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Self Defence for Police and Law Enforcement

We have many Police officers Federal and State Police training with us. The experienced self defence training for police and law enforcement fine tunes effective use of the biomechanics of their bodies and techniques which aids them in emergency situations.

By understanding the key principals of how the techniques work it leads to an elevation of performance in their duties and helps safeguard their lives. We nurture an authentic understanding of the effectiveness and biomechanics function of movement and practical applications of Self Defence. The Self Defence techniques taught are applied using very little natural strength. In this way, a person who is significantly lesser in strength can defuse a much larger and stronger person.

Self Defence for Police

Real World Self Defence Techniques and Strategies for Police

We provide real world, multidisciplinary training tailored for police and law enforcement staff. We provide you with the training needed to deal with today's violence and aggressive behaviour.

Provider Bernie Haughey specialist in Self Defence and personal protection training.

Proactive and practical Self Defence training including strategies for aggressive behaviour management techniques.

"There is a clear correlation between the risks, the proposed control measures, and the Self Defence training."

Exceptional control measures, workplace emergency training, self defence strategies, and confidential integration.

Self Defence training that is preventative, realistic and proactive.


To inquire about the diverse range of Self Defence services available, including bookings, contact Bernie Haughey for your no obligation consultation 0409 474 494 or by clicking the Self Defence inquiry booking button below.

Police Self Defence is a vital component of officer survival training. As a matter of fact, in order to be prepared for today's dangerous and unpredictable world, law enforcement officers need to learn Self Defence for both armed and unarmed encounters. It's also vital that police Self Defence techniques are economical, uncomplicated and effective while providing the least amount of danger, risk or injury for the officer.

Simplicity and practicality are of paramount importance for the law enforcement officer who wants to enhance his or her odds of street survival. A police officer cannot afford to use complicated or impractical martial arts techniques when confronting a criminal suspect.

Strategic Proactive Self Defence Management

  • Development and implementation of Self Defence tactics for staff
  • Facilitation of Self Defence management workshops
  • Ongoing Self Defence management methods
  • Risk management training and Self Defence training reinforcing absolute duty of care
  • Development of procedural Self Defence strategies
  • Workplace Self Defence training
  • Advising Self Defence methodology

Confidential integration of Risk Management Strategies especially in the area of Self Defencewith strategic and Corporate Planning

AGKK is able to assist Law Enforcement to integrate risk management Self Defence strategies into the strategic and corporate planning processes. Effective integration ensures consistency between longer-term strategic objectives, and shorter-term goals, and the effective management of risk for staff within the context of Self Defence in a most confidential manner.

If a police officer wants to significantly improve his or her odds of staying alive throughout their law enforcement career, it's imperative they devote their attention and energy to reality based Self Defence systems that teach realistic street oriented techniques.

The police officer must be taught a broad range of force options that fit into the policies of his police department's particular use-of-force continuum. Moreover, police officers must have moderate, intermediate and extreme unarmed Self Defence techniques at his or her disposal. This includes both striking and control and restraint technique, some include:

  • Wrist locks, joint locks, come along techniques that efficient lead toimmediate arrest and control.
  • Striking techniques to stop the assailant's aggressive action and to gain compliance.
  • Practical and efficient submission fighting techniques that seamlessly flow to arrest and control.
  • Throws and take downs.

Police officer Self Defence also requires the officer to be well versed in defensive skills and techniques. Just like his offensive arsenal, the modern police officer needs defensive skills that are simple, practical and capable of being used against larger and stronger assailants. Moreover, she must be prepared to handle a myriad of criminal attacks; from an emotionally disturbed person Law enforcement officers need some of the following defensive street techniques:

  • Knife defence techniques
  • Fighting multiple attackers
  • Hand to hand attacks

Police Officers at work


Individual and group police Self Defence training is also available for law enforcement officers who wishes in improve his or her odds of survival on the streets.

Police Self Defence programs can also be tailored made for individual officer needs. Confidentiality and discretion is maintained at all times.


Glen Sales Australian Federal Police - Agent 10535

Operational Safety Trainer (Defensive skills/Tactical Skills) Mobile: 0413218700

Chris Smith Queensland State Police

Detective Senior Constable Mobile: 0418 739 631


To inquire about our self defence for police services, including bookings, contact Bernie Haughey for your no obligation consultation 0409 474 494 or by clicking the inquiry booking button below.

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