Karate in North Brisbane

Experience the Benefits of Karate in North Brisbane for Your Child

Training in karate in North Brisbane can do wonders for your children. It not only provides a physical outlet for active children but also teaches respect, consideration, restraint, and responsibility. Karate can be an excellent skill for children to learn as it has many facets that need to be mastered before they can achieve the next level, which gives kids a goal to achieve.

What Sets Australian Goju Kai Karate apart in the Brisbane Northside region

We believe in the beautiful tradition of karate and everything it stands for.

  • We have been operating for over 15 years. We focus on the authentic traditional Japanese style of karate and the techniques we use are taken directly from Japanese karate masters. Our chief instructor, Bernie Haughey, has been training in Goju Kai Karate for more than 40 years and he aims to adhere to the traditional karate training structure by also teaching respect, correct etiquette, loyalty, and excellence through a combination of physical, spiritual, and mental discipline.
  • We offer karate classes for everyone from age three and up. If you want to get into karate with your child, we happily provide classes to all age groups. Sensei Bernie Haughey used his dedication and passion for the art of karate to help others by sharing his knowledge and teachings with each student he has. Our Sensei often travels to Japan to continue honing his skills by training with the great masters so he can come back to Australia and share what he has learned with his students.

The Importance of Karate on the Brisbane Northside for Children

Karate is about much more than learning how to fight, and our goal is to share this with as many children as we can.

  • Karate teaches children many core values needed to become successful adults. These values include respect for others, responsibility for their practice and uniform, emotional control through learning restraint when winning the fight. These values can carry through to their daily lives and help them to deal with bullying, a lack of self-confidence, and respect for people, animals, and the world around them.
  • We teach your children important skills: These are skills they need to develop a stronger character such as
    • Good nutrition
    • Why it is important to care for your body
    • Workouts that lead to strong physical and mental conditioning
    • Self-confidence that can give them the courage to stand up to peer pressure and bullying
    • And we give our students a reason to be motivated by showing them how hard work can move them through the ranks of karate.

About Australian Goju Kai Karate

We set high standards for our students but we also teach them all the skills needed to live up to those standards. Through the guidance of our friendly sensei, we aim to teach a high standard of traditional Japanese karate. We teach that a person’s manners are a direct reflection of their education and morals which shows children that being strong is the same thing as being respectful and they must always go hand in hand.

Contact us today to find out more about our karate classes and how they can benefit your child.