What’s the Best Age for a Child to Start Learning Martial Arts or Karate?

Best Age for a Child to Start Learning Martial Arts?

As a parent with four children, a teacher, and the senior instructor I believe some children can start Martial Arts training and Karate training from a very young age. I have children in Martial Arts classes and Karate lessons that are four years of age that are able to concentrate and enjoy the classes.

Many parents ring me regarding when to start their child at karate lessons. I always suggest if they are very young to bring their child down for a free Karate lesson so they can see for themselves the important life skills we teach them even from an early age that will assist them throughout their life. The Martial Arts classes and Karate lessons provides firm foundations such as focus, respect, and enjoyment of learning. These essential life skills will help them when at school and in future years.

It improves confidence and gets the child ready for the life journey ahead
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