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Goju Ryu Karatedo Shuseikan - Seiwakai International

Philosophy of Australian Goju Kai Karate

True Karate is the positive training of both mind and body.

True Karate training raises the instinct of self-preservation and is only to be used for the cause of justice and equality.

People should eliminate narrow mindedness which may cause them to stand against other people; we should all acquire broad mindedness. This is possible through the study of Karate.

We are a Black Belt Leadership School where we create Leaders not followers. We provide students opportunities to develop leadership skills and possibly enable a student to one day advance to become a Sensei.

Karate fact sheet

Did you know? There are over 600 muscles in the human body and you will use every one of them during the average karate class.


Did you know? An adult student can burn over 1000 calories in a typical one hour karate class with many reporting significant weight loss during the first six months.


Did you know? Karate kicking in engages all muscle groups in the upper and lower abdominal areas and strengthens the lower back.


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