Personal Emergency Self Defence Alarms

Personal Emergency Self Defence Alarms for children, kids, women, men, staff, employees, elderly, with Led Light, Keychain, Personal Safety and Self-Defence Alarms with Clip, Mini led Flashlight. An excellent deterrent to help protect yourself and others. As seen on Channel Nine with Self Defence expert Bernie Haughey.

  • We make purchasing personal security products online easy and reasonable.
  • A powerful alarm that is affordable $55.00 including postage and handling within Australia.
  • Don’t become a casualty. Protect yourself and staff from Attack or Robbery.

Personal Emergency Self Defence AlarmsTWIN SIREN ALARM

PERSONAL ALARM – Extremely powerful 130db
With built in LED torch
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Compact, manageable, design, affordable and easy to carry and ideal for use on bags or as a key ring, this personal dual siren alarm is the perfect solution to exposed or threatening situations. Discourage thieves and attackers with its loud dual 130dB sirens and powerful independent torch function which will strobe when the alarm is triggered. Simply pull the rip-cord to pull out the pin. Replace the pin to deactivate the alarm. Also includes a LED light. Great for travellers and staff

  • EXTREMELY LOUD ALARM: The alarm of this personal alarm is quiet shrill and extremely loud and attention-grabbing, definitely catch attention from people who is far from you and give your great help when in an emergency.
  • EASY TO OPERATE: It’s easy to make the personal alarm to alarm by pulling off the contact pin and stop alarming by plugging the contact pin into the personal alarm. The LED flashlight can be turned on by pushing down the LED light switch.
  • EASY TO CARRY: The small and exquisite personal alarm is easy to carry, it can be grabbed by only one hand very easy, the keychain design make you bring the personal alarm to travel around easily, you can clip it to your keys, rucksack, bag, purse, belt, etc., Very convenient.
  • EXCELLENT SECURITY: Own this personal alarm and take it with you anytime and anywhere, you will feel very safe and confident to deal with emergency situations.

What are Personal Emergency Self Defence Alarms and how do they reduce risks for the individual and employees?

A personal emergency Self Defence alarm is a small excellent device that helps you display and communicate with a person who may require attention in times of need.  They are designed to be a rapid and simple communication tool for times of distress or dangerous situations. They are often used by employees, nurses, parents, carers and their patients and children. The individuals such as women, men and children can quickly and easily alert others if they require attention, typically if they are in a dangerous situation. For example many are sold to businesses that are keen to protect their staff while performing their duties.