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Welcome to the leading Martial Arts training, lessons classes, and programs for beginners at AGKK Martial Arts Brisbane 


Amazing Martial Arts classes for beginners and programs throughout Brisbane for kids and adults to get more focused, fit, and confident.

The AGKK Goju Ryu Karate School is home to Traditional Japanese Karate and Martial Arts for beginners in and around Brisbane suburbs – yes beginner Martial Arts classes are close to me and we have many classes for beginners and experienced students.

🎯 Beginners Martial Arts lessons for all ages and abilities, kids, children, adults and families.

Our beginners in our Martial Arts classes and lessons range from as young as 3 years old all the way through to adults. This is where they get to learn the foundation of Karate and Self Defence. If you are looking for a fun, fit, confidence-building environment then you are most welcome to attend our beginner Martial Arts classes.

Beginners Welcome - AGKK Karate

New to the world of martial arts and would like to find a Martial Arts class for beginners?

We have dedicated beginner Martial Arts classes, Martial Arts programs, Martial Arts lessons and classes where you will progress with others under the guidance of a supportive, positive, experienced and encouraging Martial Arts instructors for beginners and experienced students.

As a new student you will have access to unlimited beginner Martial Arts classes, lessons throughout the weekdays and on the weekends.

Choose your beginners martial arts program, classes or lessons
Your Martial Arts goals are important to us. We are here to support you.
So if you need help with the right lesson for you, just contact us and arrange a free introductory lesson.

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Protected by Goju Ryu Karate

When choosing to train at AGKK martial arts school and our beginners martial arts classes there are many benefits:

🎯  Improved confidence & Self Esteem
🎯 The ability to concentrate longer
🎯  Self-discipline & Self defence
🎯  Strength & Stamina
🎯  Positive outlook on life

AGKK Karate - builds Strength Everyday

At AGKK Martial Arts Brisbane you will receive the highest quality Martial Arts training, classes and lessons especially for beginners. Experienced, friendly instructors work with you to help you achieve your martial goals both for beginners and experienced students. We have Martial Arts classes close to you.

Martial Arts Classes for Beginners and Advanced.
Adults, Kids and families Classes. Start Your Free Trial Today.
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🎯 The Best Martial Arts classes and Self Defence Classes in Brisbane for beginners Kids, Adults and families.


“Great environment for kids, adults and families to develop life skills, discipline, self-confidence, build resilience and be a part of a great club and family. My daughter tried a few Martial Arts classes and cannot wait to attend lessons each week. 

I have really appreciated the focus on skill, but even more so on character – good sportsmanship, kindness, respect and good manners. The class is a very positive experience for my child. The instructors are amazing and really fun to work with. AGKK has my highest recommendation for Martial Arts classes for beginners in Brisbane.”

Joe Baker

Beginners Martial Arts - AGKK Karate - Turning Dreams Into Reality


Martial Arts classes and lessons for beginners. All are welcome.

Start your fitness & martial arts journey, learn new Self Defence skills, increase your confidence and improve your strength, endurance, fitness and ability to handle anything throughout your life.

Top Martial Arts Classes for Kids, adults and families in Brisbane 

AGKK Martial Arts Training for beginners and experienced students. AGKK is a traditional Japanese Martial Arts school in Goju Ryu Karate for beginners in Brisbane Northern suburbs. AGKK Martial Arts has classes and lessons of Goju Ryu Martial Arts for beginners throughout northern Brisbane suburbs that has programs for kids, children, men, women, adults and their families.

With classes for beginners for kids, families, teens, and adults, AGKK Martial Arts Dojo caters to all levels. The team at AGKK Martial Arts School promises a positive, committed, and professional learning experience.

At AGKK, we are very proud of our martial arts classes and lessons that welcomes beginners and experienced students of all ages and skill levels.

AGKK Martial Arts integrates modern and traditional elements of Goju Ryu Martial Arts into a holistic purposeful practice of Self Defence, fitness and mindfulness. Come and train with our positive team. Beginners are always welcome at every Martial Arts class.

Calm Confident Connected


We offer confidence building, Self Defence for beginners that improve fitness, focus and self esteem through our Goju Ryu Martial Arts classes.

We cater for complete beginner’s right through to the competitive experienced athlete and everything in between starting with our Martial Arts classes and lessons for beginners.

Whether you simply want to get in outstanding physical shape or compete for gold medals we have something for you. Our team of highly experienced Martial Arts instructors are friendly and are here to help you reach your goals especially for beginners in our structured Martial Arts classes and lessons.

We believe that AGKK martial arts is a positive medium to help guide you throughout your life and we always help as many people as possible discover their path and assist them in their Martial Arts journey.


We are looking forward to welcoming you to our beginners’ martial arts classes.
You are most welcome to click HERE or phone 0409474494 and Bernie Shihan will help you to secure your free martial arts lesson

We have KIDS MARTIAL ARTS CLASSES for beginners.

Empower Your Child


Our structured karate classes for children aged 3 years and up not only develops your child physically but also mentally as we work through themes each week to help them not only in class but provides essential life skills in their day-to-day lives. Our classes are both Age and level-specific providing your child excellent outcomes in our beginners Martial Arts classes and lessons

“We came to AGKK Martial Arts classes in search of an activity to help our son build esteem, confidence, respect, discipline and active listening. I can honestly say that this is hands down the best thing I have ever invested in for my son. He is more confident, happier and doing better in school. In my opinion, AGKK Martial Arts is the finest martial arts school in Brisbane. They offer a wide variety of martial arts classes for beginners and experienced students. This traditional Martial Arts school is very experienced, helpful and positive.”

Leanne Maclou

Student being presented a Black Belt


At AGKK Martial Arts, we offer comprehensive Kids Martial Arts training that provides a comprehensive program of Goju Ryu techniques that have been modified for age-appropriate and life skills classes and lessons. The Kids Martial Arts curriculum integrates fun activities with life skills training to build a base of crucial confidence life skills to help your child deal with situations they can face throughout their life.

This program is great for all experience levels.

BEGINNER Martial Arts classes, lessons for kids, children and families

💥  PARENTS: Improve Your Child’s CONFIDENCE with our Junior martial arts program 💥
⛩  Experienced & fully qualified coaches.
⛩  Quality Martial Arts programs, classes, lessons for beginners and experienced students.

BENEFITS of our Beginners Martial Arts lessons and classes.

✅  Build confidence
✅  Become bully-proof
✅  Increase fitness and focus
✅  Develop resilience safely
✅  Have fun, get fit, or become a champion
✅  Make new friends in a fun, supportive community


Our Juniors Karate classes and kids martial arts lessons will help your child and children develop essential life skills that they can apply to all areas of their life at home, school and in society. So can stand on their own two feet and make good choices that help lead to success to whatever they undertake.

Are you looking for a fitness activity for your child that can also help them succeed in life?

As a parent you want your child to have the Martial Arts life skills and tools to succeed in life, but protecting them from peer pressure, bullying can make any parent feel overwhelmed and stressed. Our beginner Martial arts classes and lessons will assist you.

The good news is that at our AGKK Karate and Martial Arts school is in many suburbs throughout Brisbane, our kids and children’s, juniors karate program, lessons and classes are the perfect support companion to help you raise strong leaders, confident children , teaching kids confidence, focus & preventative Self Defence skills in our beginner Martial Arts classes and lessons.

Parenting should not have to be a stressful task you face alone! Let AGKK Karate and AGKK Martial Arts School help you equip and empower your child for success in the real world.

Our junior Martial Arts classes for kids, children martial arts lessons and karate classes teach valuable life skills for beginners.

🎯  Positive Mental Attitude
🎯  High Goal-Setting
🎯  Respect & Self-Confidence

AGKK Karate has a strong reputation in strong life skills development in children and assisting parents in the beginner Martial Arts classes and lessons

Throughout our beginners Martial Arts classes we support and reinforce the same traditional values that you teach at home, in a positive, safe & fun environment.

The essential foundation skills of the junior and kids karate curriculum is the education and development of life-skills such as positive mental attitude, high goal-setting, perseverance, self-control which all maximise confidence for kids in our Martial Arts lessons and classes.

“Bernie Shihan and his team provide an outstanding environment where you feel welcomed as soon as you walk through the doors. Instructors are very approachable, knowledgeable, lessons are very educational and positive. There is a wonderful balance of discipline, compassion and safety. My kids love coming along and they have been so understanding to the additional requirements for our family”

Michael Murphy

AGKK Brisbane Martial Arts provides First Class martial arts instruction and classes for beginners and all levels.
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We have ADULT MARTIAL ARTS CLASSES for beginners 

Our Brisbane Martial Arts for Adults program for beginners and experienced students is for everyone aged 18 and above and encompasses improving Self Defence skills, increasing confidence fitness and positive focus in all aspects of your life. All of our adult martial arts classes Brisbane have curriculum built with a focus on progression and positive self-development.

“I started training AGKK Martial Arts Brisbane 4 years ago as a positive way to spend some time with my family where we could all learn new skills and meet new people. We started with some private lessons and then attended the group AGKK Martial Arts classes for beginners.

I work as a CEO in a large business I face daily challenges in meeting the needs of staff and a multitude of customers which puts me under a lot of pressure. AGKK Martial Arts has given me a physical outlet for a lot of these pressures which helps me manage my stress levels and be more positive with my family.”

Leo Alsters

Our Martial Arts classes will:

✅  Teach you to use your whole body to defend yourself using techniques and skills from very experienced and approachable instructors in all of our adult martial arts classes.
✅  Enable you to rapidly improve your fitness, focus, conditioning, muscle development and flexibility.
✅  Improve your confidence and gain the mental strength to help you deal with life’s challenges.
✅  Delivered by highly trained and experienced instructors who will guide you through your positive life enhancing martial arts journey

GojuRyu - Martial Arts for Beginners - Brisbane


Our senior martial classes help you reach your potential:

Developing the discipline to reach your goals benefits many different areas of your life.

Our structured Martial arts classes helps improve core strength, coordination and is an excellent form of exercise.

Meet likeminded individuals on the same martial arts and self-improvement journey!

Contact us on 0409474494 or click the link to secure your FREE Trail beginner Martial Arts PASS 👉 HERE

Regular training at our AGKK Martial Arts program and classes for beginners will improve your strength, health and fitness in both mind and body preparing you to meet the challenges you face not only in the Dojo but also throughout your life. You will have increased confidence that comes with training in healthy and friendly training environment.

“AGKK Martial Arts classes has given me a sense of purpose and meaning in all aspects of my life. Not only does it keeps fit, safe, healthy and confident these outstanding Martial Arts classes also gives me an incredible amount of purpose and enjoyment. The AGKK Martial training keeps me happy and healthy. This art is way more than just punching and kicking. This club has a direct link to the Japanese masters and allows us to also train with the Japanese masters here in Australia and also overseas. 

The life skills and Self Defence techniques are functional and help me in every part of my life.”

Peter Wilson

AGKK Martial Arts - Brisbane

We are Brisbane’s most experienced martial arts schools.

Here are the benefits of martial arts training in Brisbane.
We have martial art classes for beginners and experienced students.

Here are the many BENEFITS

  • Feel Better – Look Better
  • Functional Fitness
  • Weight Loss
  • Increased Strength
  • Learn Lifelong Life Skills
  • Greater Coordination
  • Awareness & Self-Defence
  • Injury & Illness Prevention
  • Focus & Clarity
  • Improved Physique & Muscle Gain
  • Confidence & Self Development
  • Stress Relief & Mental Health
  • Improved focus throughout your life
  • Improve Motivation
  • Achieve Goals & Recognition
  • Understand Biomechanics of your body.
  • Improved Life Skills
  • Belong to Something Great
  • Commit to a Worthwhile Endeavour
  • Sport & Comp Preparation
  • Reach Your Goals in all aspects of your life


  • Highly Qualified
  • Extensive Experience Japan & Australia
  • Proven methods of Self Defence
  • Chief Instructor – 40+ yrs Martial Arts experience
  • Australia – International Recognition


  • Operating for over 20 Years
  • Long standing Associations
  • Professional & Personal Integrity
  • Accredited Instructors
  • Well Regarded in Brisbane Community
  • Government Coaching Qualifications


  • Friendly Instructors & Students
  • Learn New Skills
  • Stress Relief
  • Supportive Environment
  • Improved Mental Health & Well Being
  • Build Greater Confidence
  • Improved Safety & Awareness
  • Meet Quality People


  • High Quality Training
  • Affordable Tuition Fees
  • Many training Options Available
  • Family Rates & Packages
  • Student discounts
  • Best Value Martial Arts School in Brisbane


  • High Quality Martial Arts Instruction
  • Self Defence classes
  • Fitness & Functional Movement
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Weight Loss & Nutritional Advice
  • Personal Training
  • Mental Health & Well Being
  • Self Development
  • Daytime and evening Options – 7 days per week

“Bernie Shihan and Karl Sensei are uniquely talented in providing a safe, life skills martial arts program for children that promotes self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-control. 

This is a fantastic class. We like how the instructors tie together martial arts with character development and strong morals for daily life.

The instructors are highly skilled and are open and engaging. I have never known them to have anything other than the best interests of the individual student as their primary concern. The classes are open to all levels of ability and designed to promote personal growth and greatly improve confidence and focus.

Both my children attended AGKK Martial Arts classes for beginners, and I often recommend the program to my friends and their families.”


The Best Martial Art classes and lessons for Beginners in Brisbane.

You can start beginners Martial Arts Classes at any age.

You are never too old or young to start beginner martial arts classes or lessons for adults, kids or families. In many suburbs across Brisbane, new people try out our AGKK Karate beginners Martial Arts classes than any other Martial Arts lessons.

✅  Many students enjoy the improved fitness, confidence in new Self Defence skills and build their positive life skills.

The beginner Martial Arts classes is more exciting than the standard aerobics class or an hour or two down at the gym. Beginner Martial Arts classes include a wide range of students that come from different walks of life and have varying levels of fitness.

✅  Instructors are friendly, supportive and helpful.
🎯 At AGKK Karate we offer free introductory Martial Arts class for beginners so you can explore the positive benefits if our Martial Arts and Karate lessons.

 What Are the Benefits of AGKK Martial Arts classes and lessons for beginners?

There are multiple benefits in starting a beginner class in martial arts like AGKK Goju Ryu Karate. It is a wonderful social activity where you will meet positive, likeminded people from all around Brisbane and your local suburbs.

🎯  Building Self-Esteem and Confidence
🎯  Cultivating Goal-Setting and Self-Improvement

✅  Kids and children beginner life skill Martial Arts classes
🎯  Improve Respect and Listening Skills
🎯  Encourage Teamwork and Belonging
🎯  Enhancing Physical and mental fitness in a Safe Environment

Martial arts instills confidence and discipline and can even help students in all aspects of their life.

Equip - Empower - Educate


🎯  Evidence of the effectiveness of martial arts in producing affective, cognitive and behavioural benefits has come from a number of studies.
✅  Improvements in self-esteem.
✅  A more positive response to physical challenge.
✅  Greater autonomy, emotional stability and assertiveness and reductions in anxiety and depression (have all been associated with martial arts training especially for beginners and reduced aggression with more self-control.

Helping adults reach their maximum physical & mental potential through our beginner martial arts and karate classes.

AGKK is a martial arts programme with multiple benefits that is fun and easy to implement into your daily activities.

We provide a positive fitness routine you can enjoy in our martial arts classes and karate lessons. We know how busy life can be – it’s easy to forget how important your mental and physical health is, which is why our fulfilling AGKK Karate School is here to help.

Whether you’re interested in physical fitness, self-defence, or even an athletic social outlet, our AGKK Martial Arts School maintains a safe and positive environment for you to achieve your goals.

The AGKK Karate Club classes provides a great way for adults to stay in shape. It won’t become dull or boring routine because as soon as you get better and continue learning, there are always more challenges ahead to keep you inspired and coming back for more!

At AGKK Martial Arts classes Let us help you reach your fitness & self-defence goals, while gaining confidence and mindfulness.

Beginner Martial arts classes empower adults by:

🎯  Increasing Mindfulness
🎯  Building Self Confidence
🎯  Increasing Self Defence Skills

Confidence for Life

At AGKK karate we help you achieve your goals

AGKK Karate Martial Arts School teaches traditional martial arts in a modern world. We empower fitness of your body and mind. As a student in our beginner Martial Arts program you will experience a number of life-changing physical and mental benefits.

You will find yourself more focused and competitive in both your business life and personal life. You will perform better, feel better, and overall, be better. All you have to do is get started to start seeing the benefits! It will be a positive step to reduce doing the same boring exercises at the gym and start working out with a purpose.

What makes agkk karate school different from other martial arts schools for beginners?

✅  We focus on the personal development aspect of martial arts, not just Self Defence techniques.
✅  Our instructors are all certified black belts, qualified, and professionally trained to teach martial arts.
✅  Our Martial Arts classes are always interesting and functional for the real world.

The major reasons people start beginner martial arts classes is to increase confidence, improve fitness, focus and learn Self Defence. At AGKK Karate, it is our mission to help you become a confident, focused individual with the life-transforming experience through traditional Japanese martial arts.


Belt testing provides an excellent physical and mental exercise for adults to improve their goal-setting skills. Your self-esteem will continue to rise with each accomplishment, as you watch your efforts be rewarded.


Structured physical activities such as martial arts have proven to strengthen the brain’s neural networks, helping adults improve their focus and reduce stress levels.


Your confidence in our Martial Arts classes and Karate lessons will reach new heights and you will realize you have what it takes to accomplish anything!

Beginner Martial Arts Classes for families

Martial Arts School for beginners- Book A Free Lesson Today

Classes for families – Children through to Adults.

Join AGKK Martial Arts Today for a free lesson.

🎯  Renowned as one of the Leading Martial Arts Schools In Brisbane.

✅   Improve confidence & self-esteem with your children through martial arts classes for kids, adults and families. Parents can train with their children. Many families train together in our beginners Martial Arts classes and lessons for families.

Families Sharing the Journey


🎯  Sign up for a free beginners Martial Arts class for families now HERE or phone 0409474494

We cater for beginner martial art classes for kids through to adults. Morning to Evening Martial Arts Classes and lessons for beginners available.
Learn traditional Martial Arts and Self Defence for beginners.

We have Martial Arts classes for beginners 7 days a week. Family Welcome Come Try a free martial arts training Lesson for beginners Qualified Instructors.

Which Martial Art is Best for Beginners?

AGKK Martial Arts lessons and AGKK Karate classes have been respected in the Brisbane community for decades with a strong reputation.

Quality Martial Arts instruction for students new to Martial Arts and beginners are always welcome. We take time to teach each student.

✅  Beginners Self Defence Training – All fitness levels and ages are welcome.

Effective, Efficient and Practical Self-Defence Techniques. Gain outstanding Self Defence skills as well as great fitness and health results. Locations around Brisbane. Complimentary Martial Arts Lesson and classes for beginners.

All ages – All levels are welcome at Beginner Martial Art Lessons at AGKK Goju Ryu Karate.


We are looking forward to welcoming you to our beginners’ martial arts classes.
You are most welcome to click HERE or phone 0409474494 and Bernie Shihan will help you to secure your free martial arts lesson.


At AGKK, Martial arts training is available for beginner children, kids, teenagers, adults, men, women and families. We offer martial arts training in Martial Arts classes, Goju Ryu Karate lessons and Self Defence programs for beginners and experienced students.

✅  AGKK Brisbane Martial Arts is the leading Martial Arts School in Brisbane.
At AGKK we provide the best martial arts training, classes and lessons for all levels and all ages and fitness levels.

🎯 Call us today for a free Martial Arts trial class for beginners on 0409474494

AGKK Martial Arts brings top quality martial arts training to students throughout Brisbane, whilst still maintaining the core values such as Respect, Honour, Integrity and the development of confidence, Self Defence and essential life skills.

AGKK has the top Brisbane martial arts classes throughout Brisbane and we welcome beginners to our Martial Arts classes and lessons.
We offer a beginner’s program that helps students start at an introductory level, where they learn the fundamentals and proven, time-tested Martial Arts foundations and develop their skills to a respected, worldwide recognised black belt level.

Beginner Martial Arts students learn the practical and technical aspects of the Japanese martial art Goju Ryu Karate.

✅  Students learn strong character development to stay out of trouble and complete all tasks to the best of their ability.
✅  Students will learn powerful striking techniques for kicking and punching and outstanding biomechanics blocking techniques to defuse an attackers energy and power.

AGKK is renowned for being Brisbane’s best Martial Arts School

Pre-School, Primary School, High School Martial Arts classes and lessons for beginners.
✅  Give your child skills for life and an advantage at school and the strong life skill foundations through our beginner Martial Arts classes.

Not all Martial Arts are equal. At AGKK we provide the best Martial Arts classes for beginners in Brisbane. Learn Authentic Japanese Martial Arts Training for beginners from qualified, expert instructors who have been highly trained and graded in Japan. Our AGKK Martial Arts schools have locations all around Brisbane.

You are most welcome to attend a free Martial Arts lesson.

AGKK – Australian GoJu Kai Karate - Equip Educate Empower