In our AGKK Karate family we have an important focus on life skills education

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In our AGKK Karate family we have an important focus on life skills education. We teach and improve confidence, Self Defence, fitness, structural integrity of stances and applications, focus, better behaviour, positive social interaction, anti-bullying strategies, respect, and self-discipline.

All of these essential life skills lead to better quality lives for all students in the future.

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Focus – Strength – Confidence

Goju Ryu Karate – Martial Art classes
All Ages 4+ – All levels- Welcome

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Self Confidence is the ultimate Self Defence for all ages.

We address, identify and educate key components of bullying for students and parents and strategies to reduce and stop bullying so it does not escalate to become a much bigger problem for children in the future.

All of these targeted, researched, and proven key life skill factors lead to better quality lives for all students in the future.

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All of our instructors are highly qualified, expertly trained and passionate in helping you achieve your goals and improve a student’s life.

Karate Life Skills

In our AGKK Martial Arts family we will help you and your family…

✅  Improve Fitness & Strength

✅  Gain respect & Improve Actions

✅  Increase Self Confidence

✅  Make good lifelong friends

✅  Train in Safe learning Environment

✅  Fun & Enjoyable quality time

✅  Learn Self Defence

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Regular training in AGKK Martial Arts delivers much more than physical fitness improvement. We develop and improve the mind and body.

We develop strong character, cultivate a spirit of effort and perseverance, exercise courtesy and respect towards others. Students enhance respect and sincerity in everything they do.

Integrity - Respect - Perseverance

We have more than 40 years’ experience in martial arts and helping students and their families in the community.

Our AGKK Martial Arts schools are run by passionate and inspirational positive leaders whose mission is to empower people of all ages to achieve their full potential.

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Our curriculum has an authentic connection and foundation directly to Japan with a strong emphasis on valuable life skills. For children, this means improved confidence, focus, better grades at school and improved behaviour at home.

For Adults, this translates directly to increased success in business and more fulfilling personal relationships and more balanced and happy lifestyles. By emphasising Self Defence, health, fitness and life skills in a friendly, fun filled, safe and positive environment we inspire and continue to build confident leaders.

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In our Martial Arts classes everyone can learn and develop their bodies and minds by learning martial arts in a relaxed, structured, exciting and enjoyable way.


Karate Life Skills - Everyday









Focus – Strength – Confidence

Goju Ryu Karate – Martial Art classes
All Ages 4+ – All levels- Welcome

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One of the Benefits of AGKK martial arts is a positive focus on self-discipline. We teach kids and adults how to become masters of themselves: how to control thoughts, emotions, actions and responses.

We educate effective strategies in correcting possible problematic behaviour. Parents like the foundational skills we teach for their children to learn and maintain proper behaviours, grow more sociable and have more focus at school.

Our structured AGKK martial arts training develops the life skills for students to be reflective, analytical and respond to their surroundings, plus the controlled movements involved in martial arts all help improve a student’s self-discipline.



In our AGKK Martial arts family we adhere to traditional Japanese core values, respectful actions and good manners. In our AGKK Karate family one cornerstone of our martial arts program involves teaching and learning respect for yourself and those around you. There are many reasons why martial arts teaches respect, including learning the value of self and others. True Karate begins and ends in respect.

Children in our Martial Arts family are educated why it is important to respect their instructors, parents, and teachers. We reinforce good manners and following a positive code of behaviour in all aspects of their life.

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Children and families at AGKK learn life skills such as Respect, Self-Discipline, Goal setting, Concentration, Stranger Danger, Confidence, Commitment, Self-Control, Perseverance and Resilience.



One of the biggest benefits of training in AGKK Karate and martial arts is an absolute focus on improving confidence in all students.

Children will carry this strength and empowerment with them through their lives, equipping them with the self-confidence to deal with challenges thrown their way.

Karate teaches children that size or gender are not barriers to achieving success. This can be a very powerful realisation, particularly for children who may be shy or bullied.

Confidence is something that will help children in every area of their life, from meeting new friends, trying new activities, finding their first part-time job, speaking up in a group environment or dealing with bullies.

We develop this inner strength which hones self-reliance and the confidence to make independent decisions – not just in the Karate Dojo but throughout their life.

Self Defence


Goju Ryu is a highly effective Self Defence. It enables you to control an opponent or attacker. We teach skills to prevent bullying, attacks, and other forms of physical or mental violence.

Goju Ryu Karate is a highly respected Self Defence system known for its efficiency and utility.

Controlled circular blocks, powerful holds and locks, efficient punching maneuvers, and kicking techniques targeted to all parts of the body. Goju-Ryu an excellent style for defending oneself.

Social Skills


AGKK Karate builds confidence and communication skills and improves mind, body, and social interaction. Learning this martial art will develop social and interpersonal skills.

We provide a great place for children and adults alike to make new friends.

We have been developing strong character and empowering students for a very long time.  We have earned a reputation for creating leaders not followers.



AGKK Karate and our Martial arts classes are a high-aerobic and workout that uses every muscle group in the body. Your stamina, muscle tone, flexibility, balance and strength will all improve through this structured martial arts.




The practice of AGKK authentic Japanese Karate and martial arts is deeply rooted in philosophy, tradition, and culture. It teaches not only Self Defence but also discipline, focus, and respect.

Our Martial Arts training teaches a student to embrace a growth mindset. This is the positive mindset that will allow you to dream big and push the boundaries of what you thought possible to new levels.

We teach students to set Goals so that a sense of achievement may be accomplished which in turn would motivate them further to achieve other goal like school work, assignments or whatever our students put their minds too.

Children and adults will carry these lessons with them through school and the rest of their lives.


Focus – Strength – Confidence

Goju Ryu Karate – Martial Art classes
All Ages 4+ – All levels- Welcome

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