Self Defence for Business – Testimonials

Bernie is a great instructor and the staff really responded well

On behalf of the team at Coastal Sands, we would like to thank Bernie from AGKK Workplace Self Defence for coming out to our workplace and teaching us the basic moves of Self Defence, strategies for aggressive behaviour management, as well looking at our work space and identifying things we can improve on to keep our staff safe.

Bernie is a great instructor and the staff really responded well to the 5 step process he goes through for each technique to ensure you have the right understanding to perform the movement.

It was also great for team building. I would highly recommend Bernie to all businesses as a way to be proactive towards protecting your staff and giving them the insight to improve their safety in the workplace.

Blair Wright ... Sales Manager Coastal Sands

Thank you to BCC and Bernie Haughey for providing us with your knowledge, time and expert experience.
I found these Aggressive behaviour workshops to be helpful and reinforced how to proactively deescalate many situations. With Bernie’s commitment to helping staff, was very well organised and professionally run.

Julie Frazer

I have known Bernie Haughey for over 15 years. I have worked with him both in the Martial arts and Self Defence. Mr. Haughey is a wonderful instructor. He is excellent at getting his point across and has the ability to teach on anyone’s level. He is very perceptive and a highly competent teacher . I highly recommend his services.

Glen Sales ... Australian Federal Police

Outstanding Proactive Self Defence Solutions And Strategies

Anyone including individuals and businesses, looking for Self Defence training in Australia and Brisbane, look no further than Bernie Haughey Chief Instructor of AGKK Self Defence Brisbane. Bernie has over 30 years of experience in conducting Self Defence workshops and over 40 years of Martial Arts training in Australia and overseas. Bernie has first hand knowledge of who, what, where, how and why crimes are committed for individuals and businesses. He has outstanding proactive Self Defence solutions and strategies. Especially in equipping staff with how to handle aggressive behaviour while they are performing their duties. Very few people are more qualified than Bernie... most of all he is down to earth, approachable and is an excellent communicator in getting these essential Self Defence, personal protection management points across.

Michael Preston ... Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

Develop Your Own Self Defence Mindset

As a business owner I went into this class with a general interest in Self Defence but not knowing what to expect. By the end, it was well worth my time to do the Self Defence workshop. A few things stand out from my experience that make me comfortable recommending it to you. First, Bernie clearly has a deep knowledge of the field and ability not just to answer any questions but to help you see rationale and develop your own Self Defence mindset. Second, Bernie’s emphasis is on simple, functional prevention and Self Defence based on easily-learned movements rather than complicated techniques that would require many sessions to learn and execute properly. He started simple and in just two classes we built confidence and provided a toolbox to build from moving forward. Third, Bernie is great at scaling and scaffolding the instruction and execution to match individual students' level of experience. I was in a class with total beginners (like me) mixed in with more experienced students and never felt uncomfortable thanks to Bernie’s positive and friendly ability to keep everybody engaged and learning. Altogether a great experience and look forward to working with Bernie again in the future.

Vanessa Myles ... Albion, Brisbane