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Teenage girls and boys Self Defence

Self Defence for teens allows our young people positive freedom with greater safety. This Self Defence training is especially important before attending the schoolies holiday period.

Learning basic Self Defence moves gives some confidence in the ability to skilfully fight back an attacker but there were so many other benefits.

What are the benefits of learning Self Defence for teenage girls and boys?

There are lots of benefits to gain when learning Self Defence techniques, these benefits will not only make you feel more secure, it will also increase, security-awareness and fitness.
Training includes:

  • Avoiding different types of attacks and dangerous situations
  • Target Hardening’ – strategies to lower the odds of being attacked
  • Talking your way out of conflict safely
  • Maintaining physical boundaries
  • Natural striking and effective targets

The goals of Self Defence Brisbane for teens also extend to:

  • Developing positive self-esteem, self-confidence and self-discipline
  • Developing a person as a positive role model
  • Creating expertise in confrontation management and effective communication
  • Developing healthy community attitudes and values


To inquire about the diverse range of Self Defence services available, including one-on-one Self Defence training for teenagers – Contact Bernie Haughey Sensei for more information 0409 474 494 or click the Self Defence inquiry booking button below.

Here are the major benefits ofteenagers taking Self Defence training and courses;

1. Acknowledging Safety

I can never over-emphasize how important is it that teens feel safe in their homes and when they are out and about. When they feel safe, they will feel more comfortable to develop and be themselves. 

In Self Defence training, teens will learn how to escape quickly by disabling attackers but the most important safety tip they will learn is, the levels of safety they feel is measurable. For instance, if teens feel uncomfortable, they must acknowledge this and do something about it. An example would be, if someone gets too close them physically, they know they can speak out and have a verbal barrier and to move away to have a physical barrier. Knowing what a safe distance is and acknowledging the feeling of being unsafe bodes well for their self-protection.

When teens train regularly, they start to understand what their bodies are capable of, how their bodies respond to threats and stress, and what others are capable of. Knowing these things help decrease the risk of being surprised and freezing up.

2. Self Defence improves confidence in physical abilities

The physical training of Self Defence really enabled me to be good at other sports. All the practice drills involved a lot of balance and precise striking so it translated well into other sports.

I also knew that, if there was a physical confrontation, I would be able to handle myself well.

3. Self Defence confidence in mental strength

Self Defence training pushes teenagers to break through uncomfortable situations and positions while training. This will teach teenagers to think on their feet within seconds and how to solve the situation presented.

Resilience is a key in strong development. The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties produces mental toughness. The Self Defence training preparesa person to face the unexpected.

4. Self Defence improves overall fitness

When partaking in Self Defence classes or Self Defence courses, overall fitness will improve by practicing along with other exercise activities.

The Self Defence training will train mental and physical preparedness. Partaking in intense warm-ups to get adrenaline pumping, along with other fitness techniques will definitely improve overall body fitness while also learning Self Defence skills. Instead of just learning exercise techniques, you will be learning how to exercise and also learning to improve your security.

5. Self Defence improves training improves Street Awareness / People Awareness

All good Self Defence courses should enhance awareness of surroundings. Attackers don't announce themselves before attacking; so you never know when it might happen. These courses will prepare teens to be on the lookout of their surroundings.

You will also learn how to spot situations that could potentially escalate to fights/violence. Statistically, teenage girls / women, boys /men are more likely to be attacked by people they know compared to strangers. So, the emphases shouldn't just be on environmental safety but also safety within core groups of people.

Being able to have a clear voice is the biggest confidence booster and deterrence to attackers.

6. Self Defence training a great way to meet new people

Participants will get to meet new people when taking Self Defence classes, and become more socially engaged in the community. Teenagers will learn from each other and about different ages and cultural backgrounds. These classes can help to create lifelong friendships and move them away from computer games.

The training teaches a lot about positive culture and the importance of connection.


As a teenagerSelf Defence classes are important. It's especially important to help increase empowerment in the early stages (like the teenage years). The benefits of learning Self Defence can never be over-emphasized. Help teens by encouraging them to enrol in this Self Defence course. They will learn more than you think.

AGKK Teenage Self Defence classes and private lessons are available in and around Brisbane.

Training is enjoyable and educational.

Come along and try out one of our classes, personal training sessions, workshops and much more.


To inquire about the diverse range of Self Defence services available, including one-on-one Self Defence training for teenagers – Contact Bernie Haughey Sensei for more information. 0409 474 494 or click the Self Defence inquiry booking button below.

Contact Bernie Sensei via phone/text on 0409 474 494 or via the online booking form