Self Defence Individuals Testimonials

Mary Turner

Being someone of a shy nature, I have never done Women’s Self Defence lessons before. I haven’t looked back.... I love attending the Self Defence classes and I have already gained confidence, awareness and knowledge. I am also beginning to see improvements in my fitness levels. Bernie is the ultimate professional who's passion and dedication often exceeds his working hours. Always on hand with any tips, solutions and information whenever needed. Bernie genuinely cares about everybody he teaches, giving them the motivation, courage and determination to succeed. Ladies, I can truly recommend these Women’s Self Defence classes.

Anne Lewis

This Self Defence class helped me feel confident in the street and feel good about myself. AGKK Brisbane Self Defence stood out to me because it incorporated proactive mindset training with Self Defence techniques. I feel better in myself and as I walk home late at night I don’t feel like I’m looking over my shoulder every two seconds because I have the technique and skills to support and protect myself. It’s also gave me a boost to lead a healthy lifestyle which give me more energy to enjoy life.

Andrew Harper 

I have enjoyed these Self Defence classes enormously. They were fun, practical, informative and conducted in a light, friendly manner. Bernie kept the class enjoyable and interesting. Perfect Self Defence class for beginners and experienced students.

Patricia White

I was looking to learn new skills in Self Defence. As women we can sometimes be vulnerable AGKK Self Defence Brisbane stands out as you learn practical skills should there be a situation to defend. This is different to other schools that I have tried before - Bernie focused on developing inner strength, common woman attacks, defence mentality and learning a variety of practical Self Defence techniques. Overall I would say a great Self Defence school in Brisbane. Thanks Bernie for your professionalism and helpful approach.

Leanne Davis

Since joining AGKK Self Defence Brisbane in private lessons I have noticed positive changes to my fitness levels, and my confidence. Bernie is an enthusiastic an positive instructor, who is passionate about helping people see their potential. I highly recommend getting involved in these Self Defence workshops or private lessons.

Sarah Lopez

Bernie is a very patient Self Defence instructor, who understands the needs of each of the students. He helps you to see what you are capable of, and makes every Self Defence class and training session practical and enjoyable.

Peter Morgan

In the Self Defence Brisbane classes Bernie the Chief Instructor is very experienced. He is very knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful in getting the class participants to understand and practice not only the concepts but also the actual mechanics of defending oneself from a variety of real world scenarios.