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Weapon attacks are unfortunately becoming more commonplace. Cash handling businesses, petrol stations, jewelry, fast food, and convenience stores are frequently targeted. Home invasions, carjacking and street crime make it essential you know what to do if you are in this type of situation as an individual, employee or customer. Weapons self defence training is essential to better manage what to do if you are threatened in an armed hold-up, whether it be a knife, syringe, club, firearm. You need a plan!

AGKK – Australian GoJu Kai Karate - Knife Self DefenceUnderstanding how weapons work, what the effective ranges are, and how to defend against them are important elements in Self Defence training. It is important to prepare for emergencies in advance of when threatened with weapons.

Learning how to defend against weapons is essential for self defence

In a serious assault, it’s likely your opponent or opponents will be armed. Think about that. If you get attacked, your opponent will probably have some perceived advantage. Being able to defend against an armed attack and knowing how to counter against weapons is extremely important for your survival.

We teach you to


Take your first step to a safer life in a modern world. AGKK Weapons Self Defence lessons/classes and private lessons are available in and around Brisbane.

Weapons Self Defence training that is preventative, realistic and proactive.Training is enjoyable and educational.

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To inquire about the diverse range of Self Defence services available, including one-on-one weapons self defence training – Contact Bernie Haughey Sensei for more information. 0409 474 494 or by making an enquiry using the contact form below.

Additional Benefits of Weapons Self Defence Training

Training against weapons will add new dimensions to your footwork and good use of biomechanics of the body.

Some key concepts – Avoidance, Awareness, and Prevention

Avoiding or preventing an attack is very important. If you follow these simple guidelines, the chance you’ll ever be attacked is incredibly small:

  • Avoid dangerous places and people.
  • Don’t be a good target.
  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Do not argue, provoke, or allow a verbal conflict to escalate.
  • Escape or create distance if you feel threatened.
  • Evade a threat when you can’t completely escape.
  • Apply Self Defence techniques when it is required

Distance Is Prevention

AGKK – Australian GoJu Kai Karate - Fighting back against weaponDistance removes opportunity from the attacker’s equation. It can be used to avoid or escape (leaving, in the previous list of choices) from a potential attack. Maintaining a safe distance, such that a potential threat will need to take at least a few steps in order to reach you, is crucial.

During the classes participants will be taught:

  • How the body works with understanding practical and effective biomechanics of the body
  • SAFER Guide to Personal Security
  • Awareness and Observation Skills
  • Today’s Most Common Attacks
  • Ground Defence Concepts
  • Weapons Defence

Empower Yourself and your Staff

What can joining AGKK’S self-defence classes in Brisbane teach you? Increase your knowledge about Weapons Self Defence and learn:

  • How to increase your chances of survival in an encounter.
  • A number of lifesaving Self Defence skills.
  • How to stay alert and mentally prepared.
  • How to remain confident.
  • How to manage a weapons attack.

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To inquire about the diverse range of Self Defence services available for individual, group or business Self Defence training Call Bernie Shihan on 0409 474 494 or use the inquiry form below.

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