Corporate Self-Defence

Improve Fitness and Confidence With a Corporate Self-Defence Class

Attending a corporate self-defence class can help boost self-confidence and instil strong values in an individual. Furthermore, it builds camaraderie between co-workers and acts as a team-building exercise.

Problems That Corporate Self-Defence Classes Address

Risk management is an integral part of a business which is why it’s essential for staff to be well-trained to deal with situations to protect themselves and the company.

  • Assists in blending culture, systems and processes of a business to minimise risk. It helps with making decisions, supports the objectives of a business and most importantly, prevents any loss or danger to the company and its employees.
  • It aids staff in planning, preparing and performing in an emergency. The confidence and abilities they develop will enable them to deal with any potentially harmful scenario they may face. An example of this would be managing an irate and angry client to decompress the entire problem.
  • Attending one of these classes helps with passive conflict resolution in the workplace. As a result, staff develop a safety-conscious attitude and learn the secrets of assertive and effective communication to deflect danger.

Businesses benefit the most from staff that are trained in dealing with potentially harmful situations. They make clear, confident decisions which may protect other personnel and the company.

The Importance of Corporate Self-Defence Training

Participating in training of this kind can only benefit both the company and its staff.

  • It’s a team-building exercise that is fun yet informative. Staff learn to trust one another and develop closer ties with each other. Strong staff morale goes a long way in helping business prosper.
  • Training helps improve staff fitness levels, self-confidence and discipline. Not only will this prepare people for outside threats but help them deal with internal disputes. The more confident your staff are, the better equipped they are to handle any situation.
  • Most aspects of training carry a physical component which we designed to help staff handle real-life situations at their place of work. We do role-play to empower your team to deal with various problems, from the everyday, grumpy Joe Public to efficient inter-group conflict resolution.

While this training serves as a fun team-building exercise with staff interaction on a personal level, you’re also helping develop them as individuals and more importantly, as employees. They leave training prepared for whatever they may face in their personal lives or at work.

About Australian Goju Kai Karate (AGKK)

Australian Goju Kai Karate or AGKK has been in existence since 1995. For over 20 years, AGKK has been offering the highest quality training in self-defence, karate, meditation and more. We offer martial arts classes at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels where families can train side-by-side. Apart from this, we teach corporate self-defence classes and have been serving emergency staff such as police, nurses, doctors and paramedics. There are currently three dojos that you can choose from in Brisbane and around Queensland.

Martial arts is not all about punching and kicking but instead, about discipline. We love to instil a sense of respect, etiquette and life skills to everyone that signs up. Contact us to learn more about our programs.