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About AGKK

Australian Goju Kai Karate (AGKK) is a Authentic Traditional Japanese Karate Club, whose unique cultural heritage and authentic techniques stem forth directly from the highly renowned Japanese Masters of Goju the late Shuji Tasaki 9th Dan Hanshi and Seiichi Fujiwara 8th Dan Hanshi. Fujiwara Hanshi is the President and Chief of Seiwakai.

Chief Instructor of Australian Goju-Kai Karate, Bernie Haughey Sensei has trained in Goju Kai Karate for more than 30 years. Through a love & passion for Karate, Sensei dedicates his life towards helping others.

Introduction to the AGKK Karate family

Welcome to AGKK - Goju Ryu Karate and Self Defence in Brisbane

Australian Goju Kai Karate offers martial arts classes at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Families can train together in any of our classes.


We also offer the highest quality specialist Self Defence training throughout Brisbane and Queensland.


We deliver comprehensive Self Defence training for businesses, organisations, public sector, corporate, private industry, individuals-women, men, children, families, schools and seniors. We provide Self Defence training to wide range of emergency services staff such as police nurses, doctors and ambulance officers. The workplace Self Defence training is specifically tailored to meet the needs for employees and staff thus reducing the risks and improving safety. You are welcome to inquire about vast range of Self Defence training available by viewing our Self Defence section tab on our web site.


Enhance your journey in Goju Kai Karate

Bernie Haughey Sensei
To date we have students ranging from ages 3 to 80 years. We are like a family where we show mutual respect and good communication to all members of our Karate family. We are proud of our AGKK heritage. Australian Goju Kai Karate and is an authentic Japanese Karate Club, whose unique cultural traditions and authentic techniques stem forth directly from the highly renowned Japanese Masters.


History of Goju Ryu Karate / Goju Kai Karate

Goju Ryu/Kai Karate is a traditional Martial art, stemming over 140 years from Okinawa and Japan, is characterized by a combination of hard "Go" and soft "Ju" components.


Goju Kai is the art of both the External (Hard) and the Internal (Soft) development of the individual. It has a structured syllabus, which has been designed to develop the mind, body and technique of the student with the ultimate purpose of enriching and enhancing one's life. As a discipline, Goju is based on the traditional values of the martial arts. Goju is a living and developing Art, its origins are ancient and yet it is one of the few Traditional Styles to continue to advance as new methods and technologies are developed. It is more than just techniques, more than developing physical strength; it is the development of that which is within you.


Honour, loyalty, discipline, and heritage are highly valued in traditional Japanese martial arts.


It has many aspects including exercise for the body, mind and spirit, while teaching self-defense and life skills. Authentic Goju Karate should adhere the time-honoured Japanese way; and promote self-knowledge, development of dedicated character, confidence, and respect for all people.


Student creed and code of conduct

We encourage our students to become positive role models, and to live by the Australian Goju Kai Karate, "Student Creed":

  • I will avoid all dangerous things to my mind and body
  • I will develop self-discipline and complete all things undertaken to the best if my ability
  • I will always strive to bring out the best in myself and others
  • I will cultivate respect and maintain courtesy to my parents and all people
  • I will always be dedicated and honour my word and my commitments
  • I will only use martial arts constructively and defensively to aid my fellow person

Karate and Developing Good Health

Traditional Japanese Karate is an ideal form of mental and physical exercise, self defence training, and a fun social outlet for Men, Women, and children of all ages.


At Australian Goju Kai Karate, we believe that developing and maintaining a healthy body and mind is paramount to getting as much enjoyment out of life as you possibly can.


Developing good health and fitness level is very important for the quality of your life. At AGKK, we also nurture positive mindset as well as physical health. Constructive health allows us to get through our busy day with control and sufficient energy reserves, as well as staying calm, focused, and positive.



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What is Goju Ryu Karate or Goju Kai Karate?

Goju Kai or Goju Ryu Karate is a superior authentic Japanese traditional Martial Art

Introduction to the AGKK Karate family

Seiwakai is an organization that was started in 1971 by the late Shuji Tasaki, 9th Dan Hanshi. Tasaki Sensei and his senior student Seiichi Fujiwara Sensei have travelled countless times to all five continents giving seminars. After Tasaki Sensei's death in 2011, Fujiwara Sensei, inherited his place as head of Seiwakai. It is now one of the largest members under the JKF Gojukai.


Philosophy of Australian Goju Kai Karate

True Karate is the positive training of both mind and body.

True Karate training raises the instinct of self-preservation and is only to be used for the cause of justice and equality.

People should eliminate narrow mindedness which may cause them to stand against other people; we should all acquire broad mindedness. This is possible through the study of Karate.

We are a Black Belt Leadership School where we create Leaders not followers. We provide students opportunities to develop leadership skills and possibly enable a student to one day advance to become a Sensei.

Karate fact sheet

Did you know? There are over 600 muscles in the human body and you will use every one of them during the average karate class.


Did you know? An adult student can burn over 1000 calories in a typical one hour karate class with many reporting significant weight loss during the first six months.


Did you know? Karate kicking in engages all muscle groups in the upper and lower abdominal areas and strengthens the lower back.


Contact Bernie Sensei via phone/text on 0409 474 494 or via the online booking form