We have been dedicated to improving the lives of adults, children, and families through martial arts lessons in education and coaching. We strive to provide a safe, comfortable, and welcoming atmosphere for all students and family members in Brisbane in the Karate classes. We specialise in martial arts for kids and take pride in creating an environment for Karate students to achieve, develop and succeed in their personal goals.

We strongly believe that martial arts can be for everyone, regardless of age, gender or experience levels. Throughout all of our Martial Arts lessons and Goju Ryu Karate programs in Brisbane, students will not only learn increased confidence but also the necessary life skills to protect themselves, we have over 3 decades of realistic and effective Self Defence techniques creating confident members of our Martial Arts and karate family.

Advanced bookings recommended for your Free Karate lesson or Martial Arts class

Spaces are limited, book now to secure your lesson. Book via the bookings form here or phone 0409 474 494

AGKK Karate - A Positive Healthy Decision


Karate and Martial Arts lessons and classes for Preschool children and kids.

Give your child the confidence and Life Skills for school and future years. Our Martial Arts classes and Karate lessons are skill-building and enjoyable. Our preschool martial arts classes give your child the tools to fine-tune and accelerate their development. We are dedicated Karate and Life Skills instructors to your child’s positive skill enhancement and success now and in the future.

The perfect experienced combination of Life Skills education, Self Defence and traditional values. Our kids martial arts lessons and Karate classes gives your child the skills and confidence to protect themselves, and equips them with skills to have a great advantage in primary and high school. We’re dedicated Martial Arts and Karate instructors to your child’s growth and the establishment of positive life skills foundations.

Karate with Purpose

Pre-School and Primary School Kids Karate and Martial Arts Classes in Taigum, Albany Creek, Bracken Ridge and Boondall

If you are looking for toddler karate classes or martial arts lessons for toddlers or kids you and your child will enjoy our Program. We teach the skills they need to be ready for learning at school and prep. They will improve their listening skills, respect, coordination, focus, and self-control while learning how to make good friends.

At AGKK Karate we specialise in kid’s martial arts classes. Instead of just karate lessons for kids Martial Arts classes for kids – we have actually educated your children how to be effective against a bigger, stronger attacker or bully. Our Martial Arts lessons are life skills-based for kids and children. We have a Martial Arts personal development program combined with Self Defence for children.

AGKK Martial Arts for Kids

After School Care for Preschool and Primary School students Martial Arts Program and Karate classes in Brisbane

Need an after-school activity for children? Imagine every day after school, while you work, your child is safe and learning amazing skills for life. Finally, an after-school Martial Arts program that is more than just fun & games!

Join the AGKK Karate and Self Defence School today for a free Martial Arts and Karate lesson.
Get access to special techniques and training from the leading AGKK Karate and Self Defence Instructors with more than 40 years of experience. Private Karate lessons and Self Defence training classes are also available.

AGKK Karate Life Skills


Teens, Children and Kids Karate Classes in Brisbane

Building confidence, increasing focus, improving Fitness and Self Defence, are important goals parents convey when looking for Teen or Kids Martial Arts lessons in Brisbane. It’s time to give your teenager or children a workout they will enjoy, learn important Life Skills and will relieve teenage stress and build resilience.

Advanced bookings recommended for your Free Karate lesson or Martial Arts class

Spaces are limited, book now to secure your lesson. Book via the bookings form here or phone 0409 474 494