Martial Arts Lessons and Self Defence Classes at AGKK Karate School

Classes in traditional Japanese Goju Ryu Karate

We have karate classes and Martial Arts lessons for all ages.

Learn Self Defence, increasing confidence in a safe and fun-filled Martial Arts classes with positive experienced Martial Arts instructors and people. We have karate classes in North Brisbane and family traditional karate, Martial Arts lessons.

Come along for a free Martial arts lesson and Karate lesson at Taigum, Albany Creek, Bracken Ridge, Boondall and karate classes near you – me. All ages and all levels welcome. Click HERE or Phone 0409 474 494 for a FREE TRIAL Karate lesson.

Learn Self Defence, increasing confidence in a safe and fun-filled environment with positive people.

Traditional Values

Are you looking for the best Brisbane karate classes and Martial Arts lessons for kids, teenagers, adults to increase confidence, learn Self Discipline, increase fitness, health and respect while setting achieving positive Martial Arts life skills.

Karate and Martial Arts classes available for all levels during the day, evenings and weekends.

Martial Arts for Mums, Dads, Kids and the whole family. We have classes improving Self Defence fitness, families bonding together and separate adult Karate classes are also available.

Confidence - Self-Defence Health

✅ Free Karate trial lesson and Martial Arts class

✅ Over Three Decades of experience in teaching Karate lessons

✅ Welcoming and positive Martial Arts lessons

✅ All ages welcome to attend a free Karate lesson

✅ Learn effective Self Defence in structured Self Defence lessons

✅ Directly linked to Japan Karate with authentic Martial Art curriculum and Karate techniques.

✅ Martial Arts lessons suitable for all ages and ability levels

AGKK Australian Goju Kai Karate is a traditional Japanese karate club. We have a unique cultural heritage with authentic Karate techniques stemming directly from the Japanese Masters.

A growing trend of late is that some karate clubs study with an emphasis on free fighting without basic body training or prior training in basic techniques. Such practices contradict the essential aims of karate and leads to both injuries and a lifetime of regrets.

AGKK Karate is committed to making Karate available to all people.

This club is much more than just kicking and punching, we develop the whole person the mind the body and Self Defence techniques.

We also conduct Self Defence classes. We have a structured syllabus which has been designed to develop the mind body and technique of the student with the ultimate purpose of enriching and enhancing one’s life.

I welcome you to our AGKK Karate family and I hope you discover the benefits of this traditional martial art.

By attending training regularly your self-discipline, confidence, Self Defence and mental focus will continue to improve. I recommend training at least twice per week. There is a direct relationship between improvements in school or work performance of those students who participate in Karate lessons. This is brought about by increased self-discipline, respect and improvements in concentration and work ethic.

Looking forward to sharing this positive Karate and Martial Arts journey

Click HERE or Phone 0409 474 494 for a FREE trail Karate lesson.

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