Becoming a Black Belt

Becoming A Black Belt

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Becoming a Black Belt – How to become a black belt in all aspects of your life

AGKK Black Belts

Become relaxed, meditative, have stress relief, more energised, inspired and connected with all people in your life.

Develop into becoming an accredited Black Belt in our Karate School

Saifa Kata

We are a friendly team of hard-working, dedicated instructors for our students. The teachers and students show impeccable reliability to each other and our Karate family. We are widely recognized for the very high standard of etiquette within our club, this is both in the physical and mental approach of members within our AGKK Karate family.

“Success is found in the journey not just the end result.
Consistent time with steady dedication in training is important.
Becoming a black belt in all aspects of your life is far more rewarding than obtaining a black belt!”

Bernie Haughey Sensei

Opportunities for a student to one day advance to become a Sensei

Kumate at Grading

Sensei Bernie and AlexWe are a Black Belt Leadership School where we can provide students opportunities to develop leadership skills and possibly enable a student to one day advance to become a Sensei if they so desire.

We train intelligently

The approach of working together in a positive safe environment is important.

We train intelligently developing confidence in children/kids, adults – women, men and families. In today’s rapidly changing and busy society training in the Karate Dojo maintains clarity and the core values we all cherish we aim to cultivate and maintain throughout our lives.

Positive values that we aspire to maintain and live by

Seiunchi Kata

It does not matter how stressful or extreme the world outside gets, once we step into the dojo in our white traditional uniforms and start training it brings back balance to our lives. The essential techniques that we teach of the mind and body reinforce the positive values that we aspire to maintain and live by.

Exceptional traditional Karate Club – Rare to find in Australia

It is rare to find in Australia an exceptional traditional Karate Club –  the etiquette and life philosophies we teach have been passed down the centuries from Okinawa and Japan. Our club Australian Goju Kai Karate and SHUSEIKAN Australia offers direct access to the very highest level of Goju instruction from Japan Seiwakai International and the Japanese Karate Federation Goju Kai.

We also assist each year in bringing out the best instructors from these countries into Australia so students in our Karate family are open to train with the best instructors in the world.

Legitimate Karate black belt – World Recognition in Japan and Australia

Sensei Bernie Sensei Karl

We provide opportunities for Japanese certificates of Karate Dan grades and black belt recognition and certification. Certificates are Australian Karate Federation (AKF) and World Karate Federation (WKF) approved once we send through the endorsement application to those bodies.

Sanchin Kata

In our genuine karate club and in the eyes of experienced martial artists the value and prestige of our traditional curriculum, attached to the legitimate Karate black belt in our Karate family has remained unchanged.Aiming for and maintaining a valid black belt with Dan recognition symbolizes loyalty, honour, dedication, persistence, discipline, courage and being quietly confident, are still to this day inspirational qualities.

We have a very low turnover rate of black belts.

Enhance Your Journey

To date we have students ranging from ages 3 to 80 years. We are like a family where we show mutual respect and good communication to all members of our Karate family. We are proud of our AGKK heritage. Australian Goju Kai Karate and is an authentic Japanese Karate Club, whose unique cultural traditions and authentic techniques stem forth directly from the highly renowned Japanese Masters.

Bernie Sensei

Mr Shuju Tasaki: 9TH Dan founder of Goju Ryu Karate do Seiwakai. Mr.Shuji Tasaki Hanshi was one of the last of the great Karate Masters. Mr Tasaki was a very humble and sincere man who was always honourable, who encouraged excellence from his students.

Mr.Seiichi Fujiwara Hanshi in Japan is president of Seiwakai. We pride ourselves on adhering to the authentic training curriculum, and practice philosophical ideals of respect, etiquette, honour, and striving for excellence through a combination of mental, physical, and spiritual training. The true measure of any Martial Art lies in its ability to transcend all barriers. We nurture an authentic understanding of the effectiveness and biomechanics function of movement and practical applications of Goju karate.

All classes are conducted in a positive, friendly atmosphere of cooperation. All students are encouraged to support and help each other, ensuring an enjoyable and productive learning experience.

Goju Kai techniques are applied using very little natural strength. In this way, a person who is significantly lesser in strength, can defuse a much larger and stronger opponent. This quality, along with many others, combine to make Goju Kai Karate a system of self-defence without equal.

We instil the self-control and discipline children need in order to succeed at school and throughout their lives. We are dedicated to providing our students with the most high-quality martial arts/self defence training in a friendly proactive atmosphere possible. Training addresses the theory of self defence, preventative strategies and physical self defence techniques. Students are able to support themselves with basic self defence strategies, techniques and the skills to defuse a situation.

By introducing yourself and your family to Japanese culture, respect, fitness, life skills, positive goals, attitudes and new friends. Preventative, sound strategies and proactive solutions will be reinforced once you start. I look forward in working with you and maintaining a positive peaceful future. Those who attend AGKK sessions are destined to succeed in life because we teach them about goals, self esteem, discipline and persistence. More importantly, the traits attendees learn in our unique program will pay off for the rest of their lives. Authentic Traditional Japanese Goju Kai Karate techniques and mind set changes a person’s way of life; for they can never be the same again.

Seiichi Fujiwara and Sensei Bernie

Karate must be a defensive art from beginning to the end. The fusing of the mind and body is remarkable and can be life changing. As a Karate student, instructor you will develop a sense of responsibility toward Karate or the empty hand way. If practiced and taught correctly Karate can reveal its true worth.

A growing trend of late is that some Karate Clubs study with an emphasis on ‘free fighting’ without basic body training or prior training in basic techniques. Such practice contradicts the essential aims of Karate and lead to both injuries and a lifetime of regrets. Being taught correctly at AGKK with the correct basics leads to an elevation in performance. Incorrect basics will lead to life time regrets. This valid monitoring and advice, continuously helps all students. The key concepts of Goju are explained performed and applied. This solid teaching allows participants to understand the key concepts.

An analogy could be used with the formation and correction of good basics. Let us compare correct basics in karate with the building of a house. If the foundations on the house are not laid correctly then the other structures which come from the base will be weak and not last and possibly fall down. In the same way by developing correct Basics (Kihon) and laying down the foundations of karate correctly then everything that stems from this will be more effective and long lasting and will lead to an elevation in karate performance.

Movements are explained and practiced and the biomechanics are analysed which highlight peak performance. Such drills illustrate the effective use of the total body, not just upper body strength but more importantly the use of the biomechanics of the body such as centering, footwork, ankles, knees, hips and correct body alignment with the essential fulcrum points.

Sensei Bernie and StudentsGoju Ryu movements, their application and movements are explained so participants understand their function. This is very important as a martial artist needs to understand the movements that they are performing. Otherwise if not taught correctly the movements have limited applications. As a Karate student, instructor you will develop a sense of responsibility toward Karate or the empty hand way. If practiced and taught correctly Karate can reveal its true worth.

True Karate training raises the instinct of self-preservation and is only to be used for the cause of justice at equality. Karate as it should be practiced is not a competitive or a violent sport, where people are pitted against each other. Nor is it physical training merely for the sake of training, where the goal is merely that of smashing boards and bricks. True Karate is training of both mind and body and leads to a better understanding, for both self and the world.

Karate rewards are here and now, for it enables a person to meet any situation with exactly the right expenditure and effort, neither too much nor too little. This is the Goju way- the balance between hard and soft. It can give a person control of their otherwise way ward mind and acquire the self-discipline to complete a task to the best of a person’s ability.

Goju Ryu Karate Kata

Kata – Goju Ryu Karate – Australian Goju Kai Karate – Shuseikan Australia – Improving your Karate techniques

These katas will also help you to become a better martial artists “athlete” with drills & exercises for agility, balance, conditioning, flexibility, speed, strength, etc.

A Kata is a pattern of movements which contains a series of attacking and blocking techniques. Kata were created and evolved by previous masters after many years of research, training, and actual combat experience.

Kata originally were teaching and training methods by which successful combat techniques were preserved and passed on. Practicing kata allowed a company of persons to engage in a struggle using a systematic approach, rather than as individuals in a disorderly manner.

A kata typically refers to fundamental movements in Japanese martial arts, but can refer to any basic form, routine, or pattern of behaviour. Recognizable patterns of behavior and clear expectations make it easy to recognize abnormalities (problems) and also serve as a basis of improvement, setting and attaining higher standards in all aspects of your life.

This is some of the best training for karate and information will help you to learn the basic katas for Goju-Ryu Karate so you can get ready for your next belt test.

However, if you have any questions about a particular kata movement, please check with Bernie Haughey Shihan

  • Gekisai Dai Ichi
  • Gekisai Dai Ni
  • Saifa
  • Seiyunchin
  • Seipai
  • Shisochin
  • Sanseiru
  • Kururunfa
  • Seisan
  • Suparinpei
  • Sanchin
  • Tensho

What are Kata?

A Kata is a structured routine you practice deliberately. Over time its pattern becomes a new habit.

Practicing the routines of the Improvement Kata gives us a way to develop scientific thinking and acting. Once you and your team develop the fundamental, scientific skill that practicing the Improvement Kata teaches, you’ll be able to develop further in mind and body.

With dedication, you will be able to apply it in the pursuit of many goals and challenges not only in Karate but also in life.

A Kata is a pattern of movements which contains a series of attacking and blocking techniques. Kata were created and evolved by previous masters after many years of research, training, and actual combat experience. Goju Kai Kata originated from Chinese Kung Fu forms which were taught in Okinawa in the 18th and 19th Centuries. Many of the Goju Ryu Kata names are Chinese numbers symbolizing certain Buddhist concepts. For example, the highest Kata in Goju Ryu, Suparinpei meaning the number 108 in Chinese, has a special significance in Buddhism.

Kata is a set of pre-determined movements which consists of defensive and offensive techniques performed in a particular sequence. Each movement and technique in a kata is made up of selected elements suitable to circumstances of real world fighting. There are 12 Official Kata in Traditional Goju Ryu.

Kata is performed alone against imaginary opponents. It serves the purpose of developing good posture, execution of techniques and mental concentration (focus). Each step of Kata needs to be analysed and understood before the Karate practitioner can apply it to real fighting. Kata embeds strategies of fighting designed to expose different parts of the opponent’s body and follow-up with offensive techniques.

Kata should not be considered as solely physical performance, it is the spirit of the performance that is the essence of the Kata. The right spirit must be presented in order to follow the principle of maximum efficiency. You must be in correct mental state for practice to be effective, attention cannot be paid only to the mechanics of the Kata but to harmonious cooperation of mind and body.

As we develop certain reflexes we also must develop certain mental qualities to accompany those reflexes as proper spirit to each technique, as Zanshin which is certain alertness or full mind by which we can control the opponent and respond to him.

Kata helps us to transcend beyond merely mechanical reaction to the many circumstances we could encounter into a level of “unconscious” reaction which we don’t know what our action would be while doing it.

Through years of Kata practice, one can transcend techniques so that Karate becomes an “artless, art”. This is the level of mastery.

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