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Self Defence for Nurses, Ambulance Officers, and Doctors

This training course is designed to teach self defence for Nurses, Ambulance Officers, Doctors and those working in health care facilities and are required to deal combative or aggressive patients.

Our training assists in:

  • A Self Defence skill set to protect yourself and your colleagues
  • An improved awareness to recognize violent situations before they happen and to be ready

Everybody should be able to feel safe in the workplace, though sometimes we cannot make everybody happy, turning your everyday interactions with customers into an aggressive conflict. And the worst part, sometimes it can turn into physical attacks on staff.

Our 'Dealing with Aggressive People' Course has been designed to give you the tools to handle an aggressive customer and interaction within the workplace. Our modern day way of life has made a lot of people unreasonable and having this as our most popular course in the market, will show you that no matter how big or small you are, you can take measures to defend yourself.

The aim of the course is to give you confidence in handling yourself in any aggressive or conflict situation.

Self Defence for Nurses and First Responders

Self Defence training that is preventative, realistic and proactive.


To inquire about our Self Defence for Nurses, Ambulance Officers and Doctors services contact Bernie Haughey Sensei for your no-obligation consultation 0409 474 494 or by clicking the Self Defence inquiry booking button below.

This training course is designed for Nurses, Ambulance Officers and Doctors to:

  • De-escalate an aggressive situation in the workplace.
  • Learn how to see the signs of a customer becoming aggressive
  • Learn steps of resolving any aggressive situation within the workplace
  • Learn what action to take if the situation becomes physical
  • Learn how to use your voice to resolve the aggressive situation and what to say
  • Learn how to control your emotions during an aggressive conversation

Ambulance vehicles

Training is positive, enjoyable and very informative. You will learn the best way to defuse and aggressive situation whether it is verbal or physical.

Participants will learn:

  • The right mindset for the situation and how not to panic
  • Be able to confidently defend yourself
  • Evaluating your environment – situational awareness
  • Different techniques to counter any verbal or physical attack with simple but powerful strategies
  • Your voice and words are your number one tool to defuse any situation
  • Various ways to handle multiple attack situations

The course is hands-on where people get to train and participate in different techniques.

You will receive:

  • Practical tools and techniques to handle aggressive situations
  • Excellent theoretical and hands-on training
  • Enjoyable and interactive exercises to build confidence


To inquire about our range of self defence services for Nurses, ambulance officers and doctors contact Bernie Haughey Sensei for yourno-obligationn consultation 0409 474 494 or by clicking the inquiry booking button below.

Contact Bernie Sensei via phone/text on 0409 474 494 or via the online booking form