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Women's Self Defence at AGKK Karate

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Womens Self Defence Lessons and Training for Brisbane Women

Effective womens self defence isn’t just about strength. Our professional expert self-defence trainer Bernie Haughey Sensei creates a safe, fun and friendly atmosphere where you will learn practical self-protection techniques you can use in real situations, with confidence. At AGKK Self Defence you learn from specialist self-defence instructors who understand how important is for women to be able to defend themselves.

Self Defence Training - Be Empowered

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We offer vital protection skills but are also designed to build confidence and teach essential life skills.

  • Don’t be a victim of violence
  • Empower Yourself
  • Safely Learn to Protect Yourself
  • Build Confidence

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What our Customers are Saying


Develop Your Own Self Defence Mindset

As a business owner I went into this class with a general interest in Self Defence but not knowing what to expect. By the end, it was well worth my time to do the Self Defence workshop. A few things stand out from my experience that make me comfortable recommending it to you. First, Bernie clearly has a deep knowledge of the field and ability not just to answer any questions but to help you see rationale and develop your own Self Defence mindset. Second, Bernie’s emphasis is on simple, functional prevention and Self Defence based on easily-learned movements rather than complicated techniques that would require many sessions to learn and execute properly. He started simple and in just two classes we built confidence and provided a toolbox to build from moving forward. Third, Bernie is great at scaling and scaffolding the instruction and execution to match individual students' level of experience. I was in a class with total beginners (like me) mixed in with more experienced students and never felt uncomfortable thanks to Bernie’s positive and friendly ability to keep everybody engaged and learning. Altogether a great experience and look forward to working with Bernie again in the future.

Vanessa Myles Albion, Brisbane

Effective Women’s Self Defence

AGKK – Australian GoJu Kai Karate - Women's Self Defence Strategies

Along your positive Self Defence journey, you will gain the ability to protect yourself and your loved ones in real situations by utilising body mechanics, techniques and strategies rather than having to be physically bigger and strong than your opponent…and YES, you can achieve your desired results without having to compromise your health and safety.

“Our Self Defence classes create confidence that will aid in your safety, but also in your work and personal life.”

What will I learn?

Our focus is on teaching practical ways for women to ward off an assailant.

We teach the self-defence skills an individual can use in real-life situations. We also train women in protective behaviours and strategies to help avoid unpleasant and dangerous situations in the first place.

We teach you to:

  • Deter
  • Detect
  • Defuse
  • Defend

Our experience has shown that women who train with us feel more confident, strong and capable. Self Defence is not only about preventing violence, but it’s also about giving women the personal power to stand up for themselves at work and in their personal lives against people who try to knock them down.

  • No Experience Necessary
  • All Fitness Levels Welcome
  • Weekdays or Weekends
  • Certificate upon Completion

AGKK Women’s Self Defence immediately gives practical tools and lasting results. These fun and unique programs are open to all women in and around Brisbane. Learn exactly when, where, and how to instantly defend and protect yourself. We provide the most valuable, self-empowering life tools you need to be safe.

We empower women with confidence and self-esteem. We teach you to use the physical skills to be able to deal with physical and verbal assault by one or more attackers.

We make sure that:

  • Improve your confidence.
  • Enhance your independence.
  • Develop the ‘skill set’ to be able to stand up to bullies.
  • The self-assurance to enjoy your life.
  • You are able to protect yourself from aggressors & attackers.
  • Increase success.

If you are worried about confidentiality, then don’t be – our courses are totally secure, so no-one else needs to know that you are attending.

Take your first step to a safer life in the modern world.

AGKK Self Defence classes and private lessons are available in and around Brisbane.

More than just Womens Self Defence

AGKK – Effective Womans Self Defence

As well as teaching martial arts techniques that prevent personal harm, AGKK’S self-defence classes provide women with these valuable health and wellbeing benefits:

  • A fun and social group training environment
  • Improved general fitness and stamina
  • All-over body toning
  • Improved flexibility
  • Stress release
  • Better focus by combining physical and mental challenges
  • Improved general confidence

Women’s Self Defence Lessons and Training Before Travelling Overseas.

Before travelling overseas personalised, individual Self Defence training helps you understand and increase your personal security awareness with safe, preventative strategies. AGKK Self Defence training gives you valuable skills which are straightforward, instant and ready for immediate use! All our Self Defence training sessions are suitable for anyone, no matter your fitness level or prior Martial Arts experience.

Self Defence training that is preventative, realistic and proactive.

Training is enjoyable and educational.

Come along and try out one of our classes, personal training sessions, workshops and much more.

At AGKK we will teach you the skills to protect yourself and your family. You will also: Get fit – classes are self-paced but you will increase your fitness level.

  • Have time out away from the stresses of life = good for mental health!
  • Gain more confidence – knowing how to deal with the worst case scenarios gives you a massive confidence boost.
  • Learn practical, lifesaving skills straight away – no waiting for years to learn the skills you need to know now! Our training includes running through scenarios that have or may occur in real life, making you ready to deal with situations where your safety (or your loved ones’) is in danger.
  • Train in a safe and no ego environment – We take your safety seriously. All our training is conducted in a safe intelligent way.

Our experience has shown that women who train with us feel more confident, strong and capable. Self-Defence is not only about preventing violence, it’s about giving people the personal power to stand up for themselves at work and in their personal lives against people who try to knock them down.

We offer a vast range of training options and unique workshops or can offer your tuition based on real-world experience. Bernie Sensei and his team of Instructors draw on years of experience and knowledge to bring you the very best training available.

Empower Yourself With AGKK Womens Self Defence

What can joining AGKK’S self-defence classes in Brisbane teach you?

Increase your knowledge about self-defence and learn:

  • How to increase your chances of survival in an encounter.
  • A number of lifesavingSelf Defence skills.
  • How to stay alert and mentally prepared.
  • How to remain confident.
  • How to manage difficult situations e.g. an aggressive client at the workplace.

We provide:

  • Beginner level courses
  • Intermediate level courses
  • Advanced courses

Come along and try out one of our classes, personal training sessions, workshops and much more. We look forward to meeting you.

AGKK – Womens Self Defence TrainingAGKK Womens Self Defence Training is enjoyable and educational.

The following are some of the topics covered on all of our Women’s Self Defence Courses:

  • Awareness, Positioning, Distancing & Other Principles
  • How to be a Hard Target
  • How Not To Be Perceived as a Victim
  • Attack, Counter & Defence Scenarios
  • Developing Speed & Power
  • Correct Targeting

We all need to be able to protect ourselves, our families and our friends.

You never know what may happen to you in these times. A lone attacker or a gang could seriously injure or kill you. They may do this for absolutely no reason. They may be out of their mind and have massive strength due to taking drugs. So what are you going to do to survive an attack? My priority is to show you the skills and the mindset for you to be able to STOP these criminals in their tracks and become no threat to you whatsoever so that you can walk away safely to live another day.

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To inquire about the diverse range of Self Defence services available for individual, group or business Self Defence training Call Bernie Shihan on 0409 474 494 or use the inquiry form below.

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