Australian Goju Karate – Australian Goju Kai Karate

Australian Goju Karate Can Provide Participants with New Perspectives When it comes to developing self-confidence, improving fitness, and learning a new skill, Australian goju karate easily ticks all the boxes — and then some. At AGKK, you’ll find an incredible opportunity to learn a storied martial art with a long history. What You Should Know … Read more

Goju Kai Karate – Australian Goju Kai Karate

Goju Kai Karate Find Goju Kai Karate and Other Brisbane Self-Defence Classes at AGKK Goju Ryu or Goju Kai karate is a traditional form of karate in Japan and one that uses both hard and soft techniques. “Hard” techniques in karate include closed-hand movements and straight, continuous attacks while “soft” techniques involve open-hand methods and … Read more

Goju Ryu Karate is the best thing you can do for your child

Kids’ karate classes are our speciality. It’s one of the most popular kids’ martial arts programs at AGKK where we have many specialty kids’ classes on offer every week. Your child will enjoy a fantastic, fun-filled class with others their own age, while developing strong bodies and character. Our Karate for kids classes help children … Read more