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Brisbane Karate Club Brisbane’s Premier Martial Arts School – AGKK Brisbane Karate Club can help you to achieve your goals. Welcome to AGKK Brisbane Martial Arts Centre with Martial Arts classes and Karate lessons for Kids, Children, adults, women, men, and families throughout Brisbane and Northside Brisbane. 🎯 Are Martial Arts classes and Karate lessons … Read more

Welcome to AGKK Karate Lessons and Martial Arts Classes in Brisbane.

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Are the Karate classes and Martial Arts lessons close to me? Yes We are AGKK Goju Ryu Karate a leading martial arts school in and throughout Brisbane teaching offering traditional Goju Ryu Karate lessons, Self Defence classes, training and Martial Arts classes and programs for kids, adults and families. Our focus is on teaching Japanese … Read more

In our AGKK Karate family we have an important focus on life skills education

Building Strength Everyday

In our AGKK Karate family we have an important focus on life skills education. We teach and improve confidence, Self Defence, fitness, structural integrity of stances and applications, focus, better behaviour, positive social interaction, anti-bullying strategies, respect, and self-discipline. All of these essential life skills lead to better quality lives for all students in the … Read more

Karate Classes In Brisbane with Experienced Martial Arts instructors

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At AGKK Karate we teach Karate classes in Brisbane and provide a safe, friendly and well-structured training environment with very experienced Martial Arts instructors. We teach Goju Ryu Karate, with legitimate and important connections to the best Japan masters. The Self Defence techniques are proven, combined with improving fitness, focus and confidence. This Self Defence … Read more


Building Confidence and Respect

Interested in Starting Karate Lessons? At AGKK Karate you will find… Expert, Experienced Coaches, Friendly Community, in a Positive Learning Martial Arts Environment and Lessons.  Protect yourself with confidence at AGKK Karate, Self Defence and Martial Arts. Train with expert instructors with decades of training experience in Japan to ensure you’re learning the essential proven techniques … Read more

ENROLMENTS NOW OPEN – Karate and Martial Arts classes for Kids, Adults & Families

Confidence - Self Defence - Health

Come and try a FREE TRIAL Karate lesson. No Experience Necessary. Welcome All Ages – All Levels. AGKK Karate your Friendly, Professional & Experienced Martial Arts School. AGKK Karate is dedicated to and passionate about providing an authentic, enjoyable experience in traditional Japanese Martial Arts lessons allowing children, kids, adults, and families to train in … Read more

Welcome to AGKK Karate Martial Arts School in Brisbane

AGKK MArtial Arts School In Brisbane

By training and attending classes and lessons at AGKK Karate and Martial Arts School in our Brisbane Dojos you will learn how to connect both your mind and body to achieve your targets and aspirations. Whether it be increasing confidence, focus, mindfulness, improved health, weight loss, fitness, Self Defence skills and much more. The AGKK … Read more