Virtual Self Defence Training

AGKK – Virtual Self Defence Training

Due to social distancing restrictions limiting one-on-one training during the current Covid-19 pandemic currently affecting Australia AGKK are pleased to offer comprehensive online/virtual Self Defence training.

Online/virtual Self Defence training will be accessible via Facebook and conducted by Self Defence expert Sensei Bernie Haughey. Classes will be available until 25th June, 2020 or until current restrictions preventing in-person training come to an end.

Virtual Self Defence training is available for individuals and families.

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Virtual Self Defence Training

Our virtual Self Defence classes take into account the limitations training in the home may present. To ensure the safety of all attendees we recommend addressing the following concerns before the commencement of each training session:

  • Your training area should be inspected and cleared of any potential obstacles that may hinder your training or increase the risk of injury
  • Attendees should have a water bottle on hand at all times

*If you are displaying symptoms or feel unwell it is strongly advised that you let Sensei Bernie Haughey know and avoid training.

Since 1995 AGKK’s professional self defence trainers have taught effective and practical self defence techniques that cater to the personal safety requirements for people of all walks of life, regardless of age, current fitness levels or self defence experience.

AGKK offers self defence classes specifically tailored for members of all walks fo life, including:

– Business Self Defence training and Self Defence for the workplace
– Self Defence training for first responders including – Ambulance officers, doctors and nurses and law enforcement
– Tailored men’s and women’s self defence
– Children’s and seniors self defence
– Domestic and family violence self defence

To enquire about AGKK’s online virtual self defence training please fill out the enquiry form below or contact Sensei Bernie Haughey directly on 0409 474 494

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You are welcome to inquire about beginning or enhancing your Self Defence journey either by contacting: Bernie Sensei on 0409 474 494 or using the inquiry form below.

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