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Brisbane Private Self Defence lessons
🎯 All are welcome women, men, children and families – All Ages
Corporate and Business Self Defense training for staff.
✅  Private Self Defense lessons 

To secure your Self Defence lesson / course / program
Simply contact Bernie on 📞  0409474494 to touch base on how he can help you with your Self Defence skills.
You can also use the booking form.

✅  Quality Self Defence for life


Private AGKK Karate Self Defense and Martial Arts lessons are the quickest way to gain outstanding results. We are specialists in private Martial Arts and Karate training, with each lesson customised to your desired goals, individual ability, experience, fitness level and energy levels at any given lesson. Our approach helps to maximise the benefits for you!
✅  Private lessons can be taught all over Brisbane, seven days a week, at a time suits you.

Brisbane private self defence lessons


“After attending the one on one Self Defence training I am more aware of Self Defense situations now and I know how to handle myself. I feel more confident because if I was in a bad situation, I would know how to deal with it.” Bernie from AGKK Self Defence Brisbane has helped myself and my friends to be more aware of our surroundings and stay safe.”

Self Defence Lessons


AGKK Self Defense Brisbane specialises in women’s self defence as the Self Defense techniques are simple and effective without having to use strength or power. Learn how to defend yourself from larger/stronger opponents and escape from any grab or hold in a safe training environment. AGKK self defence training is also a great way to EMPOWER yourself and have more confidence while learning real self defence. We currently have ladies Self Defence training in our regular classes for all age groups all over Brisbane.


“It was great to have Bernie from AGKK Self Defence Brisbane teach and educate myself and the girls the basics of self-defence that we can remember and use. Bernie was punctual, professional and a really good instructor. The girls got a lot out of it, whilst having fun. We got a lot from the Self Defence Private lessons and classes.”

You are welcome to inquire about Self Defence lessons By contacting Bernie Haughey on 0409 474 494 or using the inquiry online booking form.


“As a woman I needed to boost my confidence and not being very big, in the short time I have been doing AGKK Self Defense Brisbane I already feel more confident and aware of my surroundings. I recommend it to women to deal with the potential dangers and prevention of attacks of living in society today.”

By participating in a self-defense Private lessons and training class you will…

🎯 Equip yourself with Self Defence safety strategies and techniques
🎯 Are more equipped to deal with strangers, and people you know, in the context of potential assault or abuse
🎯 Have more positive feelings and empowerment about your body strength
🎯 Have increased self-confidence



AGKK Self Defence Training & Services specialise in martial arts, self defence, public safety and security training services in the South East region of Queensland. AGKK SELF DEFENSE BRISBANE operates 7 days per week with classes, short courses and personal one-on-one training lessons in Brisbane. AGKK Brisbane can also bring the Self Defence training, equipment and Self Defense training and lessons to your workplace, school, home or a location, at a time, that suits you.



AGKK Self Defence Brisbane can bring the Self Defense training, equipment and resources to your workplace, school, home or a location, at a time, that suits you. We can tailor regular lessons, classes or courses to suit your needs for individuals and/or corporate groups. Our specialists also conduct security surveys and risk assessments to identify the specific threats your workforce may face in order to deliver the most appropriate self defence action plan.

🎯 Holding a self defence course at your workplace is a great team building exercise which will improve staff morale, personal confidence, increase security awareness and assist in increasing Safety for staff. It is also a great way to promote an active and healthy workplace and cover many of your Work Health and Safety (WHS) obligations.

AGKK - Self Defence Brisbane

AGKK Self Defence Brisbane Delivers a remarkable service

AGKK Martial Arts and Karate specialises in personal training that is customised to your specific needs and goals – so if you’re looking for the fastest way to achieve your desired results, private Martial Arts lessons are the solution.

🎯 Personal Self Defence training that’s consistently delivered one-on-one with an instructor in a
✅  safe environment, will enhance your technique, skillset and awareness. 

Your private lesson is all about you! The lesson includes just you and your instructor, and is easily adaptable to your specific needs, meaning you don’t need to feel embarrassed, intimidated or worried.

It doesn’t matter what shape or size you are, if you have a good attitude towards learning you will benefit from training AGKK Martial Art. Our experienced instructors tailor your lesson and training to where you’re at, and safely and effectively build you up from there.

We believe that training AGKK Martial Art and Karate is a lifelong journey that helps provide more balance in your life. When you are fully immersed in your training you will begin to see amazing results that transpose into other areas of your life, helping to better equip you to deal with challenges along your life journey.

The primary role of your instructor is to teach you AGKK Karate Martial Art, although AGKK is much more than simply striking and kicking. It’s about building Self Defense awareness, skill-sets, techniques and thresholds to deal with many life situations. You will build a strong connection and relationship with your instructor – a positive bond based on trust and mutual respect.

Personal safety and Self Defence training is an ongoing concern in the Brisbane community today. At AGKK SELF DEFENSE TRAINING BRISBANE , our Director Bernie Haughey has extensive experience teaching people self- defence skills and empowering them to feel confident in their physical abilities. He believes that one of the roles of martial Arts is to offer practical, actionable skills for everyday life and self-defence is a key part of that.

At AGKK SELF DEFENSE BRISBANE, we offer workshops specifically for women to learn simple, practical and effective self defence techniques so you can have confidence in what you do, where you go and who you are with. You don’t need any prior Martial Arts experience and our workshops are suitable for women of all ages and levels of fitness.

✅  Learn about situational awareness, developing a proactive, preventative mindset and how to use your natural intuition.
✅  Study and learn simple, practical and effective self defence techniques.
✅  Practice these effective Self Defense skills and techniques with live scenarios in an enjoyable and safe way.

How do I book Private Self Defense Lessons and get started?

To secure your Self Defence lesson / course / program
Simply contact Bernie on 📞  0409474494 to touch base on how he can help you with your Self Defence skills.
You can also use the booking form.

There are no limitations to learning AGKK Karate and Martial Arts in Private lessons. No matter your level of fitness, age, weight, height, or concerns, where you are in your personal life journey – it doesn’t matter! Everyone can benefit from learning how to effectively protect themselves with AGKK Karate and Martial Arts.

By training in AGKK Karate and Martial Arts you will develop self-defence techniques, skill sets, and ways to apply AGKK  in your everyday life.
🎯 You will learn practical, fast and effective Self Defence skills and techniques, whilst also increasing overall health and well-being.

At AGKK Karate and Martial Arts Private lessons you will…

✅  Build a stronger mind and body
✅  Be able to defend yourself
✅  Feel more confident and self-assured
✅  Enhance your fitness
✅  Lose Weight
✅  Become more self-disciplined
✅  Improve your child’s concentration & general behaviour
✅  Develop inner calm
✅  Reduce stress levels
✅  Achieve your Black Belt
✅  Enjoy a remarkable Karate journey

AGKK Self Defence


“ I have started AGKK a year ago when I turned 40 in order to get fit and healthy and have found it to be one of the most rewarding things I have done. I have never been a fighter and have found the skills that they teach at times challenging, but it is always done in an environment where you feel safe, even though you may be outside your comfort zone. All the instructors and other students are supportive and encouraging regardless of the level you are at. I find it remarkable and after only a year I do feel more confident and focused. You will not be disappointed with your training at AGKK.”

Our Women’s self-defence private workshops will help you

🎯 prepare for the unexpected, knowing that you can defend yourself against a threat,
🎯 increasing your personal safety in many situations and allowing you to feel prepared both emotionally and physically to deal with a threatening situation.

You are welcome to inquire about Self Defence lessons By contacting Bernie Haughey on 0409 474 494 or using the inquiry online booking form.

Confidence every day


Being able to defend yourself is an important, essential life skill – NECESSARY for everyone.
At AGKK SELF DEFENCE BRISBANE and Martial Arts, there is a positive, strong structure to our self-defence programs.

There is an important philosophy and functionality of empowerment that everyone can learn. When a person learns how to defend themselves, it has dramatic ripple effects throughout their entire life.



✅  Improved physical,mental and emotional strength.
✅  Increased awareness of body and spatial awareness to avoid and escape from dangerous situations.
✅  Enhanced courage to overcome violence.


✅  Inner Strength
✅  Self assurance
✅  Learning vital Defence life skills


✅  Goal oriented
✅  Organised


✅  Improves Fitness
✅  Enhanced physical & mental strength


✅  Cultivating positive actions
✅  Improved personal responsibility
✅  Increased awareness to avoid danger

“My friend recommended Bernie as very good Self Defence instructor. I wanted to get some more self confidence and get fitter, AGKK Self Defence Brisbane has helped me I am fitter and much more confident. You need to try this very good Self Defence training and book into a course with Bernie at AGKK Self Defence Brisbane or come to a class.”

Protecting Your Family

To secure your Self Defence lesson / course / program
Simply contact Bernie on 📞  0409474494 to touch base on how he can help you with your Self Defence skills.
You can also use the booking form.