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SELF DEFENSE BRISBANE Brisbane Private Self Defence lessons 🎯 All are welcome women, men, children and families – All Ages Corporate and Business Self Defense training for staff. ✅  Private Self Defense lessons  ✅  Quality Self Defence for life SELF DEFENSE BRISBANE WOMEN’S SELF DEFENCE Private AGKK Karate Self Defense and Martial Arts lessons are the … Read more

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AGKK’s Women’s Self Defence training, courses, and programs will intensify your instincts by being aware of, and acting on, hunches and insights that you would normally ignore. As with all Self Defence lessons, programs, courses, there is no single, absolute answer to every situation however the training will assist you with being able to possibly … Read more

Self Defence and Martial Arts Lessons for All Ages

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Training in Self Defence, Self Defence training, classes and lessons for Women, Men Children. Self Defence and Martial Arts Lessons for All Ages – specially designed for women, men, and children are available on request. We teach effective, efficient, and Practical Self Defence Techniques. Friendly Instructors. Personalised Lessons and Private Self Defence lessons. Learn Fast … Read more

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AGKK Karate and Martial Arts classes are dedicated to fostering sound values and developing strong, humble, courageous individuals and healthy communities. Our expertly formulated Karate and Martial Arts classes are designed to cater to all ages from 4 years to adults. Families are also welcome to train together. We at AGKK Karate also specialise in … Read more

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Get Started Today, Learn Martial Arts & Self Defence Martial Arts classes near me? If you are in Brisbane and the surrounding suburbs and looking to start Martial arts near you, and wanting to learn martial arts with an experienced martial arts club or take your training to the next level, there’s only one place … Read more

The Importance of Learning Self Defence for Children

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Learning Self Defence is important for children at AGKK Karate lessons and martial arts classes. Martial arts classes are near you. The ability to protect oneself physically from harm is a basic human right that should be accessible to everyone, including children. Teaching children Self Defence is something we often overlook in today’s society, but … Read more

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Self Defence Training for women, men, children, families. At AGKK Brisbane Self Defence we also teach corporate and business self defence training for staff and employees in the workplace. Effective Self Defence training that teaches efficient, practical and behavioural management techniques including defensive tactics for the workplace for the individual and employees. We believe everyone … Read more