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Workplace Self Defence Training

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Our Self Defence training for staff workshops and programs are designed to increase awareness of potentially violent situations and prevent incidences of violence in the workplace from occurring for employees and staff.

If you or your staff work in an environment that:

  • Handles money
  • Has drugs or other valuables located on the premises
  • Visits customers at home
  • Works in isolation
  • Works with difficult clients
  • Works around intoxicated people
  • Have experienced incidences of ‘road rage’

A proactive approach is essential to ensure the safety of staff members and customers, and protect your businesses reputation.

Workplace violence is on the rise. Most business owners react to violent situations involving staff after a violent event has already taken place. We recommend a proactive approach to avoid incidences of violence in the workplace to begin with and help train your staff to identify potentially violent situations and prevent them from occurring.

Workshops and Training

We provide specialised Self Defence workplace training and corporate Self Defence workshops that can be structured specifically to the requirements of your workplace and staff members.

AGKK workplace Self Defence delivers comprehensive Self Defence training for police and law enforcement, healthcare workers, nurses, ambulance officers, doctors and the corporate sector.

As experienced Self Defence practitioners we recognise that the threat of violence is unique for each business and our training packages reflect this, covering aspects of Self Defence training including weapons prevention training, road rage Self Defence, Self Defence training for both men, women and children and programs that teach methods for dealing with aggressive people.

Self Defence Training for Staff – Program Objectives

We have the experience, skills and knowledge to provide Brisbane’s best Self Defence training. Our workshops and training packages have been carefully developed by Self Defence instructor Bernie Haughey.

Bernie Haughey has over 40 years experience working as a Self Defence instructor for businesses and individuals and has a unique understanding of the key areas staff are most at risk of violent confrontation and how best to minimise the impact of violence in the workplace.

During the workshop or training program Bernie Haughey will teach your staff:

  • How best to proactively identify signs that may lead to aggressive behaviour in the workplace and prevent them from occurring
  • How to react and pacify verbally aggressive or difficult customers
  • What to do in the event of an attempted hold up
  • How to ensure the safety of customers during a Self Defence situation
  • How to prevent road rage situations if staff are on the road as part of their job
  • Essential Self Defence skills should a staff member find themselves in a violent situation

The primary objective of the training is to equip your staff with the tools to identify potentially violent situations and the actions that should be taken to prevent violence from occurring or minimise the threat to staff.

Benefits of Proactive Workplace Self Defence Training

  • Ensures the safety of your staff and customers
  • Ensures staff members are confident performing their roles in the workplace
  • Takes the guesswork out of what to do should a violent situation develop in the workplace

What our Customers are Saying


Bernie is a great instructor and the staff really responded well

On behalf of the team at Coastal Sands, we would like to thank Bernie from AGKK Workplace Self Defence for coming out to our workplace and teaching us the basic moves of Self Defence, strategies for aggressive behaviour management, as well looking at our work space and identifying things we can improve on to keep our staff safe.

Bernie is a great instructor and the staff really responded well to the 5 step process he goes through for each technique to ensure you have the right understanding to perform the movement.

It was also great for team building. I would highly recommend Bernie to all businesses as a way to be proactive towards protecting your staff and giving them the insight to improve their safety in the workplace.

Blair Wright Sales Manager Coastal Sands

Outstanding Proactive Self Defence Solutions And Strategies

Anyone including individuals and businesses, looking for Self Defence training in Australia and Brisbane, look no further than Bernie Haughey Chief Instructor of AGKK Self Defence Brisbane. Bernie has over 30 years of experience in conducting Self Defence workshops and over 40 years of Martial Arts training in Australia and overseas. Bernie has first hand knowledge of who, what, where, how and why crimes are committed for individuals and businesses. He has outstanding proactive Self Defence solutions and strategies. Especially in equipping staff with how to handle aggressive behaviour while they are performing their duties. Very few people are more qualified than Bernie... most of all he is down to earth, approachable and is an excellent communicator in getting these essential Self Defence, personal protection management points across.

Michael Preston Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

Develop Your Own Self Defence Mindset

As a business owner I went into this class with a general interest in Self Defence but not knowing what to expect. By the end, it was well worth my time to do the Self Defence workshop. A few things stand out from my experience that make me comfortable recommending it to you. First, Bernie clearly has a deep knowledge of the field and ability not just to answer any questions but to help you see rationale and develop your own Self Defence mindset. Second, Bernie’s emphasis is on simple, functional prevention and Self Defence based on easily-learned movements rather than complicated techniques that would require many sessions to learn and execute properly. He started simple and in just two classes we built confidence and provided a toolbox to build from moving forward. Third, Bernie is great at scaling and scaffolding the instruction and execution to match individual students' level of experience. I was in a class with total beginners (like me) mixed in with more experienced students and never felt uncomfortable thanks to Bernie’s positive and friendly ability to keep everybody engaged and learning. Altogether a great experience and look forward to working with Bernie again in the future.

Vanessa Myles Albion, Brisbane

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To inquire about the diverse range of workplace Self Defence services for business contact Bernie Haughey Sensei on 0409 474 494 or use the inquiry form below.

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To inquire about the diverse range of Self Defence services for business Call Bernie Shihan on 0409 474 494 or use the inquiry form below.

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