Are There Kids Karate & Martial Arts Classes For Children Near Me?

Yes Kids Martial Arts lessons near me all across Brisbane.

AGKK Karate Kids Martial Arts classes have always been an attractive sporting choice for both children, parents and families. Far from being a means only to teach children how to punch, block and kick, AGKK Karate has a strong focus on building confidence, anti-bullying, Self Defence discipline, respect and improving core strength and fitness of mind and body. Martial Arts lessons aim to build on a child’s self-confidence, focus, fitness and defence skills in an environment that is fun but disciplined with positive life skill development.

Advanced bookings recommended for a Free Karate trial lesson.
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Free class for Children at our kids’ Martial Arts and Karate classes.
No prior experience is required. All levels are welcome.

Seiicchi Fujiwara with Students

AGKK Karate in Brisbane teaches Kids Karate Classes which are specifically designed to teach all children aged from 4 years of age and up to all levels. The Kids Martial Arts classes will teach Self Defence to your child and are dedicated to increasing their confidence, discipline, respect, focus, control at home and school. We provide a strong life skills foundation for children throughout their lives by cultivating those essential life skills such as confidence, self-discipline and traditional values.

The kid’s karate classes and training are run in the afternoons so it is not too late for the karate kids aged 4 and above. The more experienced karate kids can train in the evening karate and Martial Arts classes.

Little Ninja’s Kids Karate Classes in Brisbane

AGKK Karate in Brisbane specifically focuses on teaching life skills in Japanese Goju Ryu Karate. These Little Ninja’s Kids Karate classes are designed to teach all children aged 4 and above. We support parents with the life skills their children need to be successful throughout their lives.

Kids Karate lessons Health Benefits

  • Fitness
  • Speed, Strength and Power
  • Mobility, Reflexes, Flexibility
  • Balance, Stability & Coordination
  • Agility
  • Self Defence skills
  • Muscle Tone, Weight control

Kids Martial Arts classes Mental Benefits

  • Boost Focus
  • Enhance Self-discipline
  • Improve Confidence
  • Increase Self-esteem
  • Courtesy
  • Determination
  • Commitment
  • Respect
  • Alleviate Stress
  • Let Go of Anger
  • Reduce Frustration

AGKK Karate Classes for Children

Our “karate kids” have more focus, confidence and the ability to concentrate at school for the whole day and they are more determined to do their best at home and follow instructions from school teachers and parents the first time, not the second time because of the structure and discipline they receive and learn in our children’s martial arts classes.

Kids Karate Classes in Brisbane

Do you want your child to improve their confidence, learn self-control, teamwork, good manners or more focus at school? Does your child know what to do in an emergency or how to talk to strangers and avoid danger? With a new life skills focus every week your child will learn valuable life skills as well as have fun, keep active and develop many essential life skills needed to have a successful life now and in the future. At AGKK Karate kids martial arts training is one of the best activities to teach these skills and more.

This Kids Karate program has been designed specifically for kids aged 4 years and above and focuses on improving confidence and awareness with Stranger Danger, Preventing Bullying and Life and Safety Skills.

We have classes every day of the week. For class times and locations for the kids martial arts program and classes contact via phone or booking form for a free Karate lesson.

At AGKK Martial Arts Kids’ karate classes are our niche. In Brisbane AGKK Karate is one of the most popular kids’ martial arts programs, where we have life skills kids karate classes on offer every day. Your child will enjoy an enjoyable, fun-filled educational class with others their own age, while developing strong bodies, character and confidence.

Karate and Martial Arts as an After School Activity

If you’re looking for an after-school activity for your child, AGKK Karate classes offer so much more than daycare. The time your child spends in our classes will benefit them in so many ways – academically, at home, and the rest of their life.

Classes suited for all ages and experience levels

Our karate classes have a good balance of positive energy, focus and structure. AGKK Karate Kids are always keen to attend lessons. Our youngest karate students start at age 4 and progress based on age and skill level.

We also have beginners’ karate classes for all ages. These allow your child to feel confident at any starting age, while training with other kids who are new to karate.

The Karate and Martial Arts Instructors are Qualified to Teach Kids and children of all ages.

Our Chief Instructor and Founder Bernie Shihan who also has a Bachelor of Education and Diploma of Teaching conducts the training and keeps the education at a high level. He’s also friendly, humble, very experienced, easy-going and approachable. Bernie Shihan builds positive relationships with parents as well as students. He has more than 40 years’ experience in helping students.

AGKK – Australian GoJu Kai Karate - Bernie Sensei with Seiichi Fujiwara


Are Classes close to me? Yes, we have a Range of Training times and days.

At AGKK Karate the words karate and martial arts are used as we have direct Karate contact to our Martial Arts instructors in Japan.

Many other Tae kwon do, Kungfu, kickboxing and even some other Karate schools do not have a direct connection to masters overseas and do not teach authentic, proven martial arts techniques. You can be confident that regardless of the classes and lessons, it’s all about providing the best and experienced martial arts training: just for kids.

Call us today for more information or a free class for Children and our kids’ classes. No prior experience is required. All levels are welcome.

Self Defence and Confidence

In all of our of martial arts classes your child will have the opportunity to learn and grow as an individual in a positive club.

AGKK Karate is a great activity for Children.

Our classes focus on improving all aspects of a student’s life; at home school and everywhere they go. We give positive reinforcement encourage & reward all improvements in behaviour, techniques, self-discipline, focus and respect.

The Self Defence is Practical – children learn how to deal with Bullying & increased stranger danger and awareness. Developing Leadership skills – Our students learn to help & teach others  AGKK is a modern traditional Karate school – with traditional values.


AGKK Karate offers students an alternative to after-school care by running classes directly after school.

Students can come to the school halls to the early classes at 4:15pm so it is not too late for dinner and home. All of our instructors have working with children blue cards & current 1st aid training.

AGKK Karate has great pride in providing an affordable alternative to after school care that provides learning and care together.

  • Limited places available
  • Advanced bookings recommended
  • We have Karate training 5 afternoons afternoon per week to choose from
Advanced bookings recommended for a Free Karate trial lesson.
Call us today 0409 474 494 or use the booking form for more information.
Free class for Children at our kids’ Martial Arts and Karate classes.
No prior experience is required. All levels are welcome.