuji Tasaki and Seiichi Fujiwara. Our chief instructor Bernie Haughey Sensei regularly trains in Japan under guidance from the masters and ensures that we uphold a high standard of traditional Japanese karate while prescribing to the Japanese etiquette and code of manners.

Choose to better yourself by embarking on an inspiring journey in martial arts. Call us now.