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Business Self Defence Training Lessons and Programs

Business Self Defence training, workshops and courses specific to your work environment and workplace. Specifically tailored to meet your needs, we provide self defence training and workshops for employees or staff.

Corporate Self Defence Training and Classes

We provide Corporate Self Defence classes, workshops, and programs for staff.

Practical Self Defence Training for Employees and Staff 

Our self defence training for employees and staff teaches effective strategies for how to manage aggressive people is very important. Like all our Self Defence courses, it is enjoyable training where you get to be very hands on and learn some excellent techniques for the workplace. It is specifically tailored to meet your needs we provide Self Defence training and workshops for employees or staff.

Self Defence Conferences and Packages

Want something a little different for this year's annual conference? Our practical self defence conferences are perfect for corporate team building activities. Your team will enjoy our hands-on approach as we teach physical and mental techniques to cope with workplace stresses.

Imagine your team laughing as we take them through some fun and effective practices, imparting skills that will stay with them forever.

Self Defence for Nurses, Ambulance Officers, and Doctors

This training course is designed to teach self defence for Nurses, Ambulance Officers, Doctors and those working in health care facilities and are required to deal combative or aggressive patients.

Our training assists in:

  • A Self Defence skill set to protect yourself and your colleagues
  • An improved awareness to recognize violent situations before they happen and to be ready

Self Defence for Police and Law Enforcement

We have many Police officers Federal and State Police training with us. The experienced self defence training for police and law enforcement fine tunes effective use of the biomechanics of their bodies and techniques which aids them in emergency situations.

By understanding the key principals of how the techniques work it leads to an elevation of performance in their duties and helps safeguard their lives. We nurture an authentic understanding of the effectiveness and biomechanics function of movement and practical applications of Self Defence. The Self Defence techniques taught are applied using very little natural strength. In this way, a person who is significantly lesser in strength can defuse a much larger and stronger person.

Weapons Self Defence Training and Lessons

Weapon attacks are unfortunately becoming more commonplace. Cash handling businesses, petrol stations, jewelry, fast food, and convenience stores are frequently targeted. Home invasions, carjacking and street crime make it essential you know what to do if you are in this type of situation as an individual, employee or customer. Weapons self defence training is essential to better manage what to do if you are threatened in an armed hold-up, whether it be a knife, syringe, club, firearm. You need a plan!

Road rage Self Defence for staff

Incidents of road rage are on the rise and our aim is for your employees not to be another statistic.

Do you have drivers on the road and want them to be safe?
Are you looking for simple techniques to help your drivers deal with aggressive situations?

Self Defence for Women

Self Defence Lessons and Training for Brisbane Women

Effective self defence for women isn't just about strength. Our professional expert self defence trainer Bernie Haughey Sensei creates a safe, fun and friendly atmosphere where you will learn practical self-protection techniques you can use in real situations, with confidence. At AGKK Self Defence you learn from specialist self defence instructors who understand how important is is for women to be able to defend themselves.

womens self defence.

Self Defence For Mums

This Self Defence training will not only cover the basics of Self Defence but will also focus on specific scenarios relevant to mothers and their children.

The world we live in is changing. But rather than be scared, we need to be prepared.

Domestic and family violence:  Self Defence lessons/workshops for women in and around Brisbane providing the highest protection and prevention against a violent attack.

Usually domestic and family violence won’t go away by itself – Self Defence training and learning preventative management techniques can help break the cycle.

Children's Self Defence for Children living in and around Brisbane

Benefits of training include:

  • Develop more confidence and resilience
  • Self Defence strategies for physical and mental bullying
  • Get fit
  • Make new friends and have fun
  • Learn how to control emotions
  • Increased focus
  • Develop practical skills to defend themselves when required
  • Improve initiative with school work and behaviour
  • Self-Discipline, motivation and mindfulness
  • Cultivate life skills to help them in all aspects of their life at home, school and in the future

Teenage girls and boys Self Defence

Self Defence for teens allows our young people positive freedom with greater safety. This Self Defence training is especially important before attending the schoolies holiday period.

Learning basic Self Defence moves gives some confidence in the ability to skilfully fight back an attacker but there were so many other benefits.

School Student Self Defence and anti-bullying training throughout Brisbane

We are education Self Defence specialists in anti-bullying programs/workshops/lessons, saying "No" to violence, stranger awareness, all-inclusive safety and personal security programs for children and School students.


AGKK Self Defence Brisbane is a good activity which allows families to spend quality time together. We at AGKK Self Defence Brisbane understand that the greatest challenge modern–day families encounter is the lack of quality time together. We know for a fact that today it is nearly impossible to find an avenue wherein children, parents and grandparents can have fun together. For this reason we have come to introduce to you Self Defence Brisbane.

Self Defence Classes for Men in and around Brisbane

The safest Self Defence technique for men is to avoid violent confrontation altogether. However, sometimes you may be forced to physically defend your own wellbeing or the safety of loved ones. Dangerous or life-threatening situations could occur without warning. If you must fight back against an assailant, it helps if you are already familiar with some effective Self Defence techniques. Our Self Defence Classes for Men help you learn to quickly react if necessary.

Self Defence for seniors in and around Brisbane.

Everybody wants to feel safe. Learning effective Self Defence for seniors should be a primary concern for older adults, both men and women, and for their loved ones. We should all be free to live life without worrying about threats. But getting older means becoming a potential target for muggers, and fear can get in the way of leading your best life. The good news is that it's never too late to learn to defend yourself!

Home Self Defence and Security

Your home is your castle and the place you should feel the safest. Unfortunately, predators do not respect your right to be safe in your own home. Our home self defence training will show you how to make your home a harder target for criminals. We then give you the skills to protect you and your loved ones in the event an intruder is inside your home.

Contact Bernie Sensei via phone/text on 0409 474 494 or via the online booking form