Women’s Defence Classes

Secure Your Safety with Women’s Defence Classes

Women’s defence classes make you fitter, stronger, and safer. Join our classes and learn how to make your environment and life healthier. Don’t be a victim, book in advance today and learn to protect yourself.

What To Expect From Ladies’ Self Defence Classes

Our classes are taught by a professional, and you can expect:

  • Fitness and privacy. Do not worry; we treat your confidentiality with extreme importance. We offer private lessons in and around Brisbane. As you train, your fitness is guaranteed to increase, and you will learn safety techniques that boost your confidence.
  • Increased flexibility and body toning. Through our classes, personal training, and workshops, you will find that your body is more flexible and toned. Exercise in this format serves a duality in that it increases your ability to defend yourself while also making you a much more flexible, strong, and toned individual.
  • Increased knowledge about self-defence. We run you through various scenarios that you might encounter in the real world. We offer three different courses, beginner, intermediate, and advanced, but expect to learn about precisely what can happen in these live or die situations in any of these courses. We want you to be able to defend yourself, that is our passion, our reason for being here.

Australian Goju Kai Karate is not focused on your weight or physical strength. It is a technique-based martial art that focuses on swift movements and blocking techniques. It is useful for all ages; we offer self-defence training for girls to make sure that your sister or daughter is safer.

Related Services We Provide To Women’s Only Self Defence Classes

Besides helping you become fitter, we have other services that we provide:

  • Meditation. Meditation to increase mindfulness and help you focused on the present. Meditation is useful for all walks of life; it helps you realise when you should be focusing on right now, and when to look ahead. Mindfulness can change your perspective on life, it is useful for both alleviating stress and focusing on what matters.
  • Weapons self-defence training. We have another class that focuses on weapons self-defence. It teaches you to deter, detect, defuse, and defend when necessary. We teach concepts such as, “distance is prevention”, as well as how to use the biomechanics of your body to deal with assailants.
  • Self-defence training for girls. When it comes to self-defence training, earlier is better. Equipping your daughter, niece, or sister with the skills she needs in life, will enable her to know how to judge situations correctly and react appropriately so that she can maintain her safety.

Why Trust Australian Goju Kai Karate Regarding Self-Defence Classes for Girls?

We have an absurd amount of experience; our head instructor has 40 years’ worth of experience. We even train law enforcement to defend themselves. You can rest assured we know how to look after your daughter, niece, sister and teach her safety strategies and skills for her to protect herself.

If you want to look good; get fit, and be safer, book yourself a lesson – the first lesson is free. Find out how to defend yourself at our dojo.