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Goju Ryu Karatedo Shuseikan - Seiwakai International

Welcome to AGKK - Goju Ryu Karate and Self Defence in Brisbane

Australian Goju Kai Karate offers martial arts classes at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Families can train together in any of our classes.


We also offer the highest quality specialist Self Defence training throughout Brisbane and Queensland.


We deliver comprehensive Self Defence training for businesses, organisations, public sector, corporate, private industry, individuals-women, men, children, families, schools and seniors. We provide Self Defence training to wide range of emergency services staff such as police nurses, doctors and ambulance officers. The workplace Self Defence training is specifically tailored to meet the needs for employees and staff thus reducing the risks and improving safety. You are welcome to inquire about vast range of Self Defence training available by viewing our Self Defence section tab on our web site.


Our children's martial art classes are aimed at teaching respect, responsible, legal and safe behaviour, the ability to avoid negative peer pressure and self defence. We instil confidence, honesty, and active positive participation in our junior members and stress the importance of education and how to be a leader, not a follower. 


Our adult martial art classes are aimed at increasing confidence, flexibility, co-ordination, people skills, self defence: strength, stamina and improved general fitness.


AGKK was established in Brisbane and has satellite schools in Taigum, Albany Creek, Bracken Ridge, Kangaroo Point, Camp Hill and Mango Hill. AGKK is fully committed to teaching a high standard of traditional karate.


The Japanese system of etiquette is probably one of the oldest and most complex in the world. There is a prescribed code of manners governing much of what a person does and how it is done. A person's manners are seen as a direct reflection of his/her level of education and morality.


AGKK students honor this Japanese system of etiquette and is reflected in their WORDS, ACTIONS and whole CHARACTER our club is so much more than just punching and kicking.


AGKK are Black Belt Leadership Schools where Positive Attitude of students is a reflection of Positive Proactive Leadership.


Through diligent training and perseverance, the practitioner of Karate can develop a gentler, calmer nature, whilst developing a more focused approach to daily living. The training develops a harmonious balance between the mind and body.


Training at AGKK is a life changing decision.


You are welcome to inquire about lessons either by contacting:
Bernie Sensei on 0409 474 494 or by filling out the booking form



Refer a Friend


At AGKK, Club members or interested AGKK Visitors to the Australian Goju Kai Karate website can refer a friend - we are a community based club that attempts to enhance peoples' lives throughout society.


Our best form of referral is through people who have been happy with our service in helping others.


We welcome you to refer a friend either via email, text or Facebook.


Contact Bernie Sensei via phone/text on 0409 474 494 or via the online booking form