Goju Ryu Ryu Karate [an introduction to Japanese Martial Arts in Brisbane]

Calm your mind and find more confidence by understanding the philosophy, Self Defence techniques, improved fitness, art form, and positive culture of traditional Japanese Goju Ryu Karate.

No previous experience or knowledge of Karate and Martial Arts is necessary when attending Karate lessons or classes in and around Brisbane. A free karate class and Martial Arts class is available for kids, children, adults, women, men and families.

Delivering High-Quality Japanese Martial Arts

This Japanese Martial Art, known as Goju Ryu Karate, is rich in its history and form. In many cases, by studying this Martial Art there is increased mindfulness in everything a practitioner does, not only when they are training but in every day to day living. We guide you to discover the essence and benefits of this life-enhancing Japanese Martial Art.

Goju Ryu Karate practice will connect the body, mind and functional technique, resulting in seeing an improvement in all aspects of a student’s life at home, school and work.

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Traditional Values

Goju Ryu Ryu Karate - Philosophy of Budo