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Karate fact sheet

Did you know? There are over 600 muscles in the human body and you will use every one of them during the average karate class.


Did you know? An adult student can burn over 1000 calories in a typical one hour karate class with many reporting significant weight loss during the first six months.


Did you know? Karate kicking in engages all muscle groups in the upper and lower abdominal areas and strengthens the lower back.


Did you know? Enhanced flexibility from karate training can greatly increase posture and vitality... and can assist in the prevention of many age- onset injuries.


Did you know? Children who train in karate are much less likely to be bullied - or become bullies - as they develop greater self-confidence and respect for others.


Did you know? Children's school work and classroom behaviour can be greatly improved through karate's disciplined and respectful training environment. 


Did you know? Accomplishments in karate are often seen in a positive light by prospective employers who rightly attach images of strength, trust and good character to those who study it.

You are welcome to inquire about beginning or enhancing your Karate journey either by contacting: Bernie Sensei on 0409 474 494 or by filling out the online booking form.

Contact Bernie Sensei via phone/text on 0409 474 494 or via the online booking form