Brisbane Kids Karate and Martial Arts [Free Karate Class and Lesson]

Teaching Kids Valuable Life Skills with Karate

Get a FREE KARATE LESSON Life-Enhancing Kids Martial Arts Class in Taigum, Boondall, Albany Creek, Bracken Ridge, and many Martial Arts classes near you- me throughout Brisbane! Why do so many families, children and adults train with AGKK Karate for their Martial Arts lessons and classes? Once children have started training parents appreciate and notice … Read more

Free Karate and Martial Arts classes in and Around Brisbane

Calm - Courteous - Courageous - Confident

Come and try a free Karate lesson and Martial Arts class in and around Brisbane Free Karate and Martial Arts classes for kids and children. Families also welcome. Self Defence/ Martial Arts/ Karate classes. AGKK Karate club Brisbane Looking for an experienced Karate school for kids and Self Defence training for children and kids karate … Read more

After School Karate Lessons

KArate helps a shy child find a strong voice

Kids Martial Arts and Children’s Karate Programs and Classes We provide after school Karate and Martial arts classes, lessons in the afternoons and evenings. All ages welcome. Families can train together. Come along and join us in the life skills and the enjoyable confidence building Karate and martial arts classes. AGKK Karate lessons improve valuable … Read more

Life Skills for Children – AGKK Karate

Strength for Life

AGKK KARATE CLASSES MARTIAL ARTS LESSONS FOR CHILDREN, KIDS AND TEENAGERS. Classes near you Of course you want your children to be surrounded by positive role models, deal with peer pressure and make better decisions. Here at AGKK Karate and our Martial arts classes we know how hard you work to do the best for … Read more


Goju Ryu Training

Discipline, Empowerment, Confidence & Self Defence in Every Karate Lesson! Learn Effective Self Defence & Build Confidence With Kids Martial Arts lessons at AGKK Karate! If you want to help your child reach their full potential both socially, physically and mentally, then AGKK Karate that teaches classes in traditional Martial Arts can help. Traditional Martial … Read more

Goju Ryu Karate is the best thing you can do for your child

AGKK – Australian GoJu Kai Karate - Goju Ryu Karate is the best thing you can do for your child

Kids’ karate classes are our speciality. It’s one of the most popular kids’ martial arts programs at AGKK where we have many specialty kids’ classes on offer every week. Your child will enjoy a fantastic, fun-filled class with others their own age, while developing strong bodies and character. Our Karate for kids classes help children … Read more