Strengthen Your Body & Mind at AGKK Martial Arts

AGKK Karate and Martial Arts aims to inspire a way of life through training that protects the body, mind and spirit. We offer one free lesson.

Our mission is to provide a positive environment where we can effectively share the level of knowledge and training needed to guide our students to mastering the true art of traditional Japanese Karate.

The are usually three main reasons people choose to learn karate are:

  • Learn Self Defence
  • Build Confidence
  • Improve Fitness

There are many other values and benefits that go beyond the ones listed above.

Precise, positive actionsTraditional Japanese Goju Kai Karate is unlike anything else that you can do. You start by learning the movements and developing skills and as time progresses you explore the inner workings of Japanese Goju Ryu Karate. As you progress the techniques that you learn will help you throughout your life, because you are strengthening your mind and body.

Everyone starts their karate journey as an excited beginner and they enjoy the process of learning new skills, understanding oneself, building fitness and strength of mind and body in all aspects of their life.

Here at AGKK Karate we have classes for the whole family with our popular Karate Kids Classes for the children, to teens classes and adult beginner classes, to classes and programs that will take you from a novice to an advanced karate student.

We have classes for people who are starting their martial arts journey and for people who have experience and want total their journey to a whole new level!

We also run fitness classes, meditation classes, women’s self defence classes and cater to schools and community groups. So whatever you are after when it comes to Martial Arts classes, we have something to suit your needs.

Your instructors are dedicated about karate and they take their own training and your development very seriously. They are qualified Black Belts and members of the Australian Karate Federation and Japan Karate Federation.

Most of all they love to teach and share their passion with people who want to learn and build strength and confidence through the art of karate. Students are taught in a safe, encouraging and supportive environment and everyone is treated with absolute respect.

We believe in constant improvement and the pursuit of personal excellence. Traditional Goju Ryu Karate will build your strength of mind and body to overcome life’s challenges and obstacles with more confidence and certainty.

Our purpose is to make you feel welcomed, safe, supported, encouraged and inspired to be part of the AGKK Karate and Martial arts family.If you have been considering joining a karate club we invite you to come and meet us, and see for yourself if what we do is right for you. Our classes are run by professional instructors in a welcoming, safe, inspiring and empowering environment. From the first lesson you will begin to learn self defence principles and practical techniques to get you on your way to developing skills and building total strength of mind and body for life.

Advanced Bookings Recommended
You are welcome to inquire about lessons either by contacting:
Bernie Sensei on 0409474494 or complete the booking form. All are welcome.