Corporate Self Defence Classes

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Did you know that corporate self-defence classes should be part of your overall wellness program? Forward-thinking companies do whatever they can to help their employees remain physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy. These organisations understand that when they protect their employees, they protect their own future as a company. Many people associate programs such as fitness, stress management, and smoking cessation with “wellness,” and they’re right – but there’s more to it. Self-defence is one application that may not come to mind immediately but definitely falls within the scope of wellness. You can find excellent corporate self-defence classes at Australian Goju Kai Karate (AGKK) in Brisbane.

Benefits of Self-Defence Training for a Business

Whether you’re looking for law enforcement self-defence classes or more general self-defence, we can help. Here are some of the benefits of signing your team up today.

  • More confident employees. One of the best things about self-defence is that it builds confidence and makes people feel better about themselves and their environments. Confident people are more proactive and show stronger leadership skills — valuable traits in the workplace.
  • Less stress. When people feel safer, they are less vulnerable to the harmful effects of stress. Workplace stress is a major factor in lost time at work due to illness and accidents.
  • Stronger teamwork. The self-discipline and feelings of being part of a team your staff will experience in self-defence or martial arts classes will carry through to their daily lives, which means you’ll have a sturdier team in place at the office.

Tips for Planning Self-Defence Training for Your Staff

If you’ve decided to make self-defence part of your overall employee wellness program, you’ve made a great choice. Here are a few things you and your team can do to get the most out of your experience.

  • Stay in shape. Self-defence is for everyone – all ages and fitness levels. However, the better your physical fitness, the better able to defend yourself you’ll be, and the easier classes will be. Regular exercise outside of class is always a smart move.
  • Eat well. If your diet needs an overhaul, now is the perfect time to do it. Healthy, natural foods provide your body with the fuel it needs to perform optimally in self-defence and martial arts classes.
  • Adopt the right mindset. Get a good night’s sleep before class, arrive on time, and take the instruction seriously – it could just save your life or someone else’s. Be prepared to work as a team and be supportive of each other as you learn.

About AGKK

At AGKK, we value our unique cultural heritage and adhere to traditional training techniques. We offer a variety of self-defence courses, including medical self-defence classes, law enforcement self-defence, school student self-defence, weapons self-defence training, self-defence skills for the workplace, and many more. We pride ourselves on excellence in martial arts training and have served the Albany Creek, Bracken Ridge, and Taigum areas for over 15 years. To learn more about booking a self-defence course for your employees, contact us today.