Brisbane Kids Karate and Martial Arts [Free Karate Class and Lesson]

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Why do so many families, children and adults train with AGKK Karate for their Martial Arts lessons and classes?

Once children have started training parents appreciate and notice how their child has advanced their life skills and apply them to every aspect of their life and improve their confidence and focus. Not only at home but also at school.

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Wonderful benefits in training with an authentic Japanese Karate school. Our incredible Kids Martial Arts program and AGKK Karate classes is the premier and most experienced school here in Brisbane! Professional and dedicated instructors with over 30 years’ experience. Advance your child’s confidence, fitness, focus, courtesy respect and many social skills- while they develop essential life skills and have FUN.

Martial arts and Karate is not just about punching and kicking or Self Defence. It is such an important medium, we use to help kids become leaders not followers. To stand on their own two feet making positive decisions throughout their life. Hundreds of Brisbane parents see the incredible renewal and development of life skills of their kids.

Brisbane Kids Karate   – Fun – Firm Foundations – Focus

Building confidence and happiness through our unique Martial Arts and Karate programs and lessons.

BRisbane Kids Karate


Teaching Kids Valuable Life Skills with Karate


Kids in our AGKK Martial Arts Karate school learn and advance strong, healthy decisions. And these independent decisions are so essential in helping kids succeed.

Focus, Self-Discipline, Learning from mistakes and Confidence improve within a few weeks. This is why Parents appreciate and recommend our Kids Martial Arts Program and Karate lessons here in Brisbane.

AGKK Karate and Martial Arts formulates Your Child For Success throughout their Life.

Kids who train in AGKK martial arts have a higher accomplished rate while at school. Why? Research has confirmed that the building blocks of good academic performance are Confidence, Focus, Strong Work Ethic, Discipline, focus, goal setting, resilience and drive. Martial arts and Karate inspires these incredible traits within your child, every time they attend AGKK Karate classes.

That is what makes our Brisbane Kids Martial Arts Classes so impressive.

All are welcome at AGKK Karate classes.

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