Karate Testimonials

Bianca B
Bianca B
If you would like to strengthen your body and your mind, then this club is the place to go. Australian Goju Kai Karate teaches kids how to be respectful and to focus on defence rather than offence. For both adults and children, you will develop greater emotional stability, assertiveness and self-confidence. The instructor, Bernie, has a teaching strategy where he is firm but fair. He creates a disciplined atmosphere where he will push you to do your best but with fun at the same time.
Chris BanHack
Chris BanHack
My 8 year old son and I started at the beginning of the year to give Karate a go. We had tried a few team sports for him but none took grip. Karate has, and me also. Little mate is keen to get his kit on for Monday and Wednesday training with Sensei. Bernie surprised me with his ability to make a class work with such a wide range of age groups and levels with every session so far been different from the last. I have seen massive improvements from my son in his school work, reports and ability to focus.
Kylie B
Kylie B
My daughter has attended for the last 5 years, to black belt. She has grown so much from this experience. I highly recommend.
gurpreet singh Sandhu
gurpreet singh Sandhu
"The instructors are dedicated to the art .
Patrick Keoug
Patrick Keoug
I have been to many Karate school in QLD and NT. This school focuses on an authentic, healthy and sustained lifelong approach to Karate. Egos are left at the front door and all who enter become genuine students of Karate. The instructors are dedicated to the art and their students above all else.
Karen Kirk
Karen Kirk
Sensei Bernie teaches both the karate technique, and also philosophy. Very good with young children and helping them develop confidence and leadership skills.
Great learning environment for kids and adults. Respect, persistence, resilience.
Nerida Day
Nerida Day
I found Bernie to be an excellent self defence teacher for my teenage granddaughters. He was professional, respectful, and patient and his enthusiasm is contagious. He taught valuable skills, and boosted their self confidence. I would highly recommend.
QingLan Hua
QingLan Hua
Great teacher. excellent learning environment.
danni Roberts
danni Roberts
Have just started my karate journey with AGKK and am absolutely loving it. Everyone is so welcoming and make you feel comfortable even if you’re out of your comfort zone ! love these classes and can’t wait to see where they take me.

Learning self-respect and self-control through Karate lessons

Andrew Chadwick

My son has gained self-confidence, self-discipline and personal achievement whilst exercising and having fun through the Karate lessons. He has learnt self-respect and self-control and he wears his Brown Belt with pride. It also gives me the opportunity to train alongside my son, giving us more time together in an activity we can share.

A Great Range of Teaching Skills for Beginning Karate students to Experienced

Claudine Davidson Eatons Hill

As a new student I like how the club Australian Goju Kai Karate (AGKK) teaches Brisbane Goju Karate classes and martial arts classes with a wide range of skills from new student's children, adults and families from beginning White Belts to experienced Black Belts.

Karate improves enormously- fitness, life skills, manners, and concentration

Jodie Parker

My son is four years old. Since starting at AGKK Karate in the martial arts lessons, he has improved enormously. His balance, his dexterity, his manners, and his concentration have all vastly improved. The instructors have all been fantastic and personable. They are willing to work with families to make sure children get the most out of this experience. My son has already achieved his first belt rank and is even more motivated to make it to his next. I am very happy with AGKK Karate and their martial arts classes. I intend to continue to send my son as he is learning essential life skills in each martial arts class.

Develop Strong Character and Confidence

Arthur O'Brien Aspley

Bernie Sensei teaches so much more than just Self Defence. And in this day and age, our kids desperately need what he gives them. He brings out their best and increases their confidence.

Gained wonderful physical fitness, coordination and control.

Paul and Michelle Barrett

We have been with the AGKK Karate family in the Karate and martial arts lessons for over 4 years. Training together as a family I cannot say how happy we have been with Bernie Sensei and his positive helpful approach. He dedicates his life in helping others. Our kids have grown in many ways... they have developed not only in their karate skills but also with their leadership, self-confidence and discipline. Also they have gained wonderful physical fitness, coordination and control. We highly recommend AGKK Karate Brisbane to anyone considering trying martial arts lessons.

Developing personal responsibility

Peter and Karen Kennedy

Our son decided to try out AGKK Karate four years ago when he received a free lesson pass. After trying multiple sports, there was something about traditional karate that really resonated with him. We think it was partly the way in which Bernie Sensei treated our son, like a young man from the start in developing personal responsibility but it was also how much fun he thought Sensei made the Karate and martial arts classes.

Karate lessons has improved my self-esteem and goal setting

Luke Anderson

Most people believe karate and martial arts lessons to be stereotypical like a kung fu movie, and an all fighting type of “sport.” Of course, that was one of the reasons I wanted to join myself, to be like Bruce Lee. Then, even from the first class my whole view changed towards what we all know karate is about, self-discipline, and focus, along with many important aspects. Goju Ryu Karate has improved my self-esteem and goal setting. It helped me getting through university. Without this experience of karate and traditional martial arts I would have turned out to be a totally different person.

AGKK Karate lessons Brisbane with an emphasis on self-discipline and respect

Steve Williams

My son and I love taking martial arts classes at AGKK Karate in many suburbs throughout Brisbane. The Karate instructors make learning Karate fun and challenging. The emphasis on self-discipline and respect is invaluable for my child. The instructors adapt lessons to the various learning styles of the students. Karate is truly a sport for any age and fitness level. Class times are conveniently posted online and they are open five days a week and conduct private lessons on the weekends - so we are able to fit a few classes in each week. All instructors are remarkably poised and are good role models.

Benefits in school work and family

Sebastian Dolby

AGKK Karate lessons has changed my life. Not only has the martial arts lessons helped me physically, but the benefits have been clear in my school work, my family and my friends.

Positive Balance for Life - A Wonderful Karate Family - Friendly and Helpful

Steve Murray Redcliffe

On arriving the whole school was friendly and welcoming and within a few short minutes you felt part of the group. After a few weeks the moves made sense and I felt I belonged. I was fitter and gaining in flexibility and the friendly atmosphere of belonging felt great.

Enjoyable training in Fitness, Self Defence and Personal Development for our Family

Natalie Archer Albany Creek

I enjoy karate as I wanted to learn self-defence but have also found an outlet for my stress and tension. The benefits of the regular fitness regime for myself and my children is rewarding. My children have been learning karate for 3 years and are stronger, positive and focused young men.

Great impact on the character building of our boys through Goju Kai Karate

Veronica and Michael Smith

Our boys learned the importance of commitment, dedication, first time listening, and respect. As parents we noticed right away what they were learning at AGKK Karate with the martial arts lessons was carrying over at home too. The experienced teachers bring a great balance of fun, patience, and discipline to every class. We are very pleased with our decision to join AGKK Karate and know that it has made a great impact on the character building of our boys. We truly enjoy each class and the growth our children have had since starting karate with Bernie Sensei.

Improved Self Discipline And Positive Focus

Elizabeth Williams Zillmere

My son was lacking confidence and focus. He had trouble focusing at home and school. We needed help with him. In the karate lessons Bernie Haughey Sensei gave him self-discipline, confidence, control and positive focus. I cannot tell you what a change it has made in his life at home, school and all our family.

The Martial Arts classes through AGKK Karate lessons improve my discipline, health and energy to meet my daily objectives

Lachlan Farrell

Five years ago, I would not have believed you if you told me that I would travel to three foreign countries, switch careers and fields, earn a Master of Business Administration and strive to earn a black belt. Traditional Goju Ryu Karate has given me more confidence to try new things. The Martial Arts classes through AGKK Karate lessons improve my discipline, health and energy to meet my daily objectives and more focus to strive at the most important things in my life.

Karate classes improves our family bond

James Rodgers

Traditional Karate and authentic martial arts lessons are not just a sport. We love training together as a family where we learn respect, confidence, and discipline. You absolutely build spirit. You learn what you are made of and really learn how to be positive. These are aspects we take advantage of as a family and improves our bond. These qualities become built into you, by training at the AGKK martial arts karate family in the lessons and have everyday application with a skillset for the real world.

Enhancing Essential life skills through martial arts classes

John Warner

I enjoy the way my children five and seven years love coming to karate classes at AGKK Karate. It is wonderful training together in karate and the martial arts lessons. It is great seeing my children use the skills they have learnt to tackle life in a cool, calm and collected way.

Well-structured, progressive and motivating Karate program

Kevin Basil

AGKK Karate Brisbane offers a well-structured, progressive and motivating program which is extremely - child friendly. It has a good mixture of fun and martial arts with an incentive program that has provided the ideal learning environment for my children.

Martial arts lessons impacts improvements at School

Mary Simons

My son was at the bottom of every class at school. He is a bright 13 year old boy who before training at AGKK Karate had huge problems with self-control, lack of concentration and distracting behaviour in the classroom. Since training with AGKK Karate he has improved in all areas. Teachers have been describing how impressed they are with his improved progress. I absolutely put the improvements down to the practical and communication lessons he is receiving through his martial arts training at AGKK Karate. A big thank you to Bernie Shihan and his team.

Premier School of Karate - directly linked to Japan

Michael Preston Bridgeman Downs

I was already a Black Belt when I moved here. I visited every club around Brisbane. I chose Australian Goju Kai Karate because they were clearly superior to all the rest. There was no comparison.

Cultivating Self Confidence

Timmy Johnson 8 years old, Sandgate

I did not like myself very much before I started karate!

Martial arts classes developing - Life skills of discipline, respect, punctuality and core values

Liam Stock

Bernie Shihan and his team have all done a great job. You truly believe in what you teach in martial arts throughout Brisbane and it shows. I recommend AGKK Karate to all I know. It is great to see kids, adults and families have a go. I like his teaching of life skills of discipline, respect, punctuality, core values and the little things - like conveying how a student can apply these virtues to everyday living; that make a difference in what you do each week. I am still astounded at how Bernie Shihan dedicates his actions and time in helping all students.

Martial Arts has improved myself both physically and mentally

Russel Wells

I have gained so much from my training that is a natural feeling for me, to want to share those benefits with others. Before I started AGKK Karate training, I had a difficult time with my lower back, and had very little endurance or aerobic capacity. Life always throws responsibilities and obstacles our way and makes us align our lives so that our goals are always met with families and work commitments. By participating in Karate and the martial arts classes it had allowed me to take some time to improve myself both physically and mentally. This balance has improved my outlook on life and has energized me in everything that I do at home, work and the people close to me.

These Martial arts classes is an environment that cultivates good work ethic, respect and confidence

Joseph and Samantha Wilson

Bernie Shihan is such a positive role model. He not only teaches the children the correct techniques and Self Defence moves, but he creates an environment that cultivates good work ethic, respect, goal setting and confidence during Karate lessons throughout Brisbane. He pushes them a little outside of their comfort zone, which as a result, allows them to grow inside and outside of the dojo, and helps shape positive outcomes at home and school. We could not be happier with our decision to be part of this special martial arts karate family.

Feeling confident through martial arts classes

Julie Burrows

When I first stepped into this traditional Goju Ryu Karate Dojo five years ago, I did not know that karate and martial arts classes would change my life. I did not even plan to start training – I was here to sign up my then six year old son. After six months of peering through doorways and windows, I said to myself, “I think I could do this.” Now, Karate influences countless aspects of my daily life. I can look at someone who has invaded my personal space without fear – and feel confident. I can handle unexpected things that pop up each day and feel confident and calm. I can hear my daughter tell her friends that “my Mum is almost a …black belt in karate” – I feel pride and strength in my everyday living.

Beneficial Guidance with Positive Goals and Results

Patrick Thomson Bald Hills

For my family training at AGKK has been a wonderful opportunity to work together and grow stronger as a family. It has improved our family's fitness and it has enhanced spending time together now because we have a common interest and familiar goals by training in each other's company. We learn many important life skills each week and have made many new friends.

Essential Life Skills taught for School and Home

Mrs. Sarah Wilson Stafford

Karate is the best thing I ever did for my daughter and son.

Effective techniques for real world applications

Ray Carter

“I joined Australian Goju Kai Karate recently. Going to Karate each week I experience the Traditional Japanese curriculum with seasoned wisdom, combined with effective techniques for real world applications. Lessons are delivered with the perfect balance of enjoyment and discipline. It is better than going to the gym, perfect for any skill level.”