Virtual Meditation Classes

AGKK – Virtual Meditation Classes

As a result of Covid-19 social distancing restrictions within Australia, AGKK are offering online/virtual Meditation training.

Virtual Meditation classes will be available online through Facebook and presented by meditation expert Sensei Bernie Haughey. Classes will remain available until social distancing restrictions are lifted and the current health crisis is over.

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Virtual Meditation Classes

Our fully guided online/virtual meditation classes will help you achieve balance, recuperation and relaxation, increased resilience and a clearer focus during these complex and difficult times.

Our online meditation classes are an ideal solution for:

  • Business owners who have seen their operations affected by current restrictions
  • Employees experiencing uncertainty with regard to employment as a result of the Covid 19 health crisis
  • First responders and medical staff on the front-line of the current health crisis
  • Students experiencing difficult adapting to online learning
  • Athletes, coaches and sporting teams currently unable to train due to social distancing measures
  • Members of the public experiencing anxiety or stress related health concerns as a result of the current Covid 19 health crisis

Our virtual meditation classes are specifically tailored to provide the tools required to help reduce stress and anxiety and achieve greater clarity and relaxation.

Conducted by experienced meditation expert Sensei Bernie Haughey, AGKK’s online/virtual meditation classes are an effective and proactive step members of the public can take to address the complexities presented by the Covid 19 health crisis affecting Australia and the world.

To enquire about AGKK’s online virtual meditation classes please fill out the enquiry form below or contact Sensei Bernie Haughey directly on 0409 474 494

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You are welcome to inquire about our virtual/online meditation classes either by contacting: Bernie Sensei on 0409 474 494 or using the contact form below.

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