How Goju Ryu Karate helps Children Improve at School

Research confirms that the building blocks of a good academic performance are confidence, focus, strong work ethic, resilience, positive growth mindset and being physically active. AGKK Karate also helps develop self-control and the ability to concentrate, a can-do attitude and a desire to always succeed.

Our formula for success is simple:

  • Dedication
  • Self-discipline
  • Positive environment

Karate Helps your Children at School

Direct access to the very highest level of Goju instruction from Japan

AGKK Karate SHUSEIKAN AUSTRALIA under the Seiwakai International umbrella offers direct access to the very highest level of Goju instruction from Japan.

All classes are conducted in a positive, respectful, friendly atmosphere of cooperation. All students are encouraged to support and help each other, ensuring an enjoyable and productive learning experience. We reinforce those core values such as respect, honour self defence and positive focus.

Stronger Everyday

“AGKK Karate and Martial Arts is excellent for confidence, improving fitness, agility, improving my Self Defence & Focus it is great fun training with positive people ”
Peter O’Brein

“My children have become more confident as they have found the inner power to stand on their own two feet. They enjoy learning Self Defence every week as it gives them so much confidence. They enjoy the fun filled training with Bernie Shihan ”
Richard Hines

“My 3 children have come a long way since joining AGKK Karate classes. They are much fitter, focused, can concentrate more at school and have improved manners and respect with all people”
Rebecca Harris

Train with Bernie Haughey Shihan- Renshi. His Sensei in Japan is Seiichi Fujiwara Hanshi 8th Dan Seiwakai, 8th Dan JKF Gojukai.

Gain Confidence & Say No To Bullies.
Learn Self Defence & Get Fitter With Karate, Make new Friends

AGKK Karate lessons and Martial Arts classes Brisbane
Various locations, Five days a week,
Saturday Martial Arts training available.
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Strength- Mind and Body

GKK Karate Shuseikan Australia offers martial arts classes for all ages at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Families can train together in any of our classes throughout Brisbane. To date we have students ranging from ages 3 to 80 years. We are like a family where we show mutual respect and good communication to all members of our Karate family.

Quality Teaching