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AGKK Self Defence Brisbane is a good activity which allows families to spend quality time together. We at AGKK Self Defence Brisbane understand that the greatest challenge modern–day families encounter is the lack of quality time together. We know for a fact that today it is nearly impossible to find an avenue wherein children, parents and grandparents can have fun together. For this reason we have come to introduce to you Self Defence Brisbane.

Unlike many other activities, Mum and Dad can get involved with the children, rather than watch from the sidelines.

By involving yourself in AGKK Self Defence together as a family you will:

  • Improve Fitness
  • Learn practical Self Defence
  • Gain Self Discipline
  • Build Confidence
  • Increase Focus and Concentration
  • Get in shape ( tone up, build muscle)
  • Relieve stress
  • Convenient training together
  • Family discounts
  • Offer classes that will fit your needs and your busy schedule
  • Enhance your relationships

Our Family Self Defence classes have many benefits for the whole family. It is a wonderful opportunity to work together and grow stronger as a family.It will improve your family’s fitness and you will enhance spending time together now because you have a common interest and common goals. Family classes for all ages, are popular for men, women and children. Many families like training together. We reinforce those essential family core values, with skills and fun. We provide opportunities for parents to spend and have special time with their children.

Training is enjoyable and educational. Come along and try out one of our classes, personal training sessions, workshops and much more.We look forward to meeting you.

Advanced Bookings Recommended
To inquire about the diverse range of Self Defence services available, including one-on-one Self Defence training for families – Contact Bernie Haughey Sensei for more information. 0409 474 494 or by making an enquiry using the contact form below.

Practical Self Defence

AGKK – Australian GoJu Kai Karate - Children Practicing Self DefenceThese are life-changing programs available for anyone who is as young child or as a grandparent. Our mission in this AGKK Self Defence Brisbane is to provide you with an instrument which can help your entire family, regardless of differences in age, build character, confidence and essential protection life skills together through Self Defence training.

AGKK Self Defence Brisbane encourages family participation all throughout our activities that it becomes nearly impossible for one member of the family to just sit still and watch the other members enjoy. We entice or lure all of you to enjoy every part of our training.

Valuable Life Skills for the entire family

AGKK – Australian GoJu Kai Karate - Female Practicing Self DefenceWe empathize with parents’ frustrations in instilling to their children these days a good character and to have the skills to deal with bullying at school and in the community. This being the case, each of our AGKK Self Defence family programs is designed to develop a winning and positive attitude in every participant. A child, parent or grandparent can certainly develop real life leadership skills such as confidence, focus and self-discipline through our specialised family Self Defence classes.

Your family is gaining valuable skills which they can use in every aspect of their life.We give this to you while instilling in your family important values such as perseverance, commitment, striving for excellence, confidence and more.

AGKK – Australian GoJu Kai Karate - Self Defence TrainingAll our challenges, activities, skills and drills can be enjoyed by the family in conjunction with Bernie Haughey Shihan who has become an expert in their field through life-long experiences. Our dedicated specialists can help provide social, physical and emotional growth for the whole family. Their mission is to work hand in hand with parents and children and help every family gain the best possible outcome from our Self Defence training.

Parents who have tried our program have observed improvement in academic performance of their kids as a result of the life skills they gained from martial arts. At the same time, parents also were able to gain their own confidence which they have lost in the long years of neglect due to parenting. They are also now equipped with practical Self Defence skills which they can use to guard and keep the entire family safe.

The family Self Defence classes ensures that you have a memorable “together time” that also inspires more bonding at home throughout the week and enhancement of relationships in future years.

Alongside your family, you’ll gain momentum and energy, qualities you wouldn’t otherwise experience if you were practicing alone.

AGKK Self Defence Brisbane is not just a great form of Self Defence, but provides all students the opportunity to enhance their character and develop confidence, focus and inner security. Above all, we teach in an approach to provide a safe training environment and to encourage self-discipline and control. The training allows you to improve your fitness while learning something valuable at the same time.

We are dedicated to providing a safe and family-oriented Self Defence experience for students of all ages. Our mission is to foster self-improvement and personal development through focused training. We promote physical fitness and positive social interaction in a courteous and fun atmosphere.

AGKK – Australian GoJu Kai Karate - AGKK Black BeltsTraining can also be focused at your own personal pace in order to comfortably set and attain personal goals.

Our aim is to help you achieve your goals through Self Defence training by making each class you attend a positive, rewarding and motivating experience. We are a family school with a friendly atmosphere providing exceptional karate training to students of all ages and all backgrounds. We are more than just a Self Defence school; we reinforce kay family values. We integrate children and adults of all abilities into class and believe that any person regardless of ability should be given the opportunity to participate.

Our specialized training approach aims to condition students to become calm, focused, and goal setting in everything they do. This often has a direct bearing on how our students apply themselves more conscientiously at school, work and home.

Take your first step for your family to a safer life in a modern world.
AGKK Family Self Defence classes and private lessons are available in and around Brisbane.

AGKK – Australian GoJu Kai Karate - Self Defence StrikingSelf Defence training that is preventative, realistic and proactive.
Training is enjoyable and educational. Come along and try out one of our classes, personal training sessions, workshops and much more. We look forward to meeting you.


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To inquire about the diverse range of Self Defence services available for individual, group or business Self Defence training Call Bernie Shihan on 0409 474 494 or use the inquiry form below.

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