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Handling Challenges

AGKK KARATE BRISBANE 🎯  The best Martial Arts classes and lessons for kids, children, adults, and families with Martial Arts and Karate lessons throughout Brisbane. ✅  Yes we have Martial Arts classes and Karate lessons close to me. Free trial Martial Arts class and great discounts. Find your nearest AGKK Karate class or Martial Arts … Read more


Firmly grounded martial arts programs

Our Children’s Martial Arts programs and Karate classes teach life skills and Self Defence and are structured for children. It includes a strong emphasis on character development so they improve focus and confidence at home, school, and everyday life, now and in future years. The Martial Arts and Karate lessons are enjoyable and life-skilled based … Read more

AGKK Self Defence Courses [Increase Safety and Confidence]

Increase safety and confidence through Self Defence lessons

Welcome to the premier school of AGKK Self Defence Courses Brisbane with very skilled knowledgeable and competent AGKK Self Defense and martial arts expert instructors who have decades of experience. SELF DEFENCE training in a safe environment with very experienced Self Defence instructors. We keep a friendly close eye on you, to help you learn … Read more