Self Defence For Employees

Protect Your Business Through Self Defence for Your Employees

We teach self-defence for employees to make your office safer, and to teach them necessary cooperation and teambuilding skills. Our workshops and programs make your employees know precisely how to defend themselves and gain discipline. It is healthy, useful and fosters cooperation.

Benefits of Self Defence for Staff

There are situations where the correct reaction could mean the difference between life and death, so we make our self-defence training benefit your staff by increasing their:

  • Safety in the workplace. Since your team will train self-defence techniques together, they will operate together to defend themselves. Secondly, they will gain the confidence to deal with situations that might seem out of hand by learning confrontation deflection strategies.
  • Preventative attitude. With the training, your staff will know how to look ahead and deal with problems before they arise. The business self-defence training does not only teach them the physical aspects of self-defence but the mental awareness required to react appropriately.
  • Knowledge of self-defence strategies. We teach aggressive behaviour management techniques for when your staff is threatened by things such as verbal threats to safety, physical harm, assaultive behaviour, the potential destruction of property and more. With these strategies in mind, your staff will be prepared for when aggressive behaviour arrives.

Australian Goju Kai Karate is run by a martial arts professional who has trained in these self-defence techniques for 40 years. You can rest assured that we know what we are doing and we can help you, so you know what you are doing.

Related Services We Provide to Self Defence Course

We know you want to be safe from danger and protect your family, so we provide:

  • Practical tools. Self-defence training gives women practical tools to defend themselves. It improves your ability and awareness to protect yourself from attacker. This skill will help you to prevent violence against you and your family, making you more confident and ready.
  • Personal training sessions. We train you to be fit, boosting physical health. We teach lifesaving skills immediately; this training includes going through scenarios that may occur in real life, to prepare you for them.
  • Family self-defence. Spend time with your family and get healthy together. We offer family discounts while giving you professional self-discipline and defence tactics, which will enhance the relationship with your partner and children while boosting their health. Science has shown exercise to reduce stress and increase mental health.

Whether it’s business self-defence, police, or family, we offer a variety of options for you. Book your first lesson and help your family or employees live safer lives. More confident, more healthy, more aware, more disciplined.

About Australian Goju Kai Karate

Our head self-defence instructor has 40 years’ experience. We have one primary school and four satellite schools that teach self-defence. Our form of karate is suitable for all ages and genders; it is designed to be used by anyone, even someone with little natural strength as the foundation is timing and technique.

If you are interested in learning how to protect yourself, your business, and family book a class today.