Karate and Martial Arts Classes, Lessons and Training

AGKK Karate and Martial Arts classes are dedicated to fostering sound values and developing strong, humble, courageous individuals and healthy communities. Our expertly formulated Karate and Martial Arts classes are designed to cater to all ages from 4 years to adults. Families are also welcome to train together.

We at AGKK Karate also specialise in Kids Karate Classes Brisbane, Karate Goju Ryu Brisbane, Competition Karate, Self Defence classes Brisbane, Fitness Classes, Private Coaching, and Personal Karate and Self Defence classes and lessons.

All classes are supervised with highly trained and government recognised instructors.

Congratulations, you have arrived at the home of the premier karate and martial arts school with over three decades of respected experience. The renowned AGKK Karate and Martial Arts Self Defence School have proven performance with the best educational instructors in martial arts lessons and Self Defence classes.

All instructors have been graded and trained in Japan. Young children, adults, and families are welcomed at all levels to learn how karate and martial arts can be combined with fun, building confidence, fitness, and structure to help anyone get the most out of their life by attending our martial arts lessons and classes.

If you would like to see what an AGKK Karate class is all about, we would like to invite you to come and try a free class! No equipment or uniform is necessary and our welcoming and family-friendly environment will help you to get the most out of your trial class.
There is no obligation and parents / other family and friends are encouraged to join in!

Come and try an AGKK Karate class – lesson for FREE! To take advantage of this Free offer you are most welcome to use the booking tab or phone Shihan Bernie on 0409 474 494

AGKK Karate and Martial Arts classes - A positive way of life

Kids’ karate classes are outstanding. It’s one of the most popular kids’ karate and martial arts programs in Brisbane near you. Your child will enjoy a fantastic, fun-filled class with others their own age while developing confidence, strong bodies, and good character.

AGKK Karate and Martial Arts classes - Confidence Every Day

Having karate and martial arts classes 5 days a week enables students to train safely multiple times per week. We also have a full-time studio to enable you to train in private lessons on the weekends. Shihan Bernie and his team of highly trained and qualified instructors teaching traditional Goju Kai and sports karate in a modern, energetic and exciting atmosphere that will benefit both you and your family.

AGKK KArate - Respect & Good Manners

Each individual student has an opportunity to train at their level and obtain the specific training designed to help them.

Kids and children’s karate lessons and martial arts classes are designed to enhance their concentration, confidence, discipline and motor skills and team building skills, whilst learning in a fun, enjoyable, life skills environment.

Focus, Strength & Confidence

Adult karate lessons and martial arts classes are specifically designed to cater to today’s environment and lifestyle.

Whether you are interested in meeting goals such as Fitness, achieving your black belt, Personal Protection, Sports, or interested in learning a traditional Martial Art of Japan, AGKK Karate Academy will help you set and achieve these goals and more. AGKK Karate lessons not only offers the chance to train in a respected Japanese martial art but also you can attend regular social events. AGKK Karate is a positive group of people working together. Over the years AGKK Karate has produced many national champions.

AGKK Karate - Respect for life

Chief Instructor and Founder of AGKK Goju Ryu Karate Bernie Haughey has a Renshi (licence) from Japan and Shihan (master) rank.
The AGKK Karate family offers Karate classes and lessons for Kids, Adults, and families throughout Brisbane. We also offer Self Defence classes and lessons throughout Brisbane. We welcome you to our family.

Reach your potential

Our Sensei, Bernie Haughey grew up in the tough southern suburbs of Sydney. He commenced Goju Ryu karate training in 1977 while he was in his first year of high school.

For over 30 years Shihan Bernie has trained extensively in Japan with the great Japanese masters.

Shihan Bernie has also been a keen karate competitor. He has won the national Goju Kai championships in Kumite (fighting) and won two third places in Kumite in the 1992 International Goju Kai Championships in Hong Kong.

It has always been important for Shihan Bernie to learn from the best possible sources. He has trained with the best instructors in Japan. Shihan Bernie previously has had many years working as a duty manager in hospitality which has given Shihan many important lessons and experiences in real-life defence situations.

Bernie Haughey - Shihan

Whether it be teaching Self Defence, traditional karate techniques, or tournament karate, Shihan Bernie now enjoys passing his knowledge and experience on to the next generation. He has coached several young competitors who have won state and national championships. Many others have gone on to be top-ranking black belts, who are confident, respected, and successful members of society thanks to their years of karate training.

Solutions for children through karate training

He has guided numerous students to achieve national championship status and high-grade levels. Training sessions are flexible to accommodate individual students’ needs, as well as prepare for upcoming grading’s and tournaments if a student would like to compete.

The club is socially-active, with regular get-togethers after training, grading’s, and tournaments. Family involvement is encouraged to enhance students’ progress and enjoyment.

Precise positive actions

We believe that all adults, children, and families should learn real Self Defence and Martial Arts – regardless of age! Just like learning to swim, studying how to protect themselves is essential for all ages- children and adults. When children and adults learn how to develop these skills it releases a powerful change that builds confidence and makes them feel more confident, safe, and independent. Our positive and friendly training environment also encourages positive focus, discipline, and the development of good character.

All are welcome to attend a FREE LESSON.

To take advantage of this Free offer you are most welcome to use the booking tab or phone Shihan Bernie on 0409 474 494

Achieving goals - AGKK Karate