Karate Classes, Lessons for Beginners and Martial Arts Classes for Beginners

Karate and Martial Arts Lessons, for Beginners – All Ages Welcome 

AGKK Karate and Martial Arts lessons for beginners, children, adults, and families throughout Brisbane.

Karate lessons for beginners are available at AGKK Goju Ryu Karate throughout Brisbane you are welcome to attend your First Martial Arts class for free.
In our beginner Martial Arts, karate classes for kids, adults and families students are introduced to the basic techniques and key concepts to provide a solid foundation in for their progress and develop essential life skills in a way that is fun and easy to learn.

Fun, Fitness and Karate with Purpose. Children, Adult and Family Martial Arts and Karate Classes Available. Beginners are always welcome

AGKK Karate has martial arts beginner classes for everyone including children, teenagers, adults and families. The coaching team are very experienced, qualified and very approachable.

As a beginner in Martial Arts and Karate do I need to have previous experience or any particular fitness level to start or enrol in martial arts classes?
No, our classes are a good mix of men and women of all ages and all fitness levels. We also have beginner Martial Arts classes for kids, children and families. Beginners train alongside some of the more experienced members, helping each other out in an enjoyable team environment.



Welcome to the premier Karate, Self Defence, and martial arts schools throughout Brisbane. Operating for decades teaching life skills to children, teenagers, adults, and families of all ages and levels. We offer karate classes for beginners and experienced martial artists – all ages and levels are welcome.

CHOOSE YOUR beginners Karate or Martial Arts Program, classes or lessons
Your Martial Arts goals are important to us. We are here to support you.
So if you need help with the right lesson for you, just contact us and arrange a free introductory lesson.
Click on the link below to see more information on our wonderful Martial Arts and Karate programs for beginners.

You are most welcome to secure your free lesson by clicking here or phone 0409 474 494 

Beginners Welcome - AGKK Karate


To empower students to be healthy, confident, and safe and to enhance students’ lives through a positive way of life through authentic Goju Ryu Karate and Japanese martial arts.


  • SAFE and FRIENDLY environment
  • Expert, qualified and supportive instructors
  • Learn effective Self Defence
  • Maintain being active and healthy
  • Enhancing confidence


“ALL AGES ALL LEVELS WELCOME from 4 years and above

This beginner’s Karate class and Martial Arts lesson is for those who have no previous experience with karate or martial arts lessons.

You can attend one free Martial Arts trial lesson to try our Karate and Martial Arts lessons for beginners or experienced students.

Calm - Confident - Connected

What to Wear at Your First Karate lesson?

When attending trial lessons just wear comfortable clothes for training/exercise – e.g. shorts, skins, track pants, t-shirt, etc. and you are most welcome to bring a drink bottle and towel. Uniforms can be purchased after your free karate lesson.

AGKK Goju Ryu Karate welcomes martial arts students with any amount of previous experience to train at our Dojos throughout Brisbane. Our friendly and welcoming staff will find the perfect class for you to choose from 7 days per week.

In our AGKK Karate family, every movement has a practical function for Self Defence and everyday living.
Beginners welcome to come and train with positive people.

A Positive Healthy Decision


We welcome beginners to advanced students from children to adults and families of all ages and abilities. Whether you want to become an expert, learn practical Self Defence, sharpen your mind, tone your body, improve your confidence, or get fit and flexible, we will make it happen with our AGKK martial arts training.

Book a FREE trial class for women, men, children (4 years+), and families.
Come and try a FREE Karate Trial lesson
Book an appointment today. Limited spaces are available.
Please phone Bernie Shihan on 0409 474 494 or use our Booking Form
You are always welcome

Children Beginner Martial Arts Classes and Karate Lessons

We have a strong experienced reputation in teaching life skills –enabling young children to grow up as mature and responsible adults. For example, all students are expected to be mindful, attentive, respectful, and well-mannered.

Congratulations! You have made a very positive decision as a parent –for your child to start training at AGKK Karate and martial arts.

It means your child will get:

  • Dedicated, nationally qualified, and highly experienced instructors and mentors who have devoted decades to training
  • An all-encompassing curriculum focused on child development and skills and techniques based on their age, ability and level.
  • Useful and essential skills like stranger danger and dealing with bullies
  • Increased confidence, respect for oneself and others and a renewed outlook on life at home, school that is developed through their martial arts training
  • A professionally developed character development program

Building Strength Everyday

Positive self-development occurs for children as a result of this positive social structure.

Our Karate training improves focus, confidence, attitudes, and behavior by promoting a sense of humility, ethics, and self-discipline, through the culture and social structure of the dojo.

Beginner Karate and Martial Arts Classes and Lessons for Adults and Families

  • Outstanding weight loss that builds muscle tone
  • Improved strength and endurance that keeps you active and energetic
  • Heightened discipline and willpower to reach all of your goals
  • Reduction in your day-to-day stress levels
  • A great boost in your self-confidence

Karate for adults and families is a great way to get fit and healthy! Regular exercise ensures we remain healthy, supporting our core strength and maintaining good health, not to mention making us feel generally inspired and motivated.

AGKK – Australian GoJu Kai Karate - Karate for Mind and Body


<strong>AGKK Karate has a COVID-Safe Plan.</strong>

Key points are:

  • Mandatory check-in when entering the Dojo
  • Hand sanitizers to be used when entering and leaving the building
  • Masks to be worn when inside the building for people aged 12 and above. Masks do not have to be worn during training.
  • COVID-Safe Plan is regularly reviewed to ensure that it meets government regulations and helps maintain the health and wellbeing of all students.
Book a FREE trial class for women, men, children (4 years+), and families.
Come and try a FREE Karate Trial lesson
Book an appointment today. Limited spaces are available.
Please phone Bernie Shihan on 0409 474 494 or use our Booking Form
You are always welcome

Would You Like A Free Karate Lesson?
You can receive a free lesson at any of our AGKK Karate Brisbane locations by contacting Bernie Shihan on 0409 474 494 or using the inquiry form. One of our friendly instructors will be in contact to arrange an obligation-free lesson.

AGKK Karate - A Positive Journey


  • AGKK KARATE has decades of educational experience in helping and teaching Martial Arts to individuals and families throughout Brisbane. Instructors are Japanese trained and graded. We do not use inexperienced instructors.
  • We have very experienced black belt instructors who are friendly and helpful, teaching our students the correct and safe methods of Karate and Self Defence. By improving confidence, focus, and important foundation life skills for all students is essential.
  • As a new student, you are welcome to attend any of our classes and have a free trial lesson – advanced bookings are recommended.
  • We practice COVID safety Government guidelines.
  • We offer the most experienced instruction available in our welcoming and friendly classes or private sessions.


We are open 7 days a week!
Our classes are open to everyone of all ages and all levels.
We follow and practice all the Covid safe guidelines.

AGKK Martial Arts Brisbane - Karate Students


Our beginners range from as young as 4 years old. Students learn the foundations of Karate and Self Defence. If you are looking for an enjoyable life-enhancing karate and Martial Arts experience, our classes are perfect for you and your family.

AGKK Karate advances both character and physical development. AGKK Karate is a school for all ages and promotes Self Defence, fitness, focus, discipline, confidence, and essential life skills. All ages and all levels of experience can train.

Students will…

  • Build a stronger mind and body
  • Become more confident and self-assured
  • Enhance your fitness and health
  • Tone your body and Lose Weight
  • Become more self-disciplined
  • Improve your child’s concentration & behaviour at home and school
  • Develop focus and resilience
  • Enhance inner security
  • Reduce stress and improve well being
  • Obtain your Black Belt
  • And more

Developing Strength of Mind and Body

By attending AGKK Karate classes you will be in classes with other like-minded people and experienced, welcoming, accredited instructors whose goal is to help you reach your goals and improve both physically and mentally.

Would You Like A Free Karate Lesson? You can receive a free lesson at any of our AGKK Karate Brisbane locations by contacting Bernie Shihan on 0409 474 494 or using the inquiry form. One of our friendly instructors will be in contact to arrange an obligation-free lesson.

Beginner Martial Art Classes and Lessons for Adults, Kids, Children and families.

AGKK Martial Arts Brisbane has a healthy martial arts family that…
🎯 welcomes beginners to Martial Arts of all ages and all levels of experience. Throughout the decades many people have been looking to get fit, learn Self Defence, build confidence or develop Martial Arts skills have signed up for our beginners Martial Arts classes and lessons.

If you are seeking something very positive, life skilled based, exciting and which is assured to get you fit and focused, there’s no better place to start these beginners martial art classes than AGKK Karate lessons throughout Brisbane.

The Best Martial Art for Beginners in Brisbane

There are many Martial arts classes and lessons to choose from, in and around Brisbane. There is wide range of disciplines from sports karate and jujitsu, Judo to kickboxing and taekwondo. Each has its own individual style, philosophy and moves but all are sometimes great for boosting speed, fitness and stamina as well as building confidence and helps relieve daily stress and businesses.

Traditional Goju Ryu karate and AGKK Karate is one of the most popular martial arts schools in Brisbane and classes are held in many suburbs with Martial Arts classes and lessons for kids, adults and families. 

AGKK Beginners Martial Arts classes is a positive activity that improves Self Defence, fitness levels, focus and confidence. AGKK is martial art that is a Self Defence without equal.

You can start beginners Martial Arts Classes at any age.

You are never too old or young to start beginner martial arts classes or lessons for adults, kids or families.

In many suburbs across Brisbane, new people try out our AGKK Karate beginners Martial Arts classes than any other Martial Arts lessons.

Many students enjoy the improved fitness, confidence in new Self Defence skills and build their positive life skills.

The beginner Martial Arts classes is more exciting than the standard aerobics class or an hour or two down at the gym.

Beginner Martial Arts classes include a wide range of students that come from different walks of life and have varying levels of fitness.

✅ Instructors are friendly, supportive and helpful.
🎯 At AGKK Karate we offer free introductory Martial Arts class for beginners so you can explore the positive benefits if our Martial Arts and Karate lessons.

What Are the Benefits of AGKK Martial Arts for beginners?

There are multiple benefits in starting a beginner class in martial arts like AGKK Goju Ryu Karate. It is a wonderful social activity where you will meet positive, likeminded people from all around Brisbane and your local suburbs.

🎯 Building Self-Esteem and Confidence
🎯 Cultivating Goal-Setting and Self-Improvement
✅ Martial Arts and Karate for kids
🎯 Improving Respect and Listening Skills
🎯 Encourage Teamwork and Belonging
🎯 Enhancing Physical and mental fitness in a Safe Environment
✅ Develop good health and fitness habits
✅ Better concentration = better performance at school

There are many benefits when attending a beginner Martial Arts class and Karate lesson
Martial arts instills confidence and discipline and can even help students in all aspects of their life.

🎯 Evidence of the effectiveness of martial arts in producing affective, cognitive and behavioural benefits has come from a number of studies.
✅ Improvements in self-esteem.
✅ A more positive response to physical challenge.
✅ Greater autonomy, emotional stability and assertiveness and reductions in anxiety and depression (have all been associated with martial arts training especially for beginners and reduced aggression with more self-control.

What can you Expect From a Beginner’s Martial Arts Class?

You may be nervous going into your first beginners Martial Arts class, but our instructors are always helpful, friendly and ready to answer your questions and assist you with your Martial Arts practice throughout each lesson and Karate class.

You don’t have to worry about feeling embarrassed, or being on your own. We train in a safe, friendly, and professional atmosphere. Any time you start something new there can be some trepidation. We will support you to be your best and we’ll guide you at every step of the way in beginners martial arts classes and karate lessons.

Bowing in the dojo is a mutual sign of respect between practitioners, no matter their level of expertise, which is why we bow to each other or before practising drills with another person. You should also bow as you enter the dojo and as you leave, at the beginning and end of class, to show respect for all in the dojo, the history, and our masters in Japan.

As a beginner martial arts student you should arrive a few minutes early so you can get ready for the karate class and your Martial Arts lesson.

We recommend you give yourself time to sign in, get changed, catch up with fellow students and start warming up before we begin class. We do a thorough warm up, but everybody is different so it’s good to get nice and warmed up before we begin. Getting into the habit of warming up your muscles before your workout will prevent discomfort, lower the chance of injury, and will also generally improve your health and your ability to learn new Martial Arts techniques.

Martial arts are one of the most engaging ways to get fit and learn a new positive life skills discipline that can have a outstanding impact on your life. The wonderful news is that Brisbane has many AGKK karate lessons and martial arts classes with beginner classes held multiple days per week.

The friendly team at AGKK Karate School have many Martial Arts Services available for beginners and experienced students:

  • Private Martial Arts and Karate Lessons and classes
  • Personal fitness training
  • Strength & Conditioning for all ages
  • Life Skill development and lessons
  • Cardiovascular fitness programs
  • Self Defence instruction, classes, and lessons for men, women, children, families
  • Children’s martial arts classes (ages 4 and above)
  • Adult martial arts classes
  • Family martial arts classes

AGKK Karate Student - Grading


Karate Beginner Martial Arts Programs, Lessons and Classes Brisbane 

The AGKK Goju Ryu Karate school is home to Traditional Japanese Karate and Martial Arts in and around Brisbane suburbs – yes close to me

New to the world of martial arts? We have dedicated beginner Martial Arts , Karate programs, lessons and classes where you will progress with others under the guidance of a supportive, positive, experienced and encouraging Martial Arts instructors.

As a new student you will have access to unlimited Martial Arts lessons throughout the weekdays and on the weekends.

✅ No experience necessary
✅ Dedicated beginner Martial Arts  programs, lessons and Karate classes
✅ All fitness levels welcome
✅ Learn new Martial Arts skills
✅ Train at your own pace
✅ Make new friends and become part of our friendly Martial Arts family

Contact us on 0409474494 or click the link for your FREE Trail Martial Arts PASS 👉 HERE

BEGINNER Martial Arts lessons for kids and children

💥 PARENTS: Improve Your Child’s CONFIDENCE With Our Junior martial arts program! 🥋
⛩ Experienced & fully qualified coaches.
⛩ Quality Martial Arts programs for beginners and experienced.

BENEFITS of our Beginners Martial Arts lessons and classes.

✅ Build confidence
✅ Become bully-proof
✅ Increase fitness and focus
✅ Develop resilience safely
✅ Have fun, get fit, or become a champion
✅ Make new friends in a fun, supportive community

AGKK Karate Classes for Beginners