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Start your Martial Arts Journey with AGKK Karate. We have Martial Arts Classes, weekdays, afternoons, Weeknights, Weekends for Adults, Teens & Kids Martial Arts Classes & Self Defence classes.

Martial Arts Classes Brisbane

AGKK Karate and Martial Arts classes offer a number of martial arts programs throughout Brisbane. AGKK Karate and Martial Arts training provides a great platform for children and adults alike to strengthen all aspects of health and fitness, you will learn Self Defence techniques, and improve self-confidence and general wellbeing. We offer Karate and Martial Arts classes to suit all ages and skill levels.

Karate with Purpose

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Children, adults and families learn an effective traditional martial art for Self Defence through AGKK Karate classes.

AGKK Goju Ryu Karate is offering you a free Martial Arts trial lesson so you can experience this exciting martial art in a safe and friendly environment. We have highly skilled instructors with over 40 years of experience.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or you have some experience of martial arts, and whatever your level of fitness, this is your opportunity to come and try out AGKK Karate for free.

AGKK Karate classes are enjoyable, Life Skilled Based and Fun for Kids

Kids Karate and Martial Arts lessons developing confidence and essential life skills
“We help children reach their full potential.”

We also provide after School Martial Arts and Karate Classes
After school karate classes help to equip a child with essential skills that are crucial for the healthy development of children. Many kids cannot wait for the school day to end to attend our Karate and Martial Arts lessons.

“Traditional Japanese Goju Karate is the best things you can do for your child.”

AGKK Karate – we are offering a Free Trial Karate class in this Outstanding Japanese Martial Art.

Your Martial Arts Journey - Empowering Students with Confidence

Kids Martial Arts Classes – Brisbane: AGKK Karate is about so much more than just Self Defence. Children who train in our Karate classes do not become aggressive when they sign up for classes. They actually become more respectful, focused, determined and confident. Our specialised Karate and Martial Arts classes provide life skills needed for young children to grow up with a mature strong character, enabling them to make good positive choices at home, school and throughout their lives.

We take the time to teach each student

AGKK Karate Traditional Japanese Karate and Martial arts is one of the best life skill activities for fitness, self-discipline and Self Defence. AGKK Karate is an enjoyable and healthy, positive activity for all ages.

AGKK Karate lessons and classes are renowned for providing the most experienced and ultimate Karate and Self Defence lessons for kids, adults and families.

Y our Martial Arts Journey and the positive impact of AGKK Karate and Martial Arts classes for kids and children

When your child attends Karate and Martial Arts classes at AGKK Karate, you will see them improve and grow in so many positive ways:

  • Improved Self-esteem and Self Confidence as they participate in the structured Martial Arts lessons meeting and assimilating with new positive friends.
  • Self-discipline – this is an important part of our martial arts classes and particularly in Karate Belt ranks are earned not only at Karate but students also have to do their best at home and school. Children and kids soon discover that by being focused and doing their best at home, school and Karate they can achieve anything and control their outcomes through positive discipline actions.
  • Socialising – In our AGKK Karate family, Kids learn to communicate and make new friends in the Martial Arts and Karate classes.
  • Getting physical and improving fitness – Martial Arts and Karate provide a great way of keeping fit and healthy. This is combined with kids learning how to defend themselves.
  • Learning from mistakes- Karate students become more aware of their actions and are more reflective of their actions as they are attempting to improve every Karate technique.
  • Respect – we follow the traditional culture of Japan. Our Karate students become more attentive, respectful and well-mannered.
  • Teamwork – while Karate is an individual activity students are united in Karate classes and develop strong leadership skills.

Your Martial Arts Journey - Positive Precise Actions

AGKK Karate and Martial Arts Classes for Teens

Teens Martial Arts and Karate classes– Brisbane: At AGKK Karate we witness that traditional martial arts offer excellent benefits for both boys and girls during their teenage years.

Our Martial Arts and Karate classes for teens are designed to develop life skills, increase confidence, fitness and learn practical Self Defence techniques that they can use in everyday life situations. Martial arts training builds confidence and teaches discipline and respect in a positive and safe environment.
At AGKK Karate our very experienced instructors have developed programs specifically for the needs and goals of all our students.

Mixing with Good People

Our Karate instructors are very experienced, dedicated and exceptional at what they do. Each instructor is fully qualified and has trained in Japan which equips them with the knowledge and understanding to teach Goju Ryu Karate and the traditional Martial Arts techniques to teenagers.
In today’s society and school, life can be stressful for many teenagers. Out Martial Arts and Karate classes reduce stress, allows them to let off some steam, and enjoy a good Karate workout for their mind and body. Karate and Martial Arts for teens is a great way to increase their confidence, improve their energy levels and help them to develop strong character.

AGKK Karate is an outstanding physical exercise for teenagers
As a teenager, you’ll enjoy the highly charged physical activity in a controlled, positive environment.
The Japanese Martial Arts setting of achieving your goals will develop a mindset that creates a sequence of success in other areas of your life.
Your self Defence skills will improve and you will feel more confident wherever you are.
Maybe you’ve already thought about learning martial arts? Now you can try it out with a free lesson.

Brisbane Adult Martial Arts and Karate Classes – Begin Your Martial Arts Journey

AGKK Karate is excellent for adults that want a new and different fitness challenge, it is exciting, works the mind and entire body – and is very practical for everyday living as it improves confidence and mindfulness in all activities.

Karate classes training is fun in a wonderful way that builds self-confidence and determination – and reduces stress.

Our friendly and very experienced instructors make getting fit enjoyable and exciting from your first class and through all the grade belt levels.

Karate training will improve muscle tone, strength, balance, flexibility, and fitness while inspiring you to develop new personal self-discipline and confidence that lasts for the rest of your life.

Our classes are exciting, with new techniques to learn and challenges to develop every week. Goju Ryu Karate classes will re-charge your body and mind with energy and vigour.

Inner Strength

Your ability will improve and others around you will see your confidence growing.
Our Karate family is very supportive helping you achieve your goals and enhance your life.

Martial Arts and Karate training can be customised for adults of all abilities and ages.
Adults are often drawn to AGKK Karate as an alternative to monotonous training in the gym or jogging. Karate and Martial Arts training builds muscle strength and improves the cardiovascular system.

It strengthens the core muscle groups, which are vital for balance, posture, and physical health especially as we get older. Try it out for free and see for yourself.

AGKK Karate offers a full-body workout that develops and improves the health of the mind and body. You will also be learning a practical form of Self Defence. Your self-esteem will increase, and you’ll become reassured with confidence and be able to handle life’s problems without getting overwhelmed.

Advanced bookings recommended for your Free Karate lesson or Martial Arts class
Spaces are limited, book now to secure your lesson.
Book via the bookings form here or phone 0409 474 494