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Exploring Meditation Classes in Brisbane

If you’re feeling lost, anxious or confused in your daily life, try one of our meditation classes in Brisbane. We at Australian Goju Kai Karate offer guided meditations designed to help manage stress, focus the mind and clear the heart. No matter your situation, the meditation classes in our Northlakes or surrounding studios, provide room for you to rest and recuperate while learning practical tools to help guide you in your daily life.

Want to Know More About a Meditation Course in Albany Creek?

Recent studies on meditation seek to explore its benefits through statistical analysis.

  • Improves Memory: One effect of meditation is increased blood flow to the brain. When practised regularly, this enables higher daily brain function to occur thanks to the increase of oxygen available to this vital organ. The extra blood flow specifically strengthens your hippocampus, which helps create new grey matter and manages the storage of daily memories.
  • Reduces Cortisol: When you have a stressful day, you generally experience heightened levels of cortisol, the body’s stress hormone. It rushes into the brain and makes it difficult to process or store new information. Daily mindfulness meditation has been seen to dramatically reduce base levels of cortisol and allows individuals to live less stressed lives.
  • Strengthen Neurons: Meditation is not dissimilar to exercise for the brain. Repeated practice strengthens it and allows you to “lift more” than when you began. Part of this is due to new neural connections created during your practice. Each time you sit down to meditate, it reinforces these positive pathways, making you more adaptive and increasing quick thinking skills.

Fast Facts about Meditation in Redcliffe

Here are some interesting facts to remember when attending one of our locations.

  • Came From India: The first records of meditation are from 1500 BCE in the area now known as India. It spread throughout the Eastern continent and eventually found its way to Europe, where it then spread to the rest of the world. Western meditation has distinctive characteristics that separate it from its eastern counterpart, such as the lack of an accompanying vocal chant.
  • Pain Management: It has been shown that individuals who practice regular focusing techniques such as meditation have increased toleration of pain. This tolerance is due to the emphasis on staying present, which allows people to stop anticipating discomfort making them less sensitive or irritated by its arrival.
  • Multitasking: Practising being mindful has a multitude of positive effects, including an increased ability to multitask. Meditation requires that you acknowledge distractions while not letting them overtake your consciousness, making them an excellent exercise for handling multiple inputs at once.

If you have been suffering from excess stress or memory loss, it may be time to give meditation a try. Visiting one of our various locations including Brisbane, Northlakes, Albany Creek, Redcliffe and Taigum for meditation classes can help you manage your anxiety and improve neural reasoning.

Contact us in Albany Creek or surrounding areas to begin your meditation journey today.