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Welcome to the AGKK Lesson information section. Australian Goju Kai Karate prides itself on adhering to the traditional Japanese Goju Kai curriculum, reinforcing traditional high standards in art form and technique.


Authentic Traditional Japanese Goju Karate changes your way of life; for you can never be the same person again.


We value our newcomers. We will greet you with a warm welcome. Before class, you will personally get to meet Sensei, who will explain the workings of the class and who will then casually introduce you to the other club members and encourage positive interaction. We will then provide you with some AGKK reading literature, about our Club and Goju Kai Karate in general. The mood before class is relaxed and casual.


We recommend that for your first visit to Australian Goju Kai Karate, that you wear loose, casual, and comfortable clothing. This could be similar to what you would normally wear to a fitness club or a gym. No jewellery should be worn, such as watches and chains etc. Fingers and toenails should be well manicured. This avoids scratches and injury to yourself and others while training. Be sure to remember to remove your shoes and bow before you enter and leave the Dojo. It will feel somewhat strange at first, but by doing so, and at that very moment, you will feel the sensation, the spirit, and the excitement of what is means to train in Traditional Japanese Goju Karate.


As an initiative to begin the Goju Kai Karate learning process in young children as soon as possible, we recommended that children wait at least 2 weeks before purchasing and receiving their 'Karate Gi'. This is so they understand that they must earn their promotions before being rewarded in karate training. Conversely, Adults may purchase their Karate Gi immediately, if they desire.


Upon the commencement of class, you will be 'formally' introduced to the rest of the students and given a special welcome. The class will then initiate its traditional bow-in ceremony, before relaxing the class into meditation.


As the class continues, we will take you through a host of warm up exercises, basics techniques consisting: blocks, punches & kicks, before practicing traditional Japanese body movements or Karate Kata. Sensei will meet with you after class and will discuss immediate feedback with you on how you felt about the session. If you like, you can arrange further lessons.


Our approach is all-encompassing. It is based on what is well recognized in oriental & martial arts circles, as "Shin-Gi-Tai", the Mind-Body Technique (Shin 'mind'–Gi 'technique'-Tai 'Body').


By studying at AGKK, you will discover how to become more focused, calm, and capable in everything you do.


Not all clubs are the same. AGKK is a traditional Japanese Karate club, whose unique cultural heritage and authentic techniques stem directly from the Japanese masters.


We recommend that is possible training at least twice per week. Training twice a week will see improvement in all areas.


Private lessons are also available, they are a great way to get you started or improve your techniques, increase your understanding, fine tune and polish your movements and fitness.


Our adult martial art classes are aimed at increasing confidence, flexibility, co-ordination, people skills, self defence, strength, stamina and improved general fitness.

Bernie Haughey Sensei teaching

Our children's martial art classes are aimed at teaching respect, responsible, legal and safe behavior, the ability to avoid negative peer pressure and self defence. We instill confidence, honesty, and active positive participation in our junior members and stress the importance of education and how to be a leader, not a follower.


Our karate classes reinforce the key values taught at home maintaining and proactively teaching respect, responsible, legal and safe behaviour, the ability to avoid negative peer pressure and self defence. We instil confidence, honesty, and active positive participation in our junior members and stress the importance of education.


AGKK provides flexible karate training programs to cater for different student's individual requirements at various levels of fitness and competency.


AGKK provides numerous lesson options, ranging from public-to-private lessons--and each, can be broken down into a countless array of techniques and martial arts areas of study & training. Indeed the field of learning in Goju Kai Karate is so vast, that it can take a person an entire lifetime to master it. AGKK also specializes in courses in Self-Defence.


Free Trial Lesson services, as well as special discount offers on training make Australian Goju Kai Karate one of the most reasonably priced martial arts organizations in Australia. Our fees are heavily discounted to encourage family involvement!


Feel welcome to explorer this section and see what AGKK Lessons has to offer. "All journeys not matter how long or hard, begin with the first step." "Why not take advantage of a Free Trial Lesson at Australian Goju Kai Karate. It is absolutely free of charge and no obligation!"


You are most welcome to call Bernie Sensei, who is friendly and helpful, on 0409 474 494 or make a booking if you have any questions or need any further help.


I am looking forward in working with you and assisting you in your development and goals that you wish to accomplish in your future.

Contact Bernie Sensei via phone/text on 0409 474 494 or via the online booking form