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AGKK Self Defence Brisbane has been providing the highest quality Self Defence training throughout Brisbane and Queensland, since it was established in March 1995.
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Martial Arts training in Brisbane - Karate Health Benefits

Martial Arts classes are available at Brisbane Goju Ryu Karate at AGKK. Martial Arts classes include karate classes for adults, kids karate and family karate classes in and around Brisbane.



At Australian Goju Ryu Karate (AGKK) we specialise in teaching this practical and effective Japanese life skills and self defence system. As an official Japan representative Shuseikan Australia (AGKK), we have a structured, graduated program which results in highly effective recognised training with outstanding results.


You are welcome to inquire about lessons by contacting Bernie Sensei on 0409 474 494


If you want to train intelligently, get fit and be motivated with like-minded positive people then we are for you. Learn how to defend yourself successfully and have a very positive way of life escaping from the normal grind of modern society.


The top six Health Benefits of Martial Arts and training at AGKK:


  • It helps you lead a healthy lifestyle
  • It gives you supreme self-confidence
  • Experience weight loss as you get in the best shape of your life
  • It improves focus and stillness
  • It teaches great morals and values
  • It improves your athleticism


Ask any real martial artist out there, and they will tell you that the greatest lessons they have learned in life are the lessons they learned during their training. It teaches us so many things about life and how things work, it's no wonder why many people turn to authentic Goju Ryu Karate to give them more direction and purpose.


Another amazing thing about training in AGKK is that it transcends what goes on inside the gym and applies to every aspect of our lives. Whether it is at the office, in the classroom, or in the safe confines of our own homes, AGKK martial arts has an enormous positive impact on an individual.


You learn the true essence of the discipline of an authentic Japanese Karate school. It teaches you a special kind of determination to be successful throughout your life. The strengths and positive traits we pick during our training journey stay with us throughout our lives.


Those who are looking to lead healthier lifestyles should look no further. The AGKK karate family is the perfect catalyst for getting the most out of life physically, mentally, and spiritually. It teaches you to discipline yourself when it comes to making decisions on nutrition, rest, and recovery.


Through the Japanese Karate techniques of physical exercise and proper breathing, the body releases a healthy amount of endorphins, and we feel stronger, fitter, and healthier each day. In this way, martial arts benefits your life whether you want to shed some unwanted weight or reach a desired fitness goal.


Self-confidence is an incredible by-product of our Goju Ryu Karate training. This acquired confidence through Goju Ryu Karate also permeates into our daily lives, whether it is at the office or in the classroom.


Due to the development of unhealthy eating habits, making poor nutritional decisions, our obsession with fat and sugar, and simply not getting enough vital nutrients, a lot of us are battling obesity. It is an epidemic that has quickly spread throughout the world over the past two decades.


AGKK martial arts is the most complete and effective workout of your life. One of martial arts' most valuable benefits is allowing you to achieve supreme physical fitness, and empower you with achieving rapid weight loss. If you are looking to shed some unwanted fat, get your life back in order, and knock a few inches off your waistline, then martial arts is perfect for you.


Goju Ryu Karate isn't just for learning self-defence, it's also great for your overall health.


We enhance the mind and the body. A great portion of AGKK training deals with our mental health and being able to remain focused on our inner being.


In our training we pay attention to our state of mind. This is done through the study of proper breathing techniques, constant meditation, and the practice of martial arts' various principles throughout our daily lives, namely honour, respect, courage, and perseverance, among others.


Whatever the techniques we practice, developing proper technique is a must. In doing this, we actually directly enhance our focus because this synchronizes our mind and body. Because a huge part of Goju Ryu Karate training arts helps us train our bodies and minds to become healthier, we are able to focus harder.


Goju Ryu Karate can turn us into supreme athletes. Have you ever wanted to jump higher, run faster, lift heavier, or just become stronger in general? Well, martial arts develops our bodies and brings out our physical potential like no other workout in the world. Because we train our entire body, practicing techniques and mastering the motion, our athleticism is greatly improved.


If you are cross-training in other sports like football, or basketball, or even tennis, the physical enhancement you gain from training in AGKK will prove to be beneficial to your life as an athlete. Many famous sports stars across the world cross-train in martial arts, and for very good reason. It is one of the best ways to engage in tremendous physical exercise.


Learn to improve your body. Treat it well and with the utmost respect and it will reward you with a boundless reservoir of energy, immense wells of strength, and waves of mental fortitude. There are many health benefits to training in our AGKK Karate family.


There are many benefits to training martial arts, not the least of which are physical, mental, and spiritual in nature. From the physical improvements, to the enhancement of both your mental and spiritual well-being, martial arts paves the way for people to reach their peak potential.


Achieving your fitness goals and getting your dream body takes a lot of effort. It involves absolutely no magic and it certainly isn't easy. In this day and age, where obesity and heart disease run rampant, everyone wants to lead a healthy lifestyle.


Physical exercise, is, of course, a primary component of good health. Given that martial arts has many benefits, it is a great life changing activity for you to try.


Goju Ryu Karate has tremendous health benefits and can get you in the best shape of your life very quickly. It is one of the most effective workouts available. Many practitioners can attest to its incredible health properties and will tell you that by training at AGKK, they have never felt better in their entire lives.


You are welcome to inquire about lessons by contacting Bernie Sensei on 0409 474 494