AGKK Brisbane Martial Arts Club

AGKK Self Defence Martial Arts School

AGKK Brisbane Martial Arts Club – Learn Martial Arts and Self Defence AGKK DOJO HAS MORE THAN 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE Train with the Founder and Chief Instructor Bernie Haughey Shihan. The Brisbane Martial Arts School has an authentic connection directly with the Japanese Masters. The main aim of the Brisbane Martial Arts Club is to … Read more


Calm, Confident, Courageous - AGKK

Welcome to AGKK Brisbane Karate and Martial Arts classes AGKK Karate and Martial Arts is based on the traditional Japanese art of Goju Ryu Karate and develop the mind and body to enhance authentic martial arts skills. You will enjoy the positive life skills environment in the classes, combined with great Self Defence benefits for … Read more


AGKK Karate Life Skills

We have been dedicated to improving the lives of adults, children, and families through martial arts lessons in education and coaching. We strive to provide a safe, comfortable, and welcoming atmosphere for all students and family members in Brisbane in the Karate classes. We specialise in martial arts for kids and take pride in creating an … Read more

Karate Lessons Directly from Japan in Brisbane

Delivering High-Quality Japanese Martial Arts

THE TRADITIONAL JAPANESE MARTIAL ART OF GOJU RYU KARATE AGKK Karate is an intelligent & powerful martial art that teaches students a good cross-section of life skills. AGKK Karate is not just sport or martial art. It is also a powerful Self Defence system, a character builder and a positive way of life. This proven … Read more

Are There Kids Karate & Martial Arts Classes For Children Near Me?

Confidence for life

Yes Kids Martial Arts lessons near me all across Brisbane. AGKK Karate Kids Martial Arts classes have always been an attractive sporting choice for both children, parents and families. Far from being a means only to teach children how to punch, block and kick, AGKK Karate has a strong focus on building confidence, anti-bullying, Self … Read more

Martial Arts lessons Brisbane AGKK Karate Classes

Improving Together

We are the premier martial arts and karate school in north Brisbane. KIDS KARATE AND MARTIAL ARTS LESSONS At AGKK Karate Kids Martial Arts is the best way for young children to learn martial arts skills. In our Martial Arts classes and lessons our Martial Arts program and lessons are designed to instill important life … Read more

Brisbane’s Leading Martial Arts School – AGKK KARATE

We enhance students to become highly skilled in authentic Japanese Goju Ryu Karate

AGKK Karate classes for many decades are renowned for being Brisbane’s leading Martial Arts School. Our AGKK Karate and martial arts classes are open six days a week, providing Karate lessons, and have locations at Taigum, Boondall, Albany Creek, and Bracken Ridge. We offer kids and adults martial arts and Karate classes with a focus … Read more

Goju Ryu Ryu Karate [an introduction to Japanese Martial Arts in Brisbane]

Traditional Values

Calm your mind and find more confidence by understanding the philosophy, Self Defence techniques, improved fitness, art form, and positive culture of traditional Japanese Goju Ryu Karate. No previous experience or knowledge of Karate and Martial Arts is necessary when attending Karate lessons or classes in and around Brisbane. A free karate class and Martial … Read more


Dedicated to delivering high quality, experienced and authentic Japanese martial arts in a safe and supportive environment.

WHY TRAIN IN JAPANESE GOJU RYU KARATE, MARTIAL ARTS AND THE AGKK KARATE SCHOOL IN BRISBANE? We are dedicated to teaching you and families Goju Ryu Karate lessons, Martial Arts classes and the unique Japanese cultural traditions and heritage in Brisbane. We have been entrusted from Japan to teach Karate and Martial Arts to the … Read more

How Goju Ryu Karate helps Children Improve at School

Karate Helps your Children at School

Research confirms that the building blocks of a good academic performance are confidence, focus, strong work ethic, resilience, positive growth mindset and being physically active. AGKK Karate also helps develop self-control and the ability to concentrate, a can-do attitude and a desire to always succeed. Our formula for success is simple: Dedication Self-discipline Positive environment … Read more