AGKK Self Defence Courses [Increase Safety and Confidence]

Welcome to the premier school of AGKK Self Defence Courses Brisbane with very skilled knowledgeable and competent AGKK Self Defense and martial arts expert instructors who have decades of experience.

SELF DEFENCE training in a safe environment with very experienced Self Defence instructors. We keep a friendly close eye on you, to help you learn at your own pace and effectively learn the Self Defence techniques. We deliver the best Self Defence lessons and Self Defence courses.

AGKK Self Defence - Increase safety and confidence through Self Defence lessons

AGKK Self Defence Brisbane provides skilled approaches to realistically be able to defend yourself and overcome all kinds of threats, in so doing you will improve your confidence in an enjoyable and positive environment. Private Self Defence lessons and classes are also available.

The Self Defense training covers many aspects of living in the real world and their applications to effectively defend yourself if the situation were to arise. The Self Defence training and programs will help you in:

  • Day to day living
  • Self Defence in the workplace
  • Being threatened by a weapon
  • Being attacked on the street
  • Being attacked at home

AGKK Self Defence is based on a student understanding the effective use of the geometry of the body and applying those skills to many situations. We do not teach in a complicated fashion. A student might learn five or six key concepts which are reinforced and applied.

This allows the student to remember those techniques because they have an understanding of how they work and how to apply them. The Self Defence classes have many things to offer the absolute beginner or the experienced martial artist.

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We go step-by-step on the most suitable ways to prevent an attack or subdue an attacker, in all of the most common Self Defence situations. You will learn how to identify the type of threat, choose the best response, and use technique and your natural biomechanics of your body to stop an attacker. Whether they are armed or not, always have a plan ready with Bernie Shihan extensive expert Self Defence knowledge.

Increase safety and confidence through Self Defence lessons

The Self Defence classes and training will improve your confidence your agility, your strength, your fitness your coordination and a positive mindset. We have friendly and positive classes including private Self Defence training and lessons.

We help guide and assist you in building strength with your mind and body to be able to use these Self Defence skills in every aspect of daily activities and in the workplace.

The Self Defence skills which we teach you will flow into every day personal and business life. You will improve your coordination fitness level strength whilst training in our simple and effective Self Defence School. All ages are welcome to come and train in SELF DEFENCE and meet new friends in an safe, enjoyable and motivating environment.

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